Meta Quest Pro: Release Date, Rumours, And Latest News

isAs the new branding for Oculus takes hold, we're now watching carefully for anything and everything Meta Quest Pro, especially when its release date could be.

The Meta Quest Pro is assumed to be on the way, but not confirmed as of yet. It should also be noted that the name given to this potential release is also not confirmed, in much the same way as many refer to the next Oculus release as simply, Oculus or Meta Quest 3.

Interestingly though, we may know more about this Meta Quest Pro than we thought...

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Here's why.


Meta Quest Pro Release Date

At the moment, there is a bit of debate going on as to what the Meta Quest Pro is...namely if it's actually Project Cambria.

Project Cambria was announced at Facebook Connect and its higher-end nature has not been kept a secret.

While we have some idea of Project Cambria's specs, perhaps the most interesting is its inclusion of pancake lenses.

When it comes to design, we even saw a number of 3D renderings, that give us a sense of what the more streamlined Project Cambria could be.

If we are to believe that Project Cambria is in fact the Meta Quest Pro, then we could see the device release as early as next year.

And it looks like that the Meta Quest Pro won't be alone at the top of the VR and AR headset space as Apple are supposedly gearing up to announce their own AR headset at the back end of 2022, if reports are to be believed.

First Look? Project Cambria Certainly Looks High-End
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Credit: Meta
First Look? Project Cambria Certainly Looks High-End

But Is Project Cambria The Meta Quest Pro?


At this point, it's hard to say, but Mark Zuckerberg himself has said that "This isn't the next Quest", although "it's going to be compatible with Quest,".

If we take this literally, that means that Project Cambria will not be the Meta Quest Pro, but since it'll be compatible with Quest and be a higher-end product we can't help but think that it will 'feel' like a Meta Quest Pro.

We'll keep a close eye on any more announcements.

Meta Quest Pro Price

Of course, there are no official prices revealed just yet, but it's worth mentioning that the Oculus Quest 2 does typically retail at $299.

As the Quest Pro is touted to be a lot more powerful than current Oculus headsets, it would make sense for its pricing to reflect that. Something within the $500-$800 region seems about right.

This would be around the existing pricing of higher-end headsets like the Valve Index and HTC Vive Pro,


It is also possible that the Quest Pro could even stack up against Apple's AR Headset with its $1000-3000 expected price tag and ludicrous power as an all-in-one headset..

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Will There Be A Meta Quest Pro?

Much like the PS5 Pro and Nintendo Switch Pro, the future release of Meta Quest Pro is assumed rather than set in stone.

We do see a pattern amongst practically all technologies whereby there are standard and pro models.

Take the iPhone, Google Pixel, and PS4 for example - all of which have their pro versions that boast better performance at a higher price point.

We think it's likely we'll see a Meta Quest Pro, but when exactly is still very much a mystery.

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