The Best Android Multiplayer Games

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Looking for the best Android multiplayer games to play with friends? When you think of multiplayer, mobile isn't the first platform to come to mind, but Android actually has almost as much variety as console or PC. Sure, there are a few genres where we lack titles, but whether it's MOBAs, FPS, fighting games, battle royale, or even more chill multiplayer experiences, mobile has lots to offer.

The list of the best Android multiplayer games keeps growing, as developers and publishers discover the massive potential that lies in the mobile market and the relatively captive audience that exists on this platform. After all, almost everyone has a phone and a few minutes free for a quick game with their friends.


Not everyone wants to dole out the money for a next-gen console and a full-priced AAA title when they can just install a free app, invite a few friends, and start having a good time. So here's our list of the best Android multiplayer games, including shooters, racers, card-battlers, and even the odd indie gem. If you're looking for more great mobile games, be sure to check out our lists of the best free Android games, and the best Android strategy games, too.

Here Are the Best Android Multiplayer Games

A lineup of characters from League of Legends: Wild Rift

League Of Legends: Wild Rift

Wild Rift brings the popular MOBA to mobile, channelling that same fast-paced 5v5 gameplay, while also optimising controls and characters for touchscreen. League of Legends: Wild Rift is built from the ground up for mobile, and this allowed Riot to create a MOBA that really fits the platform. It's also free to play and has decent monetisation, with a lack of pay to win elements⁠ – the main thing you spend money on is skins. If you're just starting out and want to know which characters are best, check out our Wild Rift tier list.

Different playable versions of Mario in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo's classic multiplayer racing game is available on mobile, and it brings the usual lineup of cars, maps, and Mushroom Kingdom characters to race with or against. You can play against friends with your own specially customised races, or you can go professional and face off against players from around the globe in ranked play. Best of all, Mario Kart Tour is free, so it's an easy game to share with friends for a quick race.

A lineup of characters in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

You ever wanted to play Call of Duty on your phone? It's unsurprising, I know, but that's exactly what Call of Duty: Mobile is, channelling the series' classic FPS experience and translating it to mobile. As with any other Call of Duty games, you can tweak your loadout and vie for victory in a number of competitive modes, but COD: Mobile also has alternative shooting controls for touchscreen, allowing for auto-fire, so all you have to do is aim. This means it's perfect for playing casually or even with a phone controller if you want to get a little more serious. That's what makes it one of the best Android multiplayer games.

A knight on a horse with a sword in Minecraft


Though Mojang's AR mobile game, Minecraft World, shut down last year, the mobile port of Minecraft is still going strong and offers crossplay multiplayer for you and nine other friends. As with Call of Duty: Mobile, it's basically just Minecraft on your phone, bringing all of the exploration, mob battles, and building that the popular survival-crafting game is known for. As with the original, you can also add all sorts of community content using the marketplace, including skins, maps, and texture packs.

Sejuani in the snow, from Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra

There are plenty of card battlers on mobile, but few can beat Legends of Runeterra in terms of production value, multiplayer modes, and crazy decks. Hearthstone may have its auto chess-inspired battlegrounds mode, but Runeterra has Labs, an ever-changing selection of experimental modes, including co-op, and the Gauntlet, which sees you win successive battles against other players to earn rewards. While Runeterra's multiplayer suffers from repetitive meta decks, same as any card-battler, the sheer variety of regions and champion combos means there are a lot more ways to answer them, too.

A promo shot for Teamfight Tactics showing the penguin with a sword

Teamfight Tactics

Based on the popular auto chess genre, Teamfight Tactics has you build a team from a shared pool of champions and last as long as you can against an array of opponents, fighting round after round while strategising and building your champions on the fly. You can either play against friends across all platforms or try to climb the competitive ladder in ranked mode. Either way, if you fancy something a little more strategic than simply shooting each other, TFT is definitely one of the best Android multiplayer games.

Two characters fight each other in Brawlhalla


Mobile doesn't have all that many amazing fighting games, but Brawlhalla is a great option to play with friends if you fancy some PvP melee carnage. Just like Smash, you can fight in chaotic free-for-alls with lots of players, or you can go a bit smaller with a one-on-one. Brawlhalla even lets you invite up to seven buddies into custom room matches, so you can choose a bout that really fits what you and your friends feel like playing. Best of all, Brawlhalla is totally free, so other players won't be able to pay to get the better of you.

A crewmate performs a finisher move in Among Us

Among Us

Based on the classic party game Mafia, Among Us took the game industry by storm and was undoubtedly one of 2020's indie darlings, despite the fact it actually released in 2018. Among Us basically takes what is good in Mafia (guessing whodunnit, deceiving friends, etc) and packages it in a fun format where you have to complete tasks before the killer in your midst picks you off. You can invite friends to play or join an online game, but the good thing is that Among Us on mobile is totally free, so you can lie, trick, and backstab to your heart's content.

Two Sky kids hold each other's hand in the Daylight Prairie of Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light

Though not your typical multiplayer game, Sky: Children of the Light is more of a social experience, letting you hang out with friends and strangers in a chill, Ghibli-themed sky world. Solve puzzles and explore, fly through the clouds, or just find a nice spot to relax with your pals. Sky really is a no-pressure game, and while there are challenges you can explore if you want, and new cosmetics to discover and earn, you can equally just spend your time messing around and meeting people.

A druid, a rogue, and a warrior in Android multiplayer game, Hearthstone.
A druid, a rogue, and a warrior in Android multiplayer game, Hearthstone.


If you remember World of Warcraft fondly but don't quite have the time to invest anymore, Hearthstone is a great mobile card-battler set in the same universe. You can collect cards, build decks, and fight it out against opponents, outwitting them in a variety of different modes, including the auto-chess inspired Battlegrounds. Hearthstone remains one of the best Android multiplayer games for a reason, and despite having been released so many years ago, it can still offer fun and flavorful card-based bouts with friends or strangers.

Two Brawl Stars characters take cover by a rock next to each other.

Brawl Stars

If you're looking for a fun top-down multiplayer shooter that's easy to play, yet hard to master, Brawl Stars is the perfect choice. The game features a variety of modes, from territory capture to team deathmatch, and a simple dual stick control system where one stick controls movement, and the other controls shooting. Characters also have supercharged special abilities, but otherwise, that's pretty much it. Brawl Stars is a simple game at heart, and its speedy matchmaking means it's also ideal for casual players who just want to hop in and shoot something real fast.

The Skeleton King from Clash Royale flexing.

Clash Royale

Another Supercell game with a multiplayer component, Clash Royale, is a competitive tower-defense where you try to destroy an opposing king's castle by deploying units from your deck. The key is timing and how you use these minions and spells to maximum effect. Like any good deck-builder, what cards you take, and how you play them, is also very important, and players have developed all sorts of strategies to outwit their rival rulers. While there are some fundamentally good decks, the meta is ever-evolving, and the game just got some new champions, too. You can find out more about them in our Clash Royale decks list.