MeganeX Release Date, Specs, Price, And More

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Earlier today Shiftall, a subsidiary of Panasonic announced the MeganeX will be heading our way soon, and we're keen to find out exactly what to expect and when the release date will be.

CES 2022 has already brought in a few exciting announcements from the likes of LG and Samsung, but we're especially interested in what looks to be a real step in the right direction for VR.

We've got everything you need to know, plus when you can expect it to hit shelves, right here.

MeganeX Release Date

As it stands, the exact release date is a mystery, however, the headset is tipped to be heading our way this Spring.

We may know more as CES 2022 continues, but for now, we'll have to wait and see.

What Is The MeganeX?

The MeganeX is a Steam VR headet characterised by its lightweight build and developed with the metaverse in mind.

Unlike some of the more 'head in a box' style of VR headsets, the MeganeX is more akin to glasses and weigh in at only 250g.

But what's under the hood? And how powerful is this headset, really?

Well, there's good news. The MeganeX has a Snapdragon XR1 chip and packs 2,560 x 2,560 resolution at a staggering 120hz.

120hz gaming is now becoming more mainstream after HDMI 2.1 monitors and TVs have entered the fray, but we also think it's a must-have for creating an ultra-smooth, life-like experience in VR.

Unlike the Oculus Quest 2, there isn't anything confirmed as to the standalone ability of the device, but according to the site, it reads that it'll work with 'SteamVR and more (future update)', which should open up a few more possibilities.

MeganeX release date
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Credit: Shiftall
VR GLASSES? We're seeing more and more slimline designs hit the scene than ever.

MeganeX Price

At the moment, we don't have an exact price, but there are reports claiming that it will come in at under $900.

That's a hefty price to pay, especially when compared against the Oculus Quest 2 and potentially even the Meta Quest 3.

When Will We Hear More?

We're expecting to hear more as CES 2022 continues to pan out. What we'd love to know is how much the headset will set us back and we'd like to see it in action.

As for the release date, this may even make holding out for a Meta Quest 3 even more difficult than we'd anticipated.

We'll be back with you soon with more updates.

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