Best Meta Quest 2 Games 2022: Our Top Picks

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The Oculus Quest 2, or Meta Quest 2, is one of the most acclaimed VR headsets around, but how does it match up when it comes to the games themselves?

The library of available games is ever-growing, from zombie slaying and immersive story experiences to titles that are quite literally a complete body workout.


Here's what to expect if you decide to go for the Oculus Quest 2, and by the looks of it, you won't be disappointed.

How Many Games Are There On Oculus Quest 2?

There are currently over 200 titles available on the Oculus Quest 2, with more on the way.

In fact, one of the latest releases comes in the form of the classic franchise Medal of Honor. The new game, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond boasts exciting set-pieces and even some pretty authentic historical footage too.

There are also a ton of excellent upcoming games for Meta Quest 2 including Among Us VR and Ghostbusters VR to name a few.

Let's take a closer look at some of the best of the best.

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Best Oculus Quest 2 Games

Game choices can be very personal as we all have different types of games we want to play, here are some notable mentions, we feel stand out from the crowd.

Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge
Credit: ILMxLAB

If you're a Star Wars fan, you can't go wrong with this, the VR gaming adventure and story game should allow you to immerse yourself fully in the Galaxy far far away.


Population: One

Population: One
Credit: BigBox VR, Inc.

Population: One is Oculus' exclusive VR battle royale game, while this may be a similar idea to games such as Fortnite and Warzone, it should add a whole new depth thanks to the immersion that VR offers.

The Climb 2

The Climb 2
Credit: Crytek

The Climb 2 is, well, a climbing simulator and should provide a fantastic immersive experience, with realistic environments and VR induced vertigo.


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Beat Saber

Beat Saber
Credit: Beat Games

Beat Saber provides a challenging reactive experience, combining Star Wars with Guitar Hero and providing an intense workout all in one.

There's loads of music present in the game already, but of course, plenty of DLC exists, be it paid or free that you'll definitely want to check out, including the new OST 5 pack.

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Skyrim VR

Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Skyrim as you know it, but in VR, what's not to like?

Plus, there are a ton of great mods for Skyrim VR worth checking out too!

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Superhot VR

Superhot VR
Image Credit: SUPERHOT Team

Superhot VR is a fun and challenging fighting game that's based on the passing of time and fluid movements to defeat enemies.


It's one of the few titles to support 120fps on the Quest 2, which should therefore offer a sharp playing experience, and is also one of the best indie VR games available.

These are, of course, just a small selection of games available, be sure to explore the whole Oculus game library and check out your next adventure.

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Credit: Resolution Games

Demeo is an RPG strategy game that allows you to work with teammates to vanquish evil within a randomly generated dungeon.


You're able to choose a unique class and play with friends through this authentic tabletop adventure.

The game's brutal difficulty can mean that sessions can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

We think Demeo is one of the best multiplayer VR games out there.

Best Upcoming Games On Meta Quest 2

Among Us VR

Among Us VR is expected to arrive this holiday season on the Meta Quest 2.

You'll be able to experience the popular multiplayer game like never before in immersive VR.

You'll be able to play with 4 to 10 players online as you attempt to survive and identify the imposter.

Ghostbusters VR

Another highly anticipated game coming to the Meta Quest 2 is Ghostbusters VR.

You'll be able to immerse yourself in a brand new adventure in the Ghostbusters universe.


While there is currently no confirmed release date, the game is expected to arrive sometime this year.

Can I play Steam games on the Oculus Quest 2?

In short, yes. Connecting your Quest 2 to a PC is easy by either the Link cable or Oculus Air Link wirelessly.

Once you've done so, you can play Steam games by opening up the SteamVR app on your PC and then select your PC from the respective menu and begin playing.

The Steam library on its own is packed solid with some of the best VR games, which also happens to include some of the best VR horror games, the best multiplayer VR games and the best VR puzzle games, for starters.

Log in, make sure you've got some games downloaded and get exploring some virtual worlds with what we think is a brilliant VR headset.

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