Best Skyrim VR Mods 2022: Our Top Picks

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If you're looking for the best Skyrim VR mods to add to your game and take things up a notch, we've got you covered.

Mods in any usual sense are essentially fan-made add-ons for games that can look to improve everything from graphics to player movement, and some can even add in new stories entirely.


Skyrim VR is a game where the modding community has been able to add plenty of new mechanics and exciting measures to make the title even more of an enduring classic than it already is.

Here's what we think are some of the best Skyrim VR mods, including the full-body rendering capabilities of VRIK, the gorgeous weather created by Onyx VR Weathers or an entirely new story with The Forgotten City.

Let's get to it!

Best Skyrim VR Mods 2022


Required Plug-Ins And Mods For Skyrim VR

Before getting into the actual mods, there are two must-have plug-ins that allow these mods to work properly.


SKSEVR is a script extender that allows other mods to increase their own modding potential and in turn do more to improve the game. A lot of the mods above require this, so we'd say this is a definite must-have.


Another mod that's required for a lot of others to work, SkyUI VR is a user-interface replacement mod that makes it more convenient to navigate and comes with a specific version that's been enhanced for VR.


Best Navigation And Quality Of Life Mods For Skyrim VR


best skyrim vr mods
Image Credit: Nexus Mods

HIGGS VR is arguably the best mod for Skyrim VR given the plethora of new VR-led mechanics it adds. You'll have the ability to pick up and use items with object grabbing capabilities and hand collisions are also present.

All in all, this just adds a certain element of realism that wouldn't have otherwise been present, and it also requires SKSEVR and SkyUI to work.

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best Skyrim VR mods
Image Credit: Nexus Mods

On the subject of realism, VRIK is a mod that brings full-body rendering to the party, as opposed to just a pair of hands. There's also weapon holstering present, which is pretty handy, and you'll have the ability to equip gear and spells with a gesture-based input system.

Natural Locomotion

best skyrim VR mods
Image Credit: Steam

As its name suggests, Natural Locomotion is a plug-in that allows for a more realistic method of moving around the game's world by giving you the chance to control your character's movement through real-life movement.


This could be achieved by either swinging your arms or paired with trackers on your feet, and even a treadmill if you've got the space, which does offer something more immersive than simply utilising a controller's analog stick.

Best Graphics Mods For Skyrim VR

Onyx VR Weathers

Best Skyrim VR Mods
Image Credit: Nexus Mods

Onyx VR Weathers is one of the best weather mods for Skyrim VR that looks to revamp the game's skies and weather system to make things look a whole lot better in the process.

MystiriousDawn’s HD Skyrim Overhaul

MystiriousDawn’s HD Skyrim Overhaul is, as the name suggests, a complete graphical overhaul of Skyrim VR's textures. It improves the sharpness of pretty much all the game's textures including that on landscapes, farmhouses and mountains to make things look even better.


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The ELFX mod completely revamps the game's lighting system which can make all the difference for night-time visuals by allowing it to become more realistic, especially when accompanied by some night-time visuals mods.

Best Combat Mods For Skyrim VR


In terms of combat mods, Smilodon looks to improve the overall experience through enhancing the game's AI, making it quicker by increasing how lethal the combat can be.


There are also some new mechanics such as timed blocking and attacks of opportunity, which is particularly handy for melee battles.


MageVR provides a complete change for those who decide to play Skyrim VR as a mage as, under normal circumstances, you'd be spending a lot of your time in menus. What this mod does is add more VR-based interactions and movements to access and move through menus.

Best Quest Mod For Skyrim VR

The Forgotten City

There are plenty of side quest mods available for Skyrim VR, but The Forgotten City stood out to us on the account of it being the first mod to win a national Writer's Guild Award for its script.


It adds a new story into the mix with a six to eight-hour duration that centres around a murder mystery that's set in an ancient underground city, which definitely sounds enthralling.

So, there you have it, that's our top picks for some of the best VR mods for Skyrim available, and be sure to stick around for more VR gaming news, guides and info, especially with exciting headsets like the Apple AR Headset, PSVR 2 Meta Quest 3 and Project Cambria likely on the way at some point soon.

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