Oculus Quest 2: How To Set Up 120 Hz, Recommended Settings, Supported Games, And More

Oculus Quest 2 has been ground-breaking within Virtual Reality. As Facebook continues making a huge push into this space, they recently launched a fresh update, v28, which added Oculus Air Link and 120 Hz support. Having shipped with 72hz support, it'd been bumped up to 90 Hz before this update.

By providing a smoother gameplay experience, 120 Hz's biggest draw is decreased motion sickness, but not every game will be compatible. When discussing this previously, Oculus's Consulting CTO John Carmack stated the high performance requirements means not every game can take advantage.

With today's news that Superhot VR is getting a 120 Hz update on Quest 2, you might be wondering how to take advantage of this. As such, here's everything you need to know.

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Oculus Quest 2: 120 Hz - How To Activate It

To enable 120Hz, you'll need to ensure you've updated your Quest 2 to v28, then go onto the Quest 2 "Settings" menu and turn on experimental features. You'll see it under this section, so activate it from here. Just be careful though, the higher performance required to use it will take a toll on the battery life.

Oculus Quest 2: 120 Hz - Supported Games

There's not a lot of games which currently support it, though John Carmack has stated that future games can be designed with this in mind. Here's the existing titles that currently utilise it.

Oculus Quest 2: 120 Hz - Do Other Oculus Headsets Support This?

Sadly, no. The original Quest supports 60hz and 72hz refresh rates, Rift goes up to 90hz, whilst the Rift S performs at 80hz. Presently, the only other VR headset offering this is the Valve Index, which also features an experimental 144 Hz mode. However, that's not a standalone headset and requires a suitable gaming PC.

Oculus Quest 2: 120 Hz - Can I Use This With Air Link?

You can. Though it wasn't announced within the latest v29 update, Facebook's new firmware update has silently implemented an option to play PC games at 120 Hz through Oculus Air Link.

Once your Quest 2 is connected to your PC, head towards the PC Oculus app, click Devices and select your headset. Choose Graphics Preferences and in the right menu, you'll find the option to use 120 Hz.

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