Project Cambria: Release Date, Latest News, Leaks, And More

The mysterious Project Cambria was announced at the Facebook Connect event on 28th October and as always, the first thing we wanted to know was its release date.

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The announcement certainly brought up more questions than it answered, so let's try and get the bottom of this and pin down exactly when we can expect to see Project Cambria hit stores.

Project Cambria Release Date


While Project Cambria is said to be in development, there is no official announcement of a release date just yet, as is the case with the rumoured Oculus Quest 3's release date.

The general consensus is that we could see Project Cambria release in late 2022, but it is something that could be affected by any number of shortages that have plagued much of the tech and gaming industry over the last year.

Fingers crossed it'll be a smooth release.

In addition, if recent reports are to be believed, Project Cambria isn't going to be the only high-end headset that is announced or released in the coming year as Apple's own AR headset could also be announced by then with a release date some months later.

As for when we might hear more, the dust has only just settled on Facebook Connect, but we expect that more information may head our way in the coming months.

The good news is that we do have some information about Project Cambria...

What We Know About Project Cambria


When it comes to Project Cambria's specs, it's said to boast some impressive advancements in the VR space, namely face and eye-tracking and a change of design to the lenses themselves.

The Cambria will have 'pancake lenses', which will likely mean a thinner profile headset, a big improvement on the Oculus Quest 2's somewhat bulky frame.

There's also the inclusion of a camera so you can use the headset in augmented reality too which certainly opens up a lot of possibilities, and it might lead to Facebook to rival Qualcomm's Snapdragon Spaces AR tech within the coming year or so.

This feature appears to tie in closely to some of the ideas we've seen demonstrated at Facebook Connect (and some possible leaks), and while not tailored completely towards gaming does provide some exciting possibilities within the work environment especially.

In addition, there is the lingering assumption that Project Cambria is in fact the Meta Quest Pro, which is touted to be a higher-end headset within the Quest VR headset lineup, although this isn't at all confirmed.

What Does Project Cambria Look Like?

Recently, a leak was spotted which pieces together a number of 3D assets to form what may well be Project Cambria. You can check out the images right here and our thoughts on them too.


When Will We Hear More?

We're expecting that we'll hear a lot more about the Metaverse in the coming months, and that includes the respective hardware used with it, so we're hoping to hear a more concrete release date sooner rather than later.

Check back in with us soon for all the latest on Project Cambria.

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