Magic Leap 2: Release Date Speculation, Specs And Price

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The recently announced Magic Leap 2 looks like one of the most exciting AR headsets to date and as such, we can't wait for its release.

2022 already looks to be awash with potential releases including the Meta Quest Pro, PSVR 2 and the MeganeX, for instance, and the Magic Leap 2 may join that contingent and mark itself out as one of the best new devices.

It looks to be part of a growing set of devices that works via augmented reality, but can also have the power and adjustability to enable VR experiences to work with it, too.

Here's everything you need to know, including when the Magic Leap 2 could be arriving.

Magic Leap 2 Release Date Speculation

The official press release announcing the adoption of Magic Leap 2 by selected healthcare partners mentions the general release of the Leap 2 being made available by 'mid-2022'.

No concrete date has been provided just yet, but mid-2022 would suggest a potential release soon.

As and when we hear more, we'll be sure to let you know.

Magic Leap 2 Specs

Much like with the product's release date, there hasn't been that many details released surrounding the Magic Leap 2's specs, apart from a few key pieces of information that we've detailed below.


For its processor, the Magic Leap 2's, according to Vice President of Optical Engineering Kevin Curtis, will be more than twice as powerful as the original with more RAM and storage. As things stand, exact figures have yet to be revealed.

The headset looks to be utilising an AMD chip within its tethered compute box, simply based on the point that Magic Leap signed an agreement with AMD in December to provide a 'semi-custom SOC' for their devices, and Magic Leap 2 may be the first one to do so.

The notion of partially or fully developing custom SOCs or your own silicon is something that other manufacturers increasingly look to be doing, as Meta look to be doing the same with the upcoming Quest 3 so they can provide a more graphically intense VR experience.


Whilst full details of the displays and resolution of the Magic Leap 2 are yet to be released, we do know details of one rather cool feature it will have, called Dynamic Dimming.

In short, a problem with transparent headsets is that they cannot display the colour black. This is due to the fact that the headsets impose colour onto a transparent lens, and as black is a colour where none exists, it becomes difficult to project black onto the panel.

To combat this, the Leap 2 features Dynamic Dimming which can regulate the amount of light the lenses let through from 22% down to just 0.3% to make the lenses virtually opaque from any incoming light.

Use Case

The Magic Leap 2 is majorly designed as an augmented reality headset, given the fact it utilises transparent displays that can be used to project images in front of your eyes.

However, Kevin Curtis has noted that because the device has its 'Dynamic Dimming' feature and it is possible to block nearly all outside light, the headset could also be used for VR experiences, although it is unclear if gaming is considered within this.

Magic Leap 2 is primarily meant for enterprise use, and has, thus far, been adopted by selected healthcare partners for usage. This may primarily be in the field of surgery where scan information and other references can be flashed up whilst the surgeon is operating.

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In addition, Magic Leap has also stated the device may be useful in the manufacturing sector by showing 3D models of designed items, and also therefore in the design world where multiple users can view 3D objects and make real-world changes to its design.

Field Of View

The Magic Leap 2's field of view also looks to have been uprated in contrast to the original headset with 70 degrees diagonal. For context, the original Magic Leap featured 50 degrees.


In terms of tracking, the Magic Leap 2 looks to feature eye-tracking with two cameras per eye, as opposed to the original's one-per-eye, which should provide more accurate tracking, as well as better image quality.


This second-gen headset will weigh 248g, which is a seventy gram or so decrease from the original's 316g mass. This looks to make Magic Leap 2 one of the lightest headsets around, with it practically halving the mass of the Oculus Quest 2.

In a more general sense, the Leap 2 looks to have undergone a significant redesign compared to the original by offering something that looks sleeker and less bulky.

The pictures also demonstrate something more akin to some of the best smart glasses out there as opposed to a traditional-looking headset but considering its light weight, this is perhaps to be expected.

Magic Leap 2 Price

Magic Leap 2 release date
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Credit: Magic Leap
The original Magic Leap (pictured) cost $2295 and the second-gen one could be as much

As things stand, no official information regarding price has been unveiled for Magic Leap 2 but based on the price of the previous device, we can make an educated guess at what it could be.

When the original Magic Leap headset was launched in 2018, it carried a price of $2295. Considering the Leap 2 is also likely to be more of an enterprise-type device than consumer-grade, it would make sense to expect a price tag on the higher side.

This $2000+ price tag would put it on par with the Apple AR Headset for instance, and may also be considerably more expensive than other powerful headsets such as Project Cambria.

So, there you have it, that's everything you need to know about the upcoming Magic Leap 2, which definitely looks like quite the cool VR headset to say the very least.

Be sure to check back in with us for more VR news, guides, and info, especially as 2022 does look like quite the brilliant year, with the potential release of powerful devices like the Meta Quest Pro, and cool accessories like the HTC Vive Wrist Tracker.

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