Axie Infinity Origin Cards: Axie Reveals New Cards Ahead Of Origin Launch

Credit: Sky Mavis

Credit: Sky Mavis

The Axie Infinity team has unveiled new game cards ahead of its widely anticipated Origin launch.

The new cards, categorized as Tail, Back, Mouth, Ear, and Horns, will be made available to the users once the next update is released by the devleopers.

The short glimpse of the cards has managed to pique the interest of Axie Infinity's user base. Let's take a look at what the new cards are about.

Axie Infinity New Cards

With the upcoming launch of Axie Infinity Origin, Sky Mavis is leaving no stone unturned to hype its game. Away from Origin, this includes the regular changes and updates expected to come with Season 21.

The team has recently introduced a new lineup of cards titled Tail, Back, Mouth, Horn, and Ear, which will further assist the players in leading the Axie Gameplay. These announcements have come through The Lunacian Substack.

However, Sky Mavis has warned players that the exact cards are still set to change. It said:

Do not make financial decisions based on these teasers, they are meant to serve as a taste of what’s to come in Origin and allow you all to start theory-crafting.

Here's a look at what each card stack is all about.


Each of the cards in the Origin Tail stack offers a special benefit to the players. These include attacking the opponent with special force or using multiple cards to gain energy in a battle.

As with all the new Origin cards, there are Tail cards for Reptile, Bug, Bird, Beast, Aquatic, and Plant.


The back card stack includes notable subtypes such as Balloon, Cupid, Raven, Pigeon Post, Kingfisher, and Tri Feather.

While Balloon, Cupid, Raven, Pigeon Post, and Tri Feather are categorized as special attack cards, Kingfisher is labelled as a Mysterious card that targets any ally.


The Origin Mouth Cards is also an eclectic mix of powers for the users to make use of.

A special card called Peacemaker is making its way for the users which can be used to apply weak for 2 turns. This is along with another notable card called Axie Kiss, which can target any enemy, and help apply death mark for 4 turns.


Origin Horn stacks is a mix of some of the best attack and rage cards including the Little Branch card that lets the players apply rage per 1 alive ally.

Apart from that, Pocky and Dual Blade cards will help players apply taunt (2 times) and fragile for four turns..


Origin Ear cards stack is also a power-packed bundle of cards that includes some astonishing new cards including Leaf bug and Ear breathing. These Ear cards are a brand-new addition to the Axie Infinity lineup.

Apart from that the Tiny Fan card, when drawn, will enable the player to gain a 3 damage boost.

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