Best Multiplayer VR Games 2022: Our Top Picks To Play With Friends

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If you're looking for the best multiplayer VR games out there, we've got you covered right here.

When we think of the best VR games, we usually think of single-player experiences that have taken the world by storm, but there's so much more out there to discover.


Multiplayer VR games are starting to build in popularity and there are some amazing titles to experience, whether you're interested in battling zombies in Arizona Sunshine or looking to rob fictional banks in Payday 2 VR.

If you're stuck on what to play though, then we've done the legwork for you by picking out some of the best games out there based on reviews, gameplay and more.

Be sure to stick around to the end if you want to check out some of the best upcoming multiplayer VR games too.

Best Multiplayer VR Games


No Man's Sky VR

best multiplayer vr games
Image Credit: Hello Games

No Man's Sky VR isn't a standalone VR game as such and is instead an updated version of the title that allows you to play the entire game within virtual reality.

Aside from the ability to invite thirty-one of your friends plus yourself to explore the galaxies, it's one of the vastest open worlds ever employed within a game which gives you plenty to go around discovering.

Of course, putting No Man's Sky into VR makes it one of the most immersive games out there, and given the expansive of the world that is procedurally generated, you'll never get tired of things to explore.


There's also a variety of missions on offer in an open world where you can trade goods, build bases and hunt bounties, amongst other things.

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Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City
Credit: Ramen VR

For those wanting the experience of an MMO in VR, then Zenith: The Last City looks like an incredible game.

You should be getting quite the experience here with this title providing you with the opportunity to fight, craft and explore a vibrant world that looks to be detailed and packed solid with all sorts of fun things to do.

In addition, there is also a social element to Zenith based on the fact you can meet new people and chat with friends whilst in-game which can be helpful if you're working as a team or you just fancy a chinwag.

Payday 2 VR

best multiplayer vr games
Image Credit: Overkill

Payday 2 VR is a free add-on for the base game that makes robbing fictional banks a whole lot more immersive.

You can team up with up to three friends and form a heist crew to steal all sorts of valuable items dependent upon which mission you choose to play. There's plenty to choose from, so don't expect to be short of buildings to rob.


The combat is pretty fun but also rather challenging with pretty much endless waves of police until you make your daring escape. VR also adds a certain immersion so it makes it feel like you are drilling a vault and actually performing a big score.

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Pavlov VR

best multiplayer vr games
Image Credit: Vankrupt Games

In keeping with the theme of FPS games, Pavlov VR is a game built around its community and acts as a handy VR port of the Counter-Strike series that will be familiar to an awful lot of gamers.

There are plenty of guns and maps to pick from, with settings ranging from the Second World War and the present day. Expect to find some more realistic combat, so reloading guns manually and looking down sights to line up a perfect shot is going to be integral to success.


With that VR experience, Pavlov VR marks itself out as an intense shooter that is played entirely against other people online, to make for a properly competitive experience.

You can play with bots, but in a game that's pretty much entirely made by a community, playing online will be best.

Arizona Sunshine

best multiplayer vr games
Image Credit: Vertigo Studios

If you're looking for some Walking Dead-style zombie shooter action, then Arizona Sunshine looks like a great choice.

Here, you can team up with three of your friends and take on the game's open world with hordes of zombies to deal with. This comes whilst having to make do with scarce quantities of ammo and being constantly on the search for other survivors to join your team.


Those weapons you use also feature realistic handling so you will need to reload properly and take all the necessary precautions which just makes it all the more immersive, as does the point of dealing with zombies up close.

Population: One

best multiplayer vr games
Image Credit: BigBox VR

For those wanting to give a battle royale a go in virtual reality, Population: One looks to be the game for you.

Those who've played the likes of PUBG and Fortnite before will recognise the gameplay, which in itself is challenging and should present a new and captivating experience for even the most seasoned of battle royale players given it's in VR.

There are also plenty of opportunities to progress in Population: One with oodles of unlockable items including gun and player skins to make your character look unique.


A match can also hold 18 players, and you can team up with another two friends in a squad of three and work together to win.

There are also going to be some new maps launching soon, so you'll want to keep an eye out for those.

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Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

best multiplayer vr games
Image Credit: Home Net Games

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters is a period-era game that offers you the chance to pilot your very own First World War dogfighter.

Whether you're a fan of arcade flight games or full-on simulators, there are plenty of options here that you can enable to make the game that bit more realistic if you wish, including manual take-off and landing, which is fun, as well as more realistic forms of damage.

The options for multiplayer come in the form of either a classic Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch or a Last Man Standing mode which is sure to please everyone. 

All are sure to be pretty challenging, especially when combining the act of flying a plane in anger and looking for people to shoot out of the sky.

Rec Room

best multiplayer vr games
Image Credit: Rec Room

Rec Room dials back the intensity and offers a more relaxed, metaverse style experience where you can interact with other players and play all sorts of games between you.


Every element of the world is user-generated, including those games, and there is plenty to explore. The game currently features over three million rooms and forty million monthly visits, making it one of the most popular VR games to date.

You are of course also free to create your own game with the Maker Pen tool that Rec Room utilises which will allow your imagination to run wild in VR and create a rather enjoyable game. In addition, your avatar is fully customisable with all sorts of accessories and clothing.

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Eleven Table Tennis

best multiplayer VR games
Credit: For Fun Labs

If you're a fan of playing sport virtually with friends, then Eleven Table Tennis looks like quite the fun option.


Whilst it may be quite a simple game, the real fun of this particular title comes within its realism. This table tennis title sits more on the simulator end of the scale by offering a rather detailed experience, either against actual people or some pretty difficult AI.

Intriguingly, Eleven Table Tennis can also allow you to use a 3D-printed paddle alongside your controller for a properly authentic experience, which is rather cool indeed.

Walkabout Mini Golf VR

best multiplayer vr games
Image Credit: Mighty Coconut

On the subject of having fun with friends, sometimes a game of mini-golf can be a great way to go about it, and Walkabout Mini Golf VR provides you with that chance.

You'll have the ability to engage in a full set of 18 holes with realistic and natural physics to offer a familiar experience. In addition, the putting on here is said to be simple, but that is of course dependent upon the player.


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There's a nice selection of different courses to use, each with its own distinct theme, and once you've mastered them, Walkabout Mini Golf VR also features a Night mode that modifies the original holes with even harder challenges.

Crossplay with up to five people also means you can have a full round that can last for a good while between you, and the fact there are interconnected holes on the course also helps to make you feel even more immersed.

Real VR Fishing

best multiplayer vr games
Image Credit: MIRAGESOFT

On the subject of quintessentially relaxing activities, Real VR Fishing provides you with the chance to put your headset on and be transported to a lakeside where you can relax and cast off to find some cool fish.

The graphics here look marvellous and the gameplay is nicely serene. There's also plenty of customisation so the game will be suitable for both seasoned anglers and newbies alike.

This comes alongside the ability to play with three of your friends so each of you can sit and relax.

Even whilst you're fishing, Real VR Fishing also provides you with the chance to watch YouTube videos, listen to music or podcasts in-game, so whilst you're waiting for that big catch, you'll never end up bored.

Star Wars: Squadrons

best multiplayer VR games
Credit: EA

If you're a fan of the classic Star Wars series and want to engage in some intense combat, then Star Wars: Squadrons looks like a fantastic title.


The game allows you to take control of your very own Starfighter and engage in 5 vs 5 online battles, with the added immersion of virtual reality. For when you don't want to engage in multiplayer, there's also an incredible and unique story mode to get stuck into.

Plus, you can also customise your spacecraft if you so wish so you can make it all your own.

Best Recently Released Multiplayer VR Games

Wands Alliances

Wands Alliances is another fantastic multiplayer VR game all about battling with magic and was recently released on 30 June 2022 on Meta Quest 2.

It's a sequel to the original Wands, released in 2016, and brings some captivating combat in a 3 vs. 3 room-scale fashion.


Best Upcoming Multiplayer VR Games

The world of VR gaming is starting to grow at a rapid rate, and with new VR headsets like PSVR 2, Project Cambria, and Quest 3 on the way, there are loads of new titles that'll work with those platforms, as well as the current crop of headsets available.

Here are the standout upcoming multiplayer VR games you'll want to keep an eye out for.

Among US VR

Among Us VR is coming to Meta Quest and Rift platforms this holiday season.

Among Us VR will feature the same social deduction format that we're all used to but in VR.


According to the official website, you will be able to play with 4-10 players with one or more players being imposters.

Ghostbusters VR

It was recently announced at Meta's Gaming Showcase, that Ghostbusters VR is coming to Meta Quest 2.

The new game, from the developer nDreams, will feature four-player co-op on the Meta Quest 2.

The game currently does not have a confirmed release date, however, it is expected to launch before the end of the year.

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Ultimechs is an upcoming multiplayer VR game that looks to deliver the goods with its unique combination of mechs and sports (and by the looks of the trailer, Rocket League).

While we don't have a concrete release date just yet, Ultimechs is expected to arrive sometime this year!


Gambit looks like a rather good co-op shooter that, following some delays, should be set to release in 2022 for PCVR and Quest 2 systems.


There looks to be quite the cool campaign in which you pull off heists and unlock new weapons, as well as boss fights and some fun climbing mechanics, alongside a PVP mode that's also in development, too.

So, there you have it, that's our list of the best multiplayer VR games currently available, alongside some rather exciting ones that should be releasing pretty soon hopefully.

Be sure to check back in with us though for more VR guides, news and info, especially as 2022 looks to be a bumper year with headsets like PSVR 2 looking to be heading our way, alongside games such as Lost Ember VR and Peaky Blinders VR.

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