Thetan Arena Hero Tier List - All Characters Ranked

Screenshot from Thetan Arena, showing two characters wielding weapons
December 8, 2021: We added a complete Thetan Arena tier list.

Thetan Arena is the latest mobile game to combine handheld gameplay with esports competitive mechanics. As such, our Thetan Arena hero tier list will break down each and every character in this PvP game, letting you know who to take into battle with you.

Our handy guide will also lay out who the best heroes are in Thetan Arena, as well as how you can get them. As an exciting new multiplayer game that can give out NFTs as rewards, you'll want to keep up with it, too, so we've compiled all of the game's social media accounts in one place.

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Screenshot from Thetan Arena, showing a player moving through the arena to battle
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Thetan Arena Tier List

Kongkey, Cluster, Mortal, Phoenix
Velvet, Durass, Raidon, Taekwon, Lucy, Mary, Breaker,
El Dragon, Steel Shot, Big Papa, Benjamin, Bathos
Morrod, Rei, Meiko, Destroid
Errent Ghost, Alien, Serp

The above Thetan Arena tier list is built by cross-referencing numerous other fan-made tiers lists and averaging out each hero's tier rating. Given much of a hero's power is locked behind the user's individual skill and understanding of the character and their target, any Thetan Arena tier list should be taken at face value and used only as a reference.

Thetan Arena Hero List

In Thetan Arena, there are three classes of heroes. There are tank heroes, who move slowly but focus on melee combat, assassin heroes who move faster, and marksman heroes, whose focus is ranged attacks. Below is a breakdown of all these heroes in Thetan Arena.

Thetan Arena Tank Heroes

  • Veinka - this mech hero uses their metallic body to attack enemies.
  • Errant Ghost - this former government agent turned renegade fighter wields a large minigun.
  • Breaker - rocking a mohawk and dual-wield shotguns, Breaker's munitions power is some of the game's most impactful.
  • Lucy - this rockstar wields a guitar as her main weapon, which can fire out sonic waves to take out enemy equipment.
  • Meiko - this hero wears a suit of armour, anchored by two large railguns, making her resilient to damage, as well as packing a punch with firepower.
  • Kongkey - this ape-human crossover has the strength of an animal and the brains of a person, and he's most efficient with his fists.

Thetan Arena Assassin Heroes

  • Raidon - the forefront of Thetan Arena's marketing, Raidon works for Delta Special Ops, tasked with protecting Earth.
  • Serp - this is the hero with the best movement in the game, with a proficiency in silence, able to move around the map under enemies' noses.
  • Rei - wielding a baseball bat, Rei is able to smack enemies rather significantly, and can move fast while doing so.
  • Mortal - this is the brother of a notorious criminal in the Metal Outlaws gang, armed with dual-wield axes to put down enemies.
  • El Dragon - this former boxer-turned-soldier has two bionic gloves to hit rival players.
  • Velvet - with a mech suit of armour capable of flying and two laser swords in tow, Velvet is able to speed around the map with ease.
  • Mary - Mary has the visual design of a pirate, with two daggers, pistols stored away, and the ability to silently kill enemies at will.
  • Taekwon - as the name suggests, Taekwon is a master of Taekwondo, able to beat any opponent in one-on-one combat.

Thetan Arena Marksman Heroes

  • Morrod - this robe-wearing sniper has a flashy rifle that can take down enemies at any distance across the map.
  • Cluster - armed with a revolver, Cluster is a jack-of-all-trades fighter, able to pull out a range of special abilities during combat.
  • Steelshot - this is the leader of Delta Force, and as such, he's a very powerful hero, with a rocket launcher blasting out fireworks.
  • Destroid - the game's explosive expert, Destroid can utilise a range of bombs to lay traps for enemies, or simply blow them into oblivion.
  • Benjamin - a former gangster turned soldier, he wields a laser rifle to blast down enemies.
  • Shanna - the game's main archer, Shanna can quietly sneak around the map before using her bow and arrow to strike down rivals.
  • Phoenix - this masked figure is the most elite soldier in the Nova group of peacekeepers, and throws small ice daggers to hit enemies.
  • BigPapa - the game's equivalent of Vito Corleone, this suit-wearing mech has one large claw to attack enemies while retaining their professional style.
  • Durass - the main assistant to BigPapa, Durass is less powerful, armed only with a purple staff.
  • Cullen - the game's only alien character, this baby-faced extraterrestrial has a laser gun to shoot enemies.
  • Bathos - after all of his family died in a war, Bathos dedicated himself to a life of revenge, armed with two double-barrelled pistols to enact it.

Who Is The Best Thetan Arena Hero?

At this early stage in the game's life cycle, it's too early to say who is the best Thetan Arena hero. However, a look at the game's most expensive characters can help provide an answer. Currently, the character that will cost you the most is Errant Ghost, priced at 350 credits. Boasting an impressive stack of 3,990 health and 6x 115 damage bonuses, Errant Ghost is the strongest character to use at this stage in the game.

Screenshot from Thetan Arena, showing the pregame lobby and a character that ranks high on the Thetan Arena tier list right now.
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How Do I Get More Thetan Arena Heroes?

Currently, it's quite hard to get your hands on Thetan Arena heroes, as not many of them are readily available. When you first start the game, you get a random selection of three heroes to kick-start your roster. From there, you can only get new heroes from the store.

At any point in the Thetan Arena store, there are four heroes available for sale, with varying prices. These aren't tradeable, so you can't sell them on the in-game market. If none of these currently available heroes take your fancy, the only other way to get more is via the trading menu, where users will sell their heroes. It works as its own micro-economy, so prices can fluctuate based on the in-game meta. However, it's the only way to get some of the game's less common heroes.

That's everything you need to know about the range of Thetan Arena heroes. This roster is sure to grow in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out for new post-launch fighters as they land.

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