How To Connect Your Oculus Quest 2 To A PC

If you'd like to know how to connect your Oculus Quest 2 up to your PC, then we've got you covered. You don't actually need a PC to get the Quest 2 to work, but doing so just gives you a wider variety of games to play and things to do.

Here's how to connect everything up, plus some other handy information on why it's worth doing.

How To Connect Your Oculus Quest 2 To A PC

There are a couple of different ways of connecting your Oculus Quest 2 up to a PC, including both wired and wireless options:

Connect Your Quest 2 To PC (Wired)

For this wired connection to work., you'll need to get an Oculus Link fibre-optic cable and make sure you've got the Oculus App installed on your PC so it'll recognise the headset. Once you've sorted that, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Oculus App on your PC.
  2. Turn on your headset.
  3. Plug one end of the cable into your Quest and the USB-A end into your PC.
  4. When prompted about data access, select 'Deny'.
  5. When prompted to Enable Oculus Link, select 'Enable'.

After that, your headset should be connected to your PC and then you should be able to play a raft of titles.

Connect Your Quest 2 To PC (Wireless)

If you'd prefer to ditch the cables, it is also possible to connect your Quest 2 up via Oculus Air Link to your PC. For this to work best, you'll need a stable 5GHz connection and your PC to be wired into your network via Ethernet.

  1. Open the Oculus App on your PC.
  2. Turn on your headset.
  3. On your PC, navigate to the Settings Menu.
  4. Go into the Beta Tab and turn on Air Link.
  5. Head into the Settings Menu on your Quest 2.
  6. Go into Experimental Features and turn on Air Link.

Air Link should now appear in the Quick-Start interface on your headset so you can connect up to your PC wirelessly in a convenient manner. Do note though it will be switched off after 24 hours, and the process is currently in Beta, so may not be the most stable at the moment.

Why Would I Connect My Quest 2 To A PC?

In short, if you have a powerful gaming PC to hand and a VR headset like the Quest 2, connecting up the two allows for you to play games outside of the headset's already rather big native games library.

For instance, if you want to play Steam games on your Oculus Quest 2, then the only real way to do this is to connect the headset to your PC, be it via a wired or wireless connection.

Doing so will allow you to take advantage of a more traditional VR gaming experience with AAA titles that are made for PC and potentially have support for VR like Rise of the Tomb Raider and Assetto Corsa.

We'll be back with you soon with more VR news, guides and info, so be sure to check back in with us soon, and don't forget that the Meta Quest Pro could be on its way if you are looking to upgrade.

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