Axie Infinity Season 20 Start Date: When Is The Next Axie Infinity Season Releasing?

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January 20, 2022: Updated to include information from Axie Infinity update

Axie Infinity remains one of the most popular play-to-earn games, but when will its new Season 20 start?

After Axie Infinity Season 19 ended earlier this month, attention is turning towards the new season. This was initially supposed to end on December 22 but was extended until early 2022.

Full of new thrills and challenges, Season 19 set the bar high. With players anticipating new in-game merchandise and collectables, let's take a look at what to expect from Season 20.


Axie Infinity Season 20 Start Date

Axie Infinity Season 20 will start on January 31, following the off-season that began on January 4 with the end of Season 19.

Sky Mavis confirmed it was "targeting 2 weeks from [January 17] for the launch of Season 20" in a recent post on The Lunacian.

As explained in our Season 19 guide, Axie Infinity usually enters an off-season ahead of its new season. This lasts around a month. As such, even if Season 20 gets pushed back, we wouldn't expect it to come later than early February.

Axie Infinity Season 20 Updates


As with Season 19, Axie Infinity Season 20 will bring with it some balancing changes to further improve gameplay.

In fact, Sky Mavis released a pre-season balancing patch to allow users to play-test the changes expected for Season 20. These include several buffs and nerfs to specific Axie parts, which you can see in this table. Max Crit damage will also be capped at 200% to prevent high morale being too powerful in PvE gameplay.

Explaining the changes, Sky Mavis said:

The primary goal of card balancing is to ensure that each card is distinct and sufficiently powered so that all cards can be seen as having a balanced set of strengths and weaknesses.

After this, Axie Infinity released the patch that introduced further buffs and nerfs for parts. Sky Mavis seems confident this will be final update ahead of Season 20, suggesting the launch is imminent. It said:

We anticipate that this will be the last balancing until the Season 21 buffer period. However, we may make hotfixes until the launch of Season 20 if there are unforeseen issues in the meta.

Developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis in 2018, Axie Infinity is an NFT based game that works on play to earn game model. This allows players to earn real-time passive income by selling in-game SLPs.