Best VR headset 2023: Our top picks for virtual reality

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best vr headset

If you're looking for the ultimate immersive gaming experience and want to find the best VR headset for you, we're here to help with your search.

Ever since its inception, virtual reality is becoming more and more accessible with new iterations and atmospheric experiences being released all the time.


There are even several amazing headsets that are heading our way, including PSVR 2, a rumoured Meta Quest 3, an exciting AR headset from Apple, and even Apple's own augmented reality glasses.

But we digress... you're here because you want to know what the best VR headsets are right now. Fortunately, we've done our research to come up with this list to point you in the right direction.

As a rule of thumb, you'll want to look at the headset's resolution, the weight of the headset itself, and connectivity (wired or wireless).

There are slight differences between the more mainstream headsets available at the moment, but you will find significantly more punchy specs with more 'commercial' headsets that are often used in events or VR arenas.

Realistically, the mainstream choices are somewhat limited, with new iterations heading our way very soon. But if you don't fancy waiting, these are the VR headsets we think are worth checking out.

So, based on price, reviews, and standout specs, here

Best VR headset


Best all-round VR headset - Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2
Credit: Oculus
Brand: Oculus | Colour: White | Weight: 503 grams | Item dimensions: 26 x 18.7 x 12.6 cm | Storage capacity: 64GB / 128GB / 256GB | Platform(s): Oculus VR, PC

Oculus certainly knows how to deliver the goods when it comes to VR, and their latest and possibly greatest headset, the Quest 2, is a solid choice for anyone looking to dive into the world of virtual reality.

The Quest 2 is a standalone console and VR headset in one, offering experiences from both the ever-expanding Oculus game library and PC-compatible games including Beat Saber (with a new Original Soundtrack pack on the way), SuperHot VR, and Skyrim VR (which features some amazing mods alongside the base game).


There are also some brilliant upcoming titles to look forward to, like: GTA San Andreas VR, Cities VR, Among Us VR, Wands Alliances, Peaky Blinders VR, and Meta's own Horizon Worlds.

This VR headset comes with up to 256GB of storage, weighs a mere 503 grams, and offers 50% more pixels than the original Quest.

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It does support hand tracking and some peripherals claim to offer full-body tracking support on the Oculus Quest 2, which also makes it quite a versatile headset.

You also don't necessarily need a PC to run the Quest 2, but if you want, it can connect up and function with more of a classic VR experience, especially with support for Steam VR and the slew of titles available on there.

In addition, if you'd like, you can connect the Quest 2 to a PC or laptop either via the wired Link cable, or wirelessly via Oculus Air Link, which can allow you to play games like Roblox, for instance, as well as also connecting it to a phone for convenient setup.

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There are also plenty of fantastic accessories available for the Quest 2 including a charging dock, earphones, and straps for the Oculus Touch controllers.

You can also sideload more games and apps onto your Quest 2 by connecting it to SideQuest, which provides you with another storefront full of titles to explore and can allow you to get titles such as Minecraft working on your Quest 2.

And, if you've got more than one person using the headset, then you can also set up multiple accounts for usage on the Quest 2.

Best premium VR headset - Valve Index

Brand: Valve | Colour: Black | Weight: 809 grams | Item dimensions: 59.69 x 43.18 x 22.86 cm | Platform(s): SteamVR

If you're not sticking to a budget and want to experience VR gaming at the max, the Valve Index could be the choice for you.

Offering a powerful sound, a stunning display, and a wide field of view, this headset should provide the immersive experience you're looking for.

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Not only is the headset itself impressive, but this also comes with 'Knuckle' controllers that are incredibly responsive and should add to your VR gaming experience.

The Valve Index is also compatible with numerous games available on the SteamVR library including some VR favourites such as Blade and Sorcery (which also features a brilliant mod selection), Beat Saber, Half-Life: Alyx (which also has some incredible mods), and more, including the upcoming Among Us VR, which should be lots of fun.

There's also a slew of compatible fantastic multiplayer VR games out there on Steam, including Pavlov VR, Real VR Fishing, and Payday 2 VR which will allow you to up your game and have an immense laugh with your friends.


In addition, Steam is also home to some rather incredible indie VR games that can vary from fun puzzle games to marvellous arcade shooters like COMPOUND, and there are also some to look forward to including Lost Ember VR and Startenders.

Whilst a Valve Index 2 could be on the way in the next few years, for right now, the original remains king when it comes to a premium VR gaming experience.

Best Sony VR headset - Sony PlayStation VR

Brand: Sony | Colour: Black/White | Weight: 600 grams | Item dimensions: 26.4 x 34.9 x 20.7 cm | Platform(s): PS4, PS5

If you're a PS4/PS5 user and looking to try out virtual reality gaming, then the Sony PlayStation VR could be just the thing you need.


You'll be able to experience some awesome VR games from the PS4 library like Fruit Ninja VR and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, plus, experience some classics that offer VR compatibility such as Skyrim, and the PSVR can work with your PS5 too if you've managed to nab one.

It'll also runs better on your PS5 too thanks to snappier load times, and is easy to set up with it being a case of getting Sony's free camera adaptor and plugging in the relevant cables, and away you go.

The PSVR is far from discontinued and even with the launch of PSVR 2 soon, the original headset should still have some life left in it. That being said the initial specs of the PSVR 2 vs PSVR are stacked in the former's favour.

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There are plenty of fantastic PSVR games available to get stuck into also with titles with Sniper Elite VR, I Expect You To Die 2, and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard all being standouts for us.

That last one is also a prime example of one of the best VR horror games, and the PSVR is home to a lot of brilliant horror titles.

You can also connect PSVR to a PC if you want to use it with SteamVR titles too, but do note this will need a couple of pieces of additional software.


If you're a PlayStation user, this is surely the best choice for you right now, but of course, that could all change once the PSVR 2 comes out.

It may be backwards compatible and we do know it offers more powerful specs than the original Sony Playstation VR, alongside the new PSVR 2 controllers with haptic feedback like the PS5's own mighty powerful DualSense controller.

We're also expecting some of the best games yet to arrive on PlayStation VR2, with Horizon Call Of The Mountain already announced, and plenty more rumoured, including Half-Life: Alyx and Gran Turismo 7.

The PlayStation State of Play event gave us a sneak peek at some upcoming PSVR 2 titles.

Best VR headset with a high resolution - HTC VIVE Pro 2

Brand: Sony | Colour: Black/Blue | Weight: 850 grams | Item dimensions: 53 x 34.5 x 18.5 cm | Platform(s): PC

When it comes to the resolution, the HTC VIVE Pro 2 is a hard one to beat.

Offering a staggering 5K display, with a 120-degree field of view and lightning-fast 120Hz refresh rate, this headset should really bring virtual reality to life.

While this is a standout headset in terms of performance, it requires a standout gaming PC to perform at maximum capacity.

The original Vive has unfortunately been discontinued, but this newer iteration has plenty of years of support left, so you'll be able to play some brilliant games for a long while to come.

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In addition, there's going to be a handy HTC Vive Wrist Tracker released in the coming months which will add some clever hand tracking to the device as well the ability to track mounted objects with full 6DOF tracking, With such trackers, you can also set up full body tracking too.

If you've got a Miracast-enabled device, then you can also cast your HTC Vive to a TV, for instance, allowing others to join in whilst you play and everyone to have a look at what you're doing.

While the HTC VIVE Pro 2 is a little on the pricey side, we think it could be worth every penny.

Best VR headset for PC - Oculus Rift S

Brand: Oculus | Colour: Black | Weight: 500 grams | Item dimensions: 41.4 x 22 x 50.8 cm | Platform(s): PC

Another standout choice for us is the Oculus Rift S.


This VR headset boasts a stunning resolution with 1280 x 1440 pixels per eye, an 80Hz refresh rate, and vivid lifelike hues which should all help to create a realistic virtual experience.

In terms of comfort, this headset offers an adjustable halo headband that is specifically designed to be comfortable even during lengthier gaming sessions.

In the battle between the Rift S and the Quest 2, the Rift S comes out on top if you're looking for an exclusively tethered VR experience and you've already got a powerful gaming PC to hand.

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Whilst Xbox may not be getting VR for the moment, this headset is the only one that is supported on any Microsoft console in the Xbox One thanks to the Xbox Streaming app from the Oculus Store, which adds another dimension to its already versatile use case.

It's also compatible with SteamVR games, giving you access to their expansive library of VR titles.

The Rift S has unfortunately been discontinued, but with its versatility and sheer power, still remains a marvellous choice for VR gaming on a PC.


Upcoming VR Headsets

VR headsets are a continually evolving technology, and while there are some excellent choices already out there, we're also seeing some exciting headsets coming our way.


One of the most highly-anticipated VR headsets heading our way soon is the PSVR 2. In fact, the pre-orders for PSVR 2 are available now, and the console will be rolling out officially on February 22, 2023.

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"our next-generation VR system will be coming to PlayStation 5, enabling the ultimate entertainment experience with dramatic leaps in performance and interactivity. Players will feel an even greater sense of presence and become even more immersed in their game worlds once they put on the new headset." - Sony

This statement from Sony suggests that the PSVR 2 will improve greatly on the previous model and bring a heightened sense of immersion while gaming, and has been backed up by the device's spec sheet and also its rather sleek design.


We'll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest.

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to VR there are some questions that pop up time and time again, so let's clear up a few things so you can choose the right headset for you.

Is VR bad for your eyes?

One concern around VR headsets is that they could cause eye strain. While this isn't unique to VR headsets, in particular, it can be avoided by taking regular breaks.

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You can read more about how long you should be using VR headsets here, as well as how best to avoid VR motion sickness, which is also a handy thing to know.


Are VR headsets worth it?

Absolutely, and while they may not pack as higher graphic quality as their console competition, they deliver next-level immersion.

VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 are a popular choice nowadays to experience a range of titles, and thanks to the v37 update, using it for non-gaming activities has just been improved too.

Plus, there are a ton of excellent multiplayer VR games, giving VR headsets great potential for social gaming with friends.

What is the best brand of VR headset?

There are few that we'd say are the biggest players in the VR scene, but whether they're the 'best' comes down to the specific usage and price range.

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Meta, HTC, Valve, and Sony all create quality VR headsets, but with more on the way from smaller companies, there could be some stiff competition.

For more in-depth looks at each headset and the potential competition, we've also got some handy guides comparing headsets which you can check out below:

Each headset certainly has its own merits, that's for sure.