Axie Infinity Cards - All Perks and Moves

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Image from Axie Infinity, showing a blue Axie inspecting a ladybird

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-powered turn-based monster battler in which you issue commands for your battle pets by selecting from a pool of Axie Infinity cards. These cards can provide perks and tweaks to your team's attack, with bonuses applied to cards that match the user's type, counter the target's, or both. It's important to understand them all before you challenge someone to a fight.

Our Axie Infinity cards list will go over each and every one of the 100+ cards in the game and how they work in battle. We'll also run through how to get more cards, how to play them, and how to reconfigure the cards your Axies take into a fight.

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A screenshot from Axie Infinity, showing a user's land in the pixelated field landscape
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All Axie Infinity Cards List

Axie World Melee Cards

  • Hermit - uses Shelter to disable incoming critical strikes.
  • Goldfish - uses Swift Escape to double its speed for two rounds when attacked.
  • Sponge - uses Shipwreck to boost its attack stats when its shield breaks.
  • Anemone - uses Aqua Vitality to restore 50 HP when used.
  • Perch - uses Spinal Tap when combined with two other cards to focus on idle targeting.
  • Babylonia - uses Shell Jab to land 130% on an idle target.
  • Teal Shell - uses Deep Sea Gore to boost attack by 30%
  • Clamshell - uses Clam Slash to boost attack against Beast, Bug, and Mech enemies
  • Lam - uses Angry Lam to land 120% damage if its HP is below 50%
  • Catfish - uses Swallow to heal damage by 80%
  • Fish Hook - uses Risky Fish to boost attack against Plant, Reptile, and Dusk enemies
  • Piranha - uses Crimson Walker to target enemies with HP below 50%
  • Koi - uses Upstream Swim to boost speed for two rounds when used alongside another Aquatic card
  • Nimo - uses Tail Slap to gain energy when used with another card
  • Navaga - uses Flanking Smack to deal 120% damage if the user gets the first turn
  • Shrimp - uses Chitin Jump to focus on attacking the furthest target
  • Ronin - uses Single Combat to land a guaranteed critical strike, if used with two other cards
  • Hero - uses Heroic Reward to draw a new card if attacking an Aquatic, Bird, or Dawn target
  • Jaguar - uses Nitro Leap to guarantee the first strike if the user is in Last Stand
  • Timber - uses Woodman Power to increase shield level, by the same amount of damage done against Plant enemies
  • Little Branch - uses Branch Charge to increase critical chance by 20% if used with another Plant card
  • Imp - uses Ivory Stab to gain 1 energy per critical hit done by the team
  • Merry - uses Merry Legion to boost shield by 20% when used in a chain
  • Pocky - uses Sugar Rush to deal 10% extra damage per Bug Axie on your team
  • Dual Blade - uses Sinister Strike to land 200% damage on critical hits
  • Arco - uses Acrobatic to boost speed for two rounds
  • Nut Cracker - uses Nut Crack to land 120% damage if used alongside another Nut Cracker card
  • Rice - uses Night Steal to take one energy from an enemy when used with another card
  • Shiba - uses Rampant Howl to boost morale for two rounds if used in Last Stand
  • Gerbil - uses Gerbil Jump to skip the closest target, if more than two enemies remain
  • Kingfisher - uses Patient Hunter to target Aquatic enemies, if the user's HP is below half
  • Trump - uses Air Force One to land 120% damage if alongside another Trump card
  • Feather Spear - uses Feather Lunge to land 120% damage if alongside another Lunge card
  • Peace Maker - uses Peace Treaty to boost attack stats
  • Hungry Bird - uses Insectivore to target Bug enemies if the user's HP is below half
  • Little Owl - uses Dark Swoop to target the fastest enemy
  • Feather Fan - uses Sunder Armor to boost shield by 20% for each debuff the user has
  • Cloud - uses Puffy Smack to skip targets in Last Stand
  • Snail Shell - uses Sticky Goo to stun attackers if the user's shield is broken
  • Sandal - uses Bug Splat to land 50% more damage on Bug enemies
  • Laggin - uses Mystic Rush to increase speed for two rounds
  • Pliers - uses Dull Grip to land 30% more damage to shielded targets
  • Leaf Bug - uses Disguise to gain energy when used with a Plant card
  • Mosquito - uses Blood Taste to heal the user by the amount of damage done by this card
  • Pincer - randomly removes one card from the enemy's hand
  • Cute Bunny - if played in a chain, adds fear to a target for two turns
  • Square Teeth - uses Mite Bite to land 100% extra damage if combined with another card
  • Ant - uses Chemical Warfare to apply Stench for one round
  • Fish Snack - uses Anaesthetic Bait to stun Aquatic or Bird cards
  • Pupae - uses Grub Explode to deal 200% damage in Last Stand
  • Thorny Caterpillar - uses Allergic Reaction to land 130% damage on debuffed enemies
  • Pumpkin - uses October Treat to draw a card if the user's shield remains unbroken
  • Bamboo Shoot - uses Bamboo Clan to increase damage by 20% if used with another plant card
  • Beech - uses Wooden Stab to land 120% damage if the user's shield is broken
  • Cactus - does 120% damage if the user goes second
  • Serious - uses Vegetal Bite to take energy from the enemy if used with another card
  • Zigzag - uses Drain Bite to heal the user by the damage this card does
  • Herbivore - uses Vegan Diet to heal the user by the damage this card does to plant enemies
  • Carrot - uses Carrot Hammer to gain energy if the user's shield is broken
  • Cattail - uses Cattail Slap to draw a card if hit by a Beast, Bug, or Mech card
  • Hatsune - uses Leek Leak to disable the enemy's ranged cards next rounds
  • Potato Leaf - uses Aqua Deflect to avoid hits from Aquatic cards if the user has other teammates left
  • Hot Butt - uses Spicy Surprise to disable the target's mouth cards for one round
  • Bone Sail, Rugged Sail - uses Ivory Chop to draw a card if the user's shield is broken
  • Indian Star - uses Bulkwark to deflect 40% of incoming damage back to the attacker
  • Red Ear - uses Slippery Shield to boost teammates' shield by 15%
  • Scaly Spear - uses Scaly Lunge to land 120% damage if used with another lunge card
  • Cerastes - uses Surprise Invasion to land 130$ damage if the enemy is faster than the user
  • Incisor - uses Disarm to reduce enemy speed for two rounds
  • Bumpy - uses Overgrow Keratin to heal 20 shield per round
  • Toothless Bite, Venom Bite - uses Sneaky Raid to target the furthest enemy
  • Kotaro - uses Kotaro Bite to gain energy if the enemy is faster than the user
  • Razor Bite - uses Why So Serious to heal by the damage done by enemy Aquatic cards
  • Tiny Turtle - uses Chomp to stun enemies if used with two other cards
  • Wall Gecko, Escaped Gecko - uses Critical Escape to reduce damage this round by 15%
  • Tiny Dino - uses Tiny Swing to land 150% damage after round four
Axie's using ranged Axie Infinity cards to attack in the sky.
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Axie World Ranged Cards

  • Blue Moon - uses Scale Dart to draw a card if the user is in Last Stand
  • Anemone - uses Aquaponics to restore 50 HP per successful attack
  • Oranda - uses Hero's Bane to end the target's Last Stand
  • Shoal Star - uses Star Shuriken to prevent the target from entering Last Stand
  • Tadpole - uses Black Bubble to jinx the target for two rounds
  • Ranchu - uses Water Sphere to chill the target for two rounds
  • Risky Beast - uses Revenge Arrow to land 150% if the user is in Last Stand
  • Furball - uses Juggling Balls to land three strikes
  • Goda - uses Piercing Sound to destroy opponent's energy
  • Axie Kiss - uses Death Mark to land lethal hits on a target below 30% HP
  • Cottontail - uses Luna Absorb to gain energy
  • Hare - uses Hare Dagger to draw a card if the user gets the first turn in a round
  • Nut Cracker - uses Nut Throw to land 120% damage if used with another Nut Cracker card
  • Balloon - uses Balloon Pop to apply Fear to an enemy
  • Cupid - uses Heart Break to reduce enemy morale for two rounds
  • Raven - uses Ill-Omened to jinx target for two rounds
  • Pigeon Post - uses Blackmail to move all the user's debuffs to the enemy
  • Tri Feather - uses Triple Threat to attack twice if the user has any debuffs
  • Eggshell - uses Eggbomb to apply aroma for one round
  • Cuckoo - uses Cockadoodledoo to boost user's attack
  • Kestrel - uses Headshot to disable enemy horn cards on the next round
  • Wing Horn - uses Smart Shot to skip the closest target if more than two enemies remain
  • Doubletalk - uses Soothing Song to ignore enemy shield and make the target sleep
  • Swallow - uses Early Bird to land 120% if attacking first
  • The Last One - uses Risky Feather to boost attack
  • Granma's Fan - uses Cool Breeze to chill enemy for two rounds
  • Post Fight - uses All-Out Shot self-inflict 30% of the user's HP
  • Garish Worm - uses Barb Strike to poison the target if used in a chain
  • Buzz Buzz - uses Bug Noise to reduce the enemy's attack stats
  • Scarab - uses Scarab Curse to prevent target from healing for two rounds
  • Spiky Wing - uses Buzzing Wind to make the enemy fragile for one round
  • Antenna - uses Bug Signal to take energy from the target if used with another Bug Signal card
  • Caterpillars - uses Grub Surprise to apply Fear to shielded targets
  • Parasite - uses Third Glance to discard one enemy card
  • Twin Tail - uses Twin Needle to attack twice if used with another card
  • Gravel Ant - uses Numbing Lecretion to disable enemy melee cards for one round
  • Turnip - uses Turnip Rocket to target bird enemies if used with two or more cards
  • Watering Can - uses Aqua Stock to gain energy if the user is hit by an Aquatic card
  • Watermelon - uses Seed Bullet to target the fastest enemy
  • Yam - uses Gas Unleash to poison enemies
  • Tri Spikes - uses Spike Throw to target the enemy with least shield, if sued with two or other cards
  • Green Thorns - uses Vine Dagger to double shield boost if used with a plant card
  • Croc - uses Nile Strike to reduce enemy speed for two games
  • Unko, Pinko Unko - uses Poo Fling to apply stench to enemies for one round
  • Scaly Spoon - uses Tiny Catapult to deflect 50% of ranged damage back to attacker
  • Iguana - uses Scale Dart to gain energy for each attack on a buffed target
  • Snake Jar - uses Jar Barrage to prevent shield-breaking enemy attacks from doing further damage
  • Gila - uses Neuro Toxin to reduce poisoned enemies' attack
  • Grass Snake - uses Venom Spray to poison the target

What Are Axie Infinite Cards?

Axie Infinity cards are the items used to attack rival players in battle. Each turn, you can lay one card per member of your team, combining them to produce higher-damage attacks or to protect other members of your team. You'll have the choice of four cards each time you take a turn, meaning you can plan whether to play defensively or go on the offensive.

Once you've used an Axie Infinity card, your turn will end. However, cards aren't discarded after each turn, so you can only have a roster of four cards per character in each battle. As such, you'll need to plan strategically, making sure each character's cards are best-equipped to cover all bases during fights.

A view of Axie Infinity cards available to use in a battle.
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How Do I Use Axie Infinity Cards?

Using Axie Infinity cards is certainly easier than downloading and setting up the game. Here's how it works:

Once you're in a fight, you'll see your team's cards stacked at the bottom, with each character's cards underneath them. You then have to wait until your turn in battle comes around, before selecting a card to use.

To do this, simply tap the card you like the look of, which will expand it so you can read its details. If you want to use it, tap once more and it'll be played, or click off it to choose a different card.

Keep in mind that most PVP fights will start with someone skipping a few turns. This allows them to build up energy and unleash powerful combos. Patience, planning, and foresight are integral parts of maximising the effectiveness of your Axie Infinity cards, so it's worth having a strategy in mind when constructing your team.

How Do I Change My Axie Infinity Cards?

Since combat is at the core of Axie Infinity, the chances are you'll want more Axie Infinity cards to add to your roster. This isn't too easy to do, as unlike Axies themselves, they cannot be purchased in the marketplace. Instead, you can equip new cards when arranging your team before a battle.

Once you've selected your four Axies for battle, press the Change button above the current card layout, which will let you tweak which cards your team will take into battle.

And that's everything you should need to know about Axie Infinity cards for now. We've covered individual cards, their perks, powers, and how to use them effectively. Armed with that knowledge, you'll be able to take on other players in adorable PvP battles and potentially even make some cash in the process. That's the allure of the pay-to-win blockchain future of gaming.

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