How To Stop Your Oculus Quest From Overheating

If you need to know how to stop your Oculus Quest from overheating, then we've got you covered. It's possible that you may have experienced an error message pertaining to the cooling fan not working properly, and luckily there are some ways to solve the problem.

Here's everything you need to know about how you can stop it from happening and why it happens.

How To Stop Oculus Quest From Overheating

The root cause of the overheating is due to issues with the Quest's cooling fans, given it features active cooling. These problems seem to be occurring thanks to a recent software update, tall a recent software update, at least according to this thread from the support forum.

To make life easier for you, here are a few ways to solve the problem:

Reboot Your Oculus Quest

A common solution to solving the Oculus Quest's cooling fan error is simply rebooting the headset. If you do receive the error, it's possible that it was a 'false detection' as one forum user has stated, and turning your headset off and on again should solve the issue.

Change Your Usage Location

It may be the case that the overheating error message isn't down to the headset, but possibly due to the location you're using it in. If you're playing with it in a hot room, it is more likely to overheat.

So, if you can try to use your headset in a cool, well-ventilated room, then this could solve the problem. If you do find the problem isn't sorted, contact Oculus Support directly.

Factory Reset Your Oculus Quest

If problems persist after a simple reboot and attempting to change the location you're playing in, the best course of action is to factory reset the device. Some users who have experienced the cooling fan error message stated it took place after a certain update to the Quest's software.

In order to factory reset your Oculus Quest, follow the steps below: do this, proceed with the following steps:

Factory Reset From The Headset

  1. If your headset is on, turn it off.
  2. Hold the power and volume down button at the same time to load the boot screen on your Quest.
  3. Use the volume buttons to navigate to the Factory Reset setting and press the power button.
  4. Use the volume buttons to highlight 'Yes' to proceed with the factory reset and press the power button.

Factory Reset From The Oculus App On A Phone

  1. Open the Oculus app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the devices section in the bottom menu.
  3. Tap the headset you have connected to on your phone.
  4. Select the Advanced Settings menu.
  5. Navigate to Factory Reset and then Reset.

Contact Oculus Support

If you've attempted the above attempts to troubleshoot the problem and nothing has worked, then contact Oculus Support directly and explain your issue to them, and hopefully, they can help you solve it.

Why Does My Oculus Quest Overheat?

To determine why your Oculus Quest could be overheating, it's worth taking a look at the error message the headset itself provides:

  • "The cooling fan on your device is not functioning properly. Your headset may overheat or experience abnormal behavior due to insufficient cooling"

The error message refers to "insufficient cooling" being the cause of overheating which in turn is due to suggested issues with the cooling fan.

There doesn't look to be any concrete reasons explained as to why your headset might overhear, but it could be the case that the fans have been working too hard as a result of being in a hot environment for too long, for instance, like with other games consoles.

It could also be the case that your headset genuinely does have a cooling fan issue, and if that is the case, then we'd suggest contacting Oculus Support directly.

Once you've sorted this cooling issue, you can return to using your Quest 2 for some VR gaming, which with the simple fact it's got a big games library with titles such as Beat Saber which are definitely good fun.

We'll be back with you soon with more VR news, guides and info, so be sure to check back in with us soon, and don't forget that the Meta Quest 3 could be on its way if you are looking to upgrade.

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