Axie Infinity DAO: When is the Axie Infinity DAO Launching?

Axie Infinity characters on grassy background.

Axie Infinity characters on grassy background.

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Axie Infinity, will gradually evolve into a community-owned DAO, but when is the Axie Infinity DAO release date?

The DAO governance model denotes the absence of a centralized entity leading the platform. This results in decision-making powers being distributed among community members.

Here's what you need to know about the DAO of one of the biggest play-to-earn games of 2021.

Axie Infinity DAO Release Date

Based on the Axie Infinity roadmap, the Axie Infinity DAO will release in 2023, at the conclusion of three phases.

Phase One involves AXS holders staking their tokens via the staking dashboard to participate in governance token votes to decide which team should receive funding.

Phase Two will include more on-chain votes regarding smaller issues.

The final Phase Three, scheduled for September 2023, will include AXS holders deciding which governance framework should be implemented.

What is the Axie Infinity DAO?

A DAO is a type of governance model that lets the community take control as key decision-makers in an organisation. This is in contrast to the centralised unit of governance used right now.

As per the official blog post, Sky Mavis decided to disperse the voting rights among community members, and transport the game ecosystem into a DAO.

This will entail the lesser intervention of Sky Mavis in the development of Axie Infinity. As such, community members will be able to propose and integrate changes.

However, Sky Mavis won't be locked out. The blog post mentions that Sky Mavis will be able to vote "with the locked play-to-earn and staking rewards collection." This will prevent the "hostile actors" from disrupting the network ecosystem in its early development phase.

In a recently updated blog post, the Axie Infinity team talks about their plans of cultivating the community treasury to let axie holders govern the accumulated resources in near future in the way they seem fit for the betterment of the axie ecosystem. The post also underlines the use of progressive decentralisation and has outlined three phases highlighting its future plans and growth strategies.

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