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Apple Glasses look to be on their way to us, and we're on high alert for a potential release date to be announced.

Smart glasses are predicted to be the future of any potential augmented or mixed reality experience, offering a lighter and arguably more convenient form than the current crop of available headsets.

Reportedly, Google is working on a new AR project, codenamed Project Iris, which would be the likely competitor to Apple's efforts.

That being said, Apple looks to potentially be leading the charge alongside a slew of other manufacturers including Qualcomm with their Snapdragon Spaces tech, Google with its existing Google Glass and Lenovo, who do have glasses available, although only for enterprise use.

Rumours for Apple Glasses are rather thin on the ground at the moment, unlike the Apple AR Headset, whose rumour mill looks to have entered full swing, but as and when there's more information, you'll be able to find it right here.

Apple Glasses Release Date

For the release date of Apple Glasses, there isn't too much information available at the moment, be it official, or in the form of leaks, but we do have an inkling that the device may not release for a few years yet.

Both Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors) have suggested a release date sometime in 2024 or 2025 for the glasses, following the headset's anticipated release date that is expected in 2023.

That release date would put the glasses behind pretty much all of the current VR headsets expected for launch including the Meta Quest 3, Project Cambria (or the Meta Quest Pro) and PSVR 2.

It may well be the case that by that time we could see later innovations of those headsets, or a wider move into the world of AR glasses if the tech does eventually take off.

Apple Glasses Specs

Whilst there isn't all too much information on the release date for Apple Glasses, there are a few more details available concerning their specs, and it's fair to say that they do look like a rather clever device.

iPhone Connectivity

One of the main points of the current sect of leaks for the Apple Glasses concerns the fact that you'll most likely have to connect it up to your iPhone in order for then to work.

According to Bloomberg, this connectivity with your iPhone will allow the Glasses to display key information such as emails, maps, texts and even games that come overlaid within the Glasses' displays.


On the notion of displays, we do know some information about what the potential Apple Glasses' panels could look like, with a 1280x960 resolution on a 0.5-inch panel.

Apple is also reportedly planning to use Sony OLED microdisplays for these glasses which should also feature high refresh rates, a wide colour gamut and integrated drivers for a thin and light design.

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Image Credit: Sony - it may be the case that the Apple Glasses could use similar panels to those featured in this Sony prototype

Sony recently unveiled a powerful 8K Micro OLED prototype headset for specialist usage, and it could be the case that display tech moves on so much in three to four years that could allow them to be transplanted into Apple Glasses.

On the front of displays also, Apple is supposedly looking into the idea of 'privacy eyewear', which may relate to Apple Glass and a method of masking an iPhone's display on glasses so others can't see what a user is looking at, as well as facial recognition.

You may also have the option to change any backgrounds on the fly and also use the glasses' displays in a Google Street View-style manner to look around virtual surroundings.

Retinal Projection

However, these leaks stand at odds with the point of Apple potentially using retinal projection for the Glasses as opposed to traditional displays, according to a patent filed in June 2020.

Projecting information directly into a user's eyes negates the need for transparent displays, according to Apple, and is designed to help those who suffer from nausea or motion sickness.

The idea of retinal projection may seem odd at first, but it is worth noting that Intel developed a similar idea for a prototype set of glasses called Vaunt in 2018, so it may be the case the tech has moved on a lot between the two companies' offerings.


A lot of the best VR headsets out there feature some form of tracking, be it hand, eye or full body in some cases, and it looks to be the case that the Apple Glasses could feature hand tracking.

This is thanks to a recent patent (via Apple Insider) for a device Apple has called a 'Smart Ring' that a user could wear alongside their glasses in order to track their hand movements, in a similar vein to the upcoming HTC Vive Wrist Tracker, for instance.

Apple Glasses Price

Considering the slew of features that these glasses are expected to bolster, it would make sense for their associated price to perhaps be quite expensive.

An early leak from Jon Prosser has suggested a price tag of $499, alongside the costing for prescription lenses if they are required, which may seem a little cheaper than initially expected.

It is worth noting though that it looks to be the case that Apple Glasses are designed as an iPhone accessory as opposed to being their own standalone device, which is arguably why the price is perhaps lower than initially anticipated.

Apple Glasses Design

Unlike concept renders that have shown the Apple AR Headset as having a futuristic, space-age design, leaks have suggested that Apple Glasses may bring things back down to Earth.

According to current rumours, the current prototype reportedly looks "un-intimidating" and will feature a LiDAR scanner on the right temple, alongside a plastic stand with wireless charging capability.

The glasses, according to a patent, could feature a modular design with swappable and customisable arms that may allow users to swap out different functions, or just change the look of their glasses.

On the point of looks, Jon Prosser has claimed the glasses will feature similar looks to Ray Ban's classic Wayfarers, otherwise noted as the frames of choice for current Apple CEO Tim Cook, with them being"sleek as hell" in his words.

Prosser has also indicated that Apple may release a 'Steve Jobs Heritage Edition' of the glasses, although Mark Gurman has been quick to state this is a false rumour.

So, there you have it, that's all we know so far about the Apple Glasses, but as and when we hear any more, we'll be sure to let you know.

Be sure to check back in with us for more VR guides, news and info, especially with 2022 looking to be quite the bumper year for virtual reality, especially with the potential release of Meta Quest Pro.

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