Valve Index 2: Release Date Speculation, Rumours And Latest News

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The Valve Index is one of the best VR headsets to date, so it's no real surprise we're already looking forwards to its next iteration, a Valve Index 2, and would certainly love to know a release date.

While information surrounding a new headset from Valve is thin on the ground right now, more rumours could be coming our way in 2023, especially given the momentum surrounding VR with the potential release of other headsets like the Meta Quest Pro.

We'll be updating this article with all the latest leaks, rumours, and news surrounding the potential Valve Index 2, and we've shared our own thoughts based on the information available as to what we could see from the next VR headset.

Valve Index 2 Release Date Speculation

A Valve Index 2 is the likely next iteration from the iconic VR headset, but much like the PS5 Pro or Xbox Elite Series 3 controller, while it could be likely, they are not confirmed just yet.

This is why we can only speculate at this stage, but we are on high alert for any clues that could point us in the right direction...or it is not confirmed just yet, hence, why we can only speculate at this stage.

Much like with the PS5 Pro, we tracked back and looked at when the PS4 Pro was released, and how long after the debut of the PS4 itself.

The original Valve Index launched in 2019, but with the recent focus on Steam Deck, we're not expecting a release just yet.

Whether we get an announcement this year will be another thing entirely though. PSVR 2 is tipped to release in early 2023, so even if it's this year, they will be up against some stiff competition for the spotlight.

These are just some of the questions that are keeping us up at night, so stay tuned as we have our ears pinned to the ground for any rumblings about what could be an exceptional entry into the VR space.

Interestingly, Valve has recently acquired a patent for a VR controller. Described as an "electronic controller with linear hand strap adjuster", the documents also contain images of it.

However, the patent doesn't mention whether this controller has anything to do with the Valve Index 2, which has been rumored for a long time now.

Valve Index 2 Price Predictions

In terms of a price for the Index 2, it would make sense to utilise the previous headset's structure in order to glean what the new one could cost.

The original Valve Index retailed for £919/$999, making it one of the more expensive VR headsets out there at launch.

It would make sense for Index 2 to keep the high-end pricing, especially given the fierce competition it may face with a new canon of premium VR headsets expected that looks to include both the Meta Quest Pro and even Apple's AR Headset.

Valve Index 2: What Specs And Features Could We Expect?

Information concerning the spec sheet of the Index 2 is pretty thin on the ground at the moment, but there are a few sources that could give us an idea of what to expect...


A recent roundup of rumours and leaks quoted by analyst Brad Lynch noted that the Valve Index 2 could be set to have 4K Micro OLED displays with a wide FOV which would be rather interesting and make the Index 2 quite powerful.

Wireless Connectivity

A patent filed in early 2021 looked to indicate that the Index 2 could be wireless, with three potential iterations of the headset detailed - a wireless variant, a standalone version, or one that can connect to a PC in a more tethered fashion.

The notion of having a more powerful, wireless VR headset isn't something that has been explored all too much, especially with the popularity of the Oculus Quest 2.

This is since it's a great standalone headset that can connect to a PC and play Steam games and therefore utilise some of the best VR mods including those found in Half-Life: Alyx and Blade and Sorcery, alongside simply playing some of the best VR games.

If the Index 2 was to either connect wirelessly to a PC or even potentially act as a standalone device, then it would be a major leap forwards in VR gaming tech generally, but whether this happens of course remains to be seen.

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According to Lynch's roundup, the Index 2 is expected to arrive with support for eye tracking as well as inside-out tracking, courtesy of Arcturus, which negates the potential need for any base stations.

Processing Power

The Valve Index is reportedly going to be powered by a Qualcomm XR2 to deal with its powerful tracking, alongside an AMD APU to handle the graphics, which would make it quite the powerful headset.

It may be the case though that by the time the headset releases that the next-gen chip from Qualcomm will be able to be bundled inside, as is expected to be the case with the Meta Quest 3, that is if they don't develop their own silicon.

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Audio and Microphone

As for its speakers and mic, those featured on the Index 2 are likely to be somewhat similar in setup to the original Index with regards to an off-ear set of speakers and a convenient built-in microphone.

Development Codename

YouTuber Brad Lynch was seemingly tipped off as to the codename of the Index 2 whilst it remains in development as being the Valve Deckard.

In addition, the public SteamVR files also referred to a potential 'Prism' function and also an Oculus Air Link-style feature that indicates wireless connectivity via WiFi 6E.

When Could We Hear More?

As things stand, it looks to be the case that we may not hear any info on a Valve Index 2 for a good while, unless more rumours start to come our way.

Any official announcements from Valve are also likely to be few and far between with the focus being on the release of the Steam Deck. Once that has cleared, then we could get a better picture of the brand's next big endeavour, which may well be the Valve Index 2.

As and when we hear any more info, we'll be sure to let you know.

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