Should I Wait For PSVR 2?

Should I Wait For PSVR 2? It's a question that's likely to be on the lips of a lot of gamers, especially with more official details from Sony making their way to us at CES 2022.

You can see why we're excited though, especially since PSVR 2 looks to be quite the powerful device and on first impressions, could be a bit of a beast

So, here's what you should know if you're currently weighing up your options.

How Long Will The Wait For PSVR 2 Be?

As things stand, it looks like the wait for PSVR 2 may not be as long as expected thanks to a rumour courtesy of a Bloomberg report that has touted December 2022 as the release window for the PSVR 2.

Sony hasn't officially confirmed, if this is the case, though, as we're still holding out on an official release date for the headset, and it may be possible that other headsets beat it to the punch including Project Cambria and Apple's AR Headset, and even some more independently developed efforts including Magic Leap 2 and the MeganeX.

The emergence of an official PSVR 2 website with links to sign up for pre-order alerts is promising, as is the recent news that PSVR 2 may be entering mass production soon, which suggests we may not be waiting too much longer for Sony's latest VR entry.

In addition, the unveiling of the headset's design also suggests we may not be waiting too long, especially given that it means everything has been finalised.

should i wait for psvr 2
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Credit: Sony
The PSVR 2 looks rather modern and less bulky than the original PSVR

Is PSVR Worth It?

The original PSVR headset has been with us since 2016 and has therefore marked itself out as one of the more popular VR headsets full stop. This is arguably thanks to a number of specific factors.


It may seem an odd initial point to raise, but the fact is that if you want to experience VR gaming on a console, there isn't really another way of doing it other than through the original PlayStation VR.

Xbox don't look to have any official answer to the original PSVR on their next-gen consoles, even if the Oculus Rift S did support output on the Xbox One a few years ago.


There are some fantastic games for PSVR out there and considering the headset has been around for five years now, they definitely aren't in short supply, as some of the best VR games out there are available on the platform.

Titles such as Hitman III, Sniper Elite VR and Gran Turismo Sport have all become known to offer a fantastic VR experience that also harnesses the power of the headset, and is definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.


The original PSVR is actually quite a feature-packed device, and with the launch of PS5 back in 2020, took on an entirely new lease of life.

PSVR does work with PS5, handily, so as long as you've got all the right cables, adaptors and a headset, it should be a case of plugging everything in, and you should be away.

Also, with PS5, PSVR can run better thanks to snappier load times, which means you'll be able to jump into your favourite titles in a speedier fashion.

Should I Wait For PSVR 2?

Whilst deciding whether to wait for PSVR 2 does come down to your personal preference, we'd say that it is worth holding out for.

There are a handful of reasons as to why we think you should, and it's largely based on the headset's spec sheet, and the extra power it looks to offer.

For instance, the PSVR 2 will utilise OLED displays as opposed to the original's LCD panels which should offer sharper images with much better contrast.

Moreover, their pixel density looks to be a lot higher than the original PSVR, according to analyst Ross Young who has said PSVR 2 will feature panels with 800 PPI per eye, compared to the original PSVr's total of 386.

In addition, expect to find a more convenient method of setting up PSVR 2 thanks to the fact it will connect via a single USB-C cable, as opposed to a boxful like with the original PSVR.

The controllers of PSVR 2 also look to have seen some major upgrades with features such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback added which mirrors what can be found on the PS5's own DualSense controller. The headset itself will also feature haptic feedback.

Moreover, we're expecting there to be a brilliant games selection for PSVR 2 with titles like Horizon: Call Of The Mountain that can harness the new headset's power, so you may be better holding out if you want to experience the best that console VR has to offer.

There are also rumours that titles like Half-Life: Alyx could be making its way to PSVR 2, which we'd say would definitely be holding out for.

Image Credit: Sony - The PSVR 2's controllers look to have also seen some serious upgrades
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Image Credit: Sony - The PSVR 2's controllers look to have also seen some serious upgrades

On the front of games, there is also the point that PSVR 2 may be backwards compatible with original PSVR games, which in turn knocks the original headset out of the water as you're almost getting two for the price of one.

Sony hasn't confirmed if backwards compatibility is coming to PSVR 2, but it's certainly a feature we'd love to see, and it would definitely add a lot more to the playing experience, and also add a shedload more games to play.

In a wider sense, by the time PSVR 2 launches, we remain hopeful that the chip shortage will be coming to an end, so getting a PS5 will be easier, and therefore hopefully, it'll be possible to utilise PSVR 2 with your new console as soon as it releases.

As things stand, Sony has reportedly sold 17.3 million PS5s, which considering stock shortages and supply chain issues, is rather good, and this provides a base of customers for the PSVR 2 to tap into, and for them, we'd say it's worth the wait.

If you are still on the hunt for a PS5, then head over to our PS5 stock tracker, and you'll hopefully be able to nab one in time for the release of PSVR 2, if not sooner.

So, there you have it, that's our two cents on whether it's worth waiting for PSVR 2! Be sure to check back in with us for more VR news, guides and info, especially with a slew of exciting devices on the way, including the potential release of the Meta Quest Pro.

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