PSVR 2 Controllers: Everything We Know So Far

The PSVR 2 is arguably one of the most hotly anticipated VR headsets of the year, and it's understandable that its PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers are equally awaited.

They look to be a serious upgrade on the last generation's Move offering and bring with a slew of new features that we think everyone can behind, although, there are of course a few things we don't know, including a potential release date.

Regardless, we think there's a lot to be excited about, so get yourselves strapped in - here's everything we know so far.

PSVR 2 Controllers Design

The PSVR 2 controllers were, for a time, the only component of PSVR 2 we had any design information for until Sony unveiled the PSVR 2 headset design alongside some white controllers. You can check them out below:

psvr 2 controllers release date
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Credit: Sony

They are a far cry from the original PS Move controllers that the first-gen PSVR utilises alongside the DualShock 4, offering a more traditional VR-type look with a curved shape to them that should be quite comfortable to hold, by the looks of things.

You'll also look to find a convenient eight-button setup on the top of the controllers that mimic the usual PS5 DualSense setup, and it also looks like there's also triggers on the reverse, so it's as if you're getting a full classic PS controller, just with additional VR bits.

psvr 2 controllers release date
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Credit: Sony

As for additional pieces, there also look to be wrist straps included so when you move, the possibility of you losing grip on them is eliminated, alongside a charging port on the bottom of the controller.

As much as they do look pretty cool though, it's on the front of the specs where things get even more interesting.

PSVR 2 Controllers Specs

The spec sheet for the PSVR 2 controller also does look rather impressive, as you'll see below:

psvr 2 controllers: everything we know so far
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Image Credit: Sony - here are the PSVR 2 controller's specs

For starters, they bring with them two key features of the DualSense in haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. These should add an edge to the entire PSVR 2 experience, with those extra vibrations on the controller also present on the headset for added immersion.

Going into a little more detail, adaptive triggers add tension to the triggers when pressed. For example, if you're using a bow and arrow and you draw the bow, then the triggers should be a little more difficult to press down as you need force to draw it back.

As for haptic feedback, this adds extra vibrations during games which allows you to feel different game elements on the controllers. For example, if you experience a surface change from tarmac to gravel in a racing game, you're likely to feel the texture difference.

Perhaps the most interesting function though for these new controllers are their finger touch detection, which allows the controllers to detect the location of your fingers without you needing to press a button. This should allow for more natural hand gestures.

Alongside this, expect to find a rechargeable lithium-ion battery inside that charges via USB-C, although we aren't too sure about the controller's battery capacity at the moment.

That's all the information we do know, but let's delve into some of the bits we aren't all too sure on yet, and what we could possibly hope to see with any future announcements.

PSVR 2 Controllers Price

One vital piece of information concerns the pricing of the standalone PSVR 2 controllers, and considering how different they are from the old PlayStation Move offerings, it becomes pretty difficult to make an informed prediction.

When they were released for PS3 back in 2010, the original PS Move controllers cost $49.99 for the Motion variant, with an extra $29.99 for the navigation controller, and $39.99 for the camera, giving you a total of $119.97 for the set.

A more realistic comparison would perhaps be to look at the pricing of the Oculus Quest 2's controllers, which sit at $69 each or both your left and right hand, providing a total of $138.

It would make sense for standalone PSVR 2 controllers to perhaps be a little less than this, even with all those new features given it's a product designed for one platform, and it is worth remembering you will get a set bundled with the PSVR 2 headset, too.

PSVR 2 Controllers Release Date

We also don't know a release date for these controllers. although would make sense for the date to line up with the PSVR 2 headset release date, given the controllers will be bundled with the headset.

For them being available standalone, it would also make sense for that to come a little bit later on, once the headset has been available for a few months.

So, there you have it, that's what we know about the upcoming PSVR 2 controllers, and of course, there's still a lot more to look forward to such as the possibility of PSVR 2 being backwards compatible, and in a more general sense, some really exciting PSVR 2 games.

Be sure to check back with us for more VR guides, news and info, especially with 2022 looking like a big year for headsets, including the potential release of Project Cambria.

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