Axie Infinity Season 21 Start Date: When Is The Axie Infinity Season 21 Release Date?

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April 25, 2022: Updated to include the official Axie Infinity Season 21 launch date and time announcement from Sky Mavis.

Axie Infinity, one of the top NFT games is officially ending Season 20 on March 22, but how long will players need to wait until Axie Infinity Season 21?

The P2E game has garnered immense traction since its launch. Users flocked to play and earn its native AXS and SLP for further trading.

With its upcoming Season 21 launch, the game is set to introduce new features to keep users satisfied. Here's what we know so far.

Axie Infinity Season 21 Release Date

Axie Infinity Season 21 will release on April 25, 2022, Sky Mavis has now confirmed. According to its Discord server, it launches at 10:00 AM BST/5 AM EST.

With the launch of Axie Infinity Origin, it also appears that Season 21 could be v2's, or Axie Infinity: Classic's, final competitive season before Sky Mavis shifts the focus to Origin.

As has been the case with most Axie Infinity seasons, the transition to Season 21 will not happen straight away. Instead, it will enter a period of off-season, without any seasonal changes or gameplay. Season 20 will end on March 22, 2022 - six weeks after its February 2022 release.

Season 21 will then end on June 24, as testing and development for Axie Infinity continue.

Axie Infinity Season 21 Features and Updates

When Axie Infinity's Season 20 initially began on February 9, it enabled the players to make use of additional new features. These included changes in SLP rewards in Arena Mode combined with changes in Adventure Mode and Daily Quest.

However, there will be no new features or adjustments in Axie Infinity Season 21. Instead, Sky Mavis is focusing its resources on Axie Infinity Origin. Posting on Twitter, it said:

We previously committed to having S21 and know that many of you were planning on one last chance to take home the Season crown in classic. Logistically, running S21 will not divert significant resources from Origin, especially as we will not be doing a balancing patch. We’re confident that you will continue to test and give awesome feedback on Origin and that S21 won’t distract from this process.

The official Axie Infinity Roadmap has announced some exciting features to keep the users engaged with the gameplay outside of Season 21.

According to the official roadmap, Axie Infinity will be introducing the much-awaited Land Gameplay this year.

Alongside this, much of the development will focus on expanding Axie Infinity Origin, which will eventually take over the rewards from the Axie Infinity: Classic.

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