Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller: Release Date Speculation, Latest News, and What We Expect To See

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The Xbox Elite Series 3 controller is what we think to be the predicted next gamepad release from Microsoft, following the iconic Elite Series 2, which has been one of the most popular controllers to date.

We've seen many new PS5 controller options, albeit third-party, and of course the DualSense Edge, but when exactly will we see a new official pro-orientated gamepad hit the market for Xbox?


We're referring to the next Elite controller for Xbox as the Xbox Elite Series 3, based on general naming patterns and predictions. Much in the same way we're expecting to see a Logitech MX4, PS5 Pro, or even a Valve Index 2, but they may surprise us with a different name upon official release.

So let's take a look at what we could expect and when a new Elite Series controller could be heading our way.

Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller Release Date Speculation

As mentioned, at the moment, Microsoft is quiet on plans to release the Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller, even over a year on from the Xbox Series X and S's release and even with Sony's new DualSense Edge making its first appearance...

So let's take a look at the past, and see if we can find any patterns...

The Series 1 was released on October 1, 2015, with the Series 2 following on November 4, 2019.

If we follow that pattern, we could expect to see the Series 3 make an appearance in 2023, likely around October to November.


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By that time, we may even see another version of the Xbox Series X itself or even a PS5 Pro for that matter, so we're excited to see exactly what the Elite Series 3 could be released alongside.

There are some theories that the frequent drops in the price of the Elite Series 2 are foreshadowing an upcoming release, but we'd take that with a pinch of salt!

But what could be different this time around? And will it be worth the wait?

Credit: Microsoft
IF IT AIN'T BROKE: What possible changes could we see in the future?

Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller Specs Predictions

Of course, there is no official word on the Xbox Elite Series 3 controller specs, but we can make some informed predictions.

Alongside the inclusion of the share button that features on the newer Xbox controllers, we think we could even be looking at something fairly similar to the last iteration.

Microsoft really hit the nail on the head with their previous controllers and it could be a case of 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'. That means that we can expect to see the controller paddles feature again, plus the usual customisation to the thumbsticks too.

But we'll have to see something new, right? Well, if we had to guess, much like the variations of the PS5 SCUF Reflex controller, they could be to do with both weight and surface material.

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The PS5 SCUF Reflex controllers have three different tiers: the Pro, Reflex, and FPS. The FPS gets rid of rumble units and has hair triggers, and the Pro has an anti-slip performance grip. The Reflex is the 'standard' edition, which just means it doesn't have the anti-slip grip.

What we could see in the Xbox Elite Series 3 controller is something along these lines, most likely a new and improved performance grip.


Whether they will jettison the rumble units altogether to lighten the weight, we'll just have to see, but we'd doubt it. What would be impressive is if they gave you the option yourself, which could mark a whole new level of customisation never before seen.

When it comes to design, we'd think it highly unlikely that Microsoft will be breaking the mould anytime soon, however.

The Xbox controllers only real design chance came early on from the massive Duke controller, which was then made smaller.

Following that, we've only seen some mild changes to the shape, with Microsoft very much finding its fit with consumers.

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Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller Price Predictions

Controllers are quite the investment nowadays, with even standard gamepads going for $60 in some cases.


The price of the Elite Series 3 will likely hit around $180 - $200 by our estimates, based on the fact that the Elite Series 2 goes for around the $179.99 mark (although it is often on sale, thankfully!)

$200 is a hefty price to pay for the inclusion of what may well be minor changes, so we're hoping this estimated price tag will match up with what we might get in terms of innovation.

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Should I Wait For The Xbox Elite Series 3?

If you're wondering whether you should wait, we'd say don't as we're still a way off by our predictions.

If you're looking for an upgrade, why not check out some of our top Xbox controller picks here to get a head start in your search and keep an eye on the Xbox Elite Series 2 which does dip in and out of the sales.

We'll be back soon with all the latest on the Xbox Elite Series 3 controller.


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