Axie Infinity Land Gameplay: When Is Axie Infinity Land Gameplay Releasing?

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April 13, 2022: Updated to reflect changes announced by Axie Infinity Team concerning the land gameplay.

Axie Infinity, one of the leading play-to-earn games, is continuously expanding its scale of operations and will shortly launch a new feature known as the Axie Infinity land gameplay.

This land gameplay feature will include heavily anticipated additions to the game, particularly for those who bought Axie Infinity Land.

The new gameplay feature, unveiled in the Axie Infinity roadmap, will enable players who purchased land to build in-game assets. Here's a deeper look at Axie land gameplay.

Axie Infinity Land Gameplay Release Date

As per the roadmap, the Axie Infinity Land Gameplay is scheduled to release in 2022, with a Community Alpha launching ahead of a full release.

The land gameplay Community Alpha is the next uncompleted step on the Axie roadmap. This suggests that it should be the next major announcement from Sky Mavis, possibly during Axie Infinity Season 20.

A previous version of the roadmap suggested the land gameplay alpha would launch in Q4 2021. It also suggested the full launch would happen in the first half of 2022. With the delays, we'd now expect land gameplay to launch in the latter half of 2022. However, the game developers have recently released new updates and information concerning Axie Infinity Land Gameplay.

Axie Infinity Latest Land Gameplay Updates

The latest information released by Axie devs includes details on the much-anticipated Land gameplay, with Phase One of the Land gameplay project allowing land management.

Furthermore, the update will also include an off-chain pawn Axies for landowners to do tasks assigned for their Land.

The team will also be integrating AXS as a resource to sell crafted materials to NPCs. Moreover, A new Axie Infinity Land gameplay Q&A was hosted on Twitch holding a discussion on new elements in the game as well as new features integrated with the land gameplay.

What Is Axie Infinity Land Gameplay?

Axie Infinity land gameplay will enable users to own a piece of land in the game and utilise their mythical land to build resources that can later be upgraded and elevated.

The Axie Infinity devs shared a video teaser of their Land Gameplay that displayed the game engine transitioning into 3D. The teaser fueled prompting users to speculate whether the game is integrating 3D mechanisms to expand their user base.

According to the Dev Journal, the land gameplay will include three phases, focused on:

  • Phase 1: Simulation and land management.
  • Phase 2: Additional management gameplay elements.
  • Phase 3: Group activities involving conquering and defence.
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