Beat Saber Oculus Quest 2 Review: Preferred Platform To Party

Beat Saber needs little introduction, growing from a VR curio to a must-buy for anyone with a headset.

It keeps growing too, with plenty of fresh tracks and challenges dropping. There's no 'wrong platform' to buy the game on, but the Oculus Quest 2 might just be the best.

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Swing, Swing

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The core setup of Beat Saber is much the same as it's always been. Players swing a lightsaber in each hand, matching the blade's colour to that of the blocks that come towards them.

Chaining hits not only awards a combo score, you're also rewarded with the satisfaction of cleaving the blocks in two, sparks flying, and that sweet, sweet soundtrack.

Things get progressively trickier, sending players bobbing and weaving to avoid obstacles, but the fact Beat Saber can be played sitting down means it's a great VR title for beginners and experienced owners alike.

Vision Quest

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So, what's the deal with the Quest 2 version, then?

Put simply, its wireless nature makes the tech feel closer to magic than anything before. Being able to swing your lightsabers (and head) free of any cables feels like a resolution. The Quest 2's pin-sharp resolution helps it overcome its predecessor's limitations, too.

Then there's the potential to sideload custom songs, too, or connect to a Steam version with the Oculus link cable.

Sure, there's plenty of DLC themed after specific artists and more, but even the base tracklist has its fair share of bangers.

Coming from the PSVR version, the difference is night and day, removing the 'screen door' effect, and the need for a multitude of cables.


Beat Saber is a phenomenal title on all platforms, but on Oculus Quest 2 it really comes into its own. With no cables, impressive resolution, and a comfortable playing position, it becomes the ultimate 'pick up and play' version of a platform-defining game.


Reviewed On Oculus Quest 2

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