Best VR Gloves 2022: Our Top Picks For Virtual Reality

If you're looking for the best VR gloves out there, we've got you covered right here.

For someone who has already invested in one of the best VR headsets, getting some VR gloves could help to take that sense of immersion to another level. This, in the case of some products, does away entirely with controllers, allowing the gloves to control inputs.

The world of VR gloves is quite a specialist market as things stand, and as a result, consumer-grade options are somewhat hard to come by, but we've done the legwork for you, and picked out some of the best options based on features and reviews.

So, whether you're looking for the cross-platform versatility of the SensoryX VR Free Gloves or the affordability of the Captoglove, we've got you covered.

Be sure to stick around though, as we'll be running you through some of the most exciting upcoming gloves, and also provide our two cents on what to look out for if you're thinking of picking a pair up.

Let's get into it!

Best VR Gloves

Best VR Gloves For Developers - HaptX Gloves

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For the developers out there, the HaptX Gloves look to be quite an incredible choice.

These look to be rather advanced and high-spec, with true-contact haptics which can allow for unprecedented levels of realism. In total, they feature 130 points of tactile feedback per hand, which allows for a total of 260 points over both hands.

As a result of their high-spec nature, it makes sense that these gloves are designed specifically for professionals and developers, and feature use cases in software development and manufacturing, as this is who can get the most use out of them.

Best Affordable VR Gloves - Captogloves

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Image Credit: Captoglove

For more of an affordable, consumer-grade solution, the Captogloves look like a rather handy choice.

These simply offer motion capture and hand tracking solutions for headsets such as the Valve Index and HTC Vive and are a substitute for more traditional controllers.

Intriguingly, they can also be used as a keyboard and mouse alternative for PC gaming too, especially within FPS titles such as Star Wars Battlefront II and Call Of Duty WW2, which certainly seems rather cool.

Best VR Gloves For Most People - SensoryX VR Free Gloves

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Image Credit: SensoryX

On the notion of consumer-grade products, we think the best gloves for most people are the SensoryX VR Free Gloves.

These can work with all VR HMDs, be it the Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Rift S, for instance, as well as working with existing SteamVR content, which makes these rather versatile gloves.

The VR Free Gloves also feature full wireless hand and finger tracking and come with a headset-mounted sensor to achieve such. In addition, they offer a low-latency solution and can also work at 120Hz.

Best VR Gloves For HTC Vive - Hi5 VR Gloves

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Image Credit: Hi5

For those wanting gloves specifically for the HTC Vive headset, then the Hi5 VR Gloves look like a rather decent choice.

They offer a convenient plug-and-play solution to those wanting to try out wireless VR gloves and feature nine-axis sensors for accurate tracking, as well as the powers of haptic feedback that is also programmable.

Whilst the HTC Vive Wrist Tracker is on the way, investing in a pair of Hi5s would be a grand idea if you're wanting to try out hand tracking on your Vive.

Best VR Gloves With Haptic Feedback - Dexta Robotics Dexmo

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Image Credit: Dexta Robotics

If it's haptic feedback you're after, then the Dexta Robotics Dexmo will provide developers with a rather powerful option.

They are designed majorly for enterprise usage but are compatible with HMDs such as the Quest and HTC Vive, and have the possibility to be used for gaming with their consumer version, which the brand state is coming soon.

As for right now though, they can work in applications such as surgery and manufacturing with powerful force feedback, and operate as a separate hand-based attachment with existing controllers.

Upcoming VR Glove Releases

As the world of VR gloves is quite the fledgling market at the moment, it makes sense that manufacturers are planning to launch more gloves in the future. Here's a couple that we're most excited about.

bHaptics Tact Glove

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Image Credit: bHaptics

Announced at the end of December 2021, the bHaptics Tact Gloves aim to bring the power of VR gloves to more people than ever, especially with support for the Quest 2.

These will utilise 10 Linear Resonant Actuators on your thumb and fingertips that can provide a sense of touch when used in conjunction with the Quest 2's hand tracking. capabilities, as well as also on Microsoft's more enterprise-focused HoloLens 2.

There isn't a concrete release date for them just yet, but bHaptics has said they will be providing developer kits in Q2 of this year.

Frequently Asked Questions About VR Gloves

With VR gloves, there are plenty of questions that can arise, and we're here to answer some of the most important ones and help you decide whether VR gloves are worth a pickup.

How much do VR haptic gloves cost?

As things stand, haptic-enabled VR gloves can be pretty expensive.

For instance, the SensoryX VR Free Gloves featured above will cost you around $800 and feature haptics, whilst more enterprise-driven solutions like the HaptX ones will run you four figures, or more.

What is a haptic glove?

In short, a haptic glove is a glove that features haptic feedback, or vibrations that can help to heighten a sense of immersion when engaged within a particular task.

It's become more prominent within the last couple of years due to being included on the PS5's DualSense controller and gaming headsets, and also looks to be key in future VR headset's input devices such as the PSVR 2's controllers.

Can you use VR gloves with Oculus Quest 2?

As things stand, there are a couple of gloves that can be used with Quest 2, but you are more likely to be able to utilise its hand-tracking capabilities.

What this does is allow you to use your hands as controllers thanks to the Quest 2's inside out-tracking capabilities.

There are gloves out there that will work with Quest 2 like the bHaptics ones above, but they are currently in development and won't be released until later in the year.

So, there you have it, that's our list of the best VR gloves out there, and it's certainly fair to say that they do look rather good.

Be sure to check back in with us for more VR guides, news and info, especially as 2022 looks to be quite the year for VR hardware, especially with the potential release of headsets like PSVR 2.

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