Valve Index 2: Release Date, Rumours And Latest News

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The Valve Index is one of the best VR headsets to date, so it's no real surprise we're already looking forwards to its next iteration, the Valve Index 2, and would certainly love to know a release date.

Whilst information surrounding a new headset from Valve is thin on the ground right now, more rumours could be coming our way in 2022, especially given the momentum surrounding VR with the potential release of other headsets like Project Cambria.

We'll be updating this article with all the latest leaks, rumours, and news surrounding the potential Valve Index 2, and we've shared our own thoughts based on the information available as to what we could see from the next VR headset.


Valve Index 2 Release Date

As things stand, we have no official word on when the Valve Index 2 could be released, or even if it exists at the moment.

The original Valve Index launched in 2019, but it seems unlikely that we could expect a release or announcement this year given the focus on the Steam Deck.

Therefore, any potential release information on the Index 2 may be likely to come in 2023, if not later.

Valve Index 2 Price

In terms of a price for the Index 2, it would make sense to utilise the previous headset's structure in order to glean what the new one could cost.

The original Valve Index retailed for £919/$999, making it one of the more expensive VR headsets out there at launch.


It would make sense for Index 2 to keep the high-end pricing, especially given the fierce competition it may face with a new canon of premium VR headsets expected that looks to include both the Meta Quest Pro and even Apple's AR Headset.

Valve Index 2 Specs And Features

Information concerning the spec sheet of the Index 2 is pretty thin on the ground at the moment, but there are a couple of intriguing features it might have.

Wireless Connectivity

A patent filed in early 2021 looked to indicate that that the Index 2 could be wireless, with three potential iterations of the headset detailed - a wireless variant, a standalone version, or one that can connect to a PC in a more tethered fashion.

The notion of having a more powerful, wireless VR headset isn't something that has been explored all too much, especially with the popularity of the Oculus Quest 2. This is since it's a great standalone headset that can also connect to a PC and play Steam games.

If the Index 2 was to either connect wirelessly to a PC or even potentially act as a standalone device then it would be a major leap forwards in VR tech generally, but whether this happens of course remains to be seen.


Development Codename

YouTuber Brad Lynch was tipped off as to the codename of the Index 2 whilst it remains in development as being the Valve Deckard.

In addition, the public SteamVR files also referred to a potential 'Prism' function and also an Oculus Air Link style feature that indicates wireless connectivity via WiFi-6.

It is also apparently the case that Valve may be lining up for the Index to feature inside-out-tracking so that doesn't require a base station.

When Could We Hear More?

As things stand, it looks to be the case that we may not hear any info on a Valve Index 2 for a good while, unless more rumours start to come our way.

Any official announcements from Valve are also likely to be few and far between before the release of the Steam Deck, and once that's released, then we could get a clearer picture of the brand's next big endeavour, which may well be the Valve Index 2.

As and when we hear any more info, we'll be sure to let you know.

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