Oculus Quest V29 Update Launches Soon, Adding Video Overlays And A File Browser

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It's not been too long since Oculus Quest owners received the v28 update. Adding significant features like 120 Hz support and wireless PC streaming through Oculus Air Link, making Quest 2 an even more essential purchase. Now, they've announced v29 a month later, which begins rolling out gradually "in the near future". As detailed in their official blog, v29 adds a few new features.

When using the Quest's Casting feature to the web (or for recording), you can now capture your voice through the headset microphone for live commentary. On iOS, Casting is also getting a "Live Overlay" feature, layering yourself over a live shot of whatever's happening in-game by aiming your iPhone's camera at yourself.

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Oculus Quest V29 Update Launches Later This Week, Adding Video Overlays And A File Browser

Furthering that iOS support, users can see their iPhone lock screen notifications while in VR too. This is only supported on iPhone XS and newer models after it, but there's no word on when Android support will arrive, with Facebook confirming it's "coming soon as well".

This update also adds a centralised file management app, letting users “access, browse, manage, share, and upload files located on your headset across multiple locations in VR".

Otherwise, there's a few new features for those using an original Oculus Quest. While Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing was previously made available to Quest 2 users back in February, support has now been added to the older headset.