Is This Our Best Look Yet Of Project Cambria?

Earlier we reported on a leak that looked like it showed off some textures and new design changes for Project Cambria.

But, if you did catch a glimpse of the image it's highly likely that you were left bemused at what was an almost harrowing collection of various parts placed in no particular order whatsoever.

While this is part and parcel of the 3D design process, it certainly left us with more questions than answers.

We tried our best to make sense of it (we did manage to find the visor at least), but now the creator themself has pieced together the parts, and thanks to them, we may have just got our best look at Project Cambria to date.

Project Cambria: Our Best Look Yet?

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Credit: @Basti564

Twitter user Bastian has now posted all-new images of what they claim to be Project Cambria.

The renderings are a far cry from the earlier leak we saw and they do give a very good look at what could be coming our way.

In terms of design, it's certainly sleeker than the Oculus Quest 2, even though it's confirmed that this won't be part of the Quest line of products.

We also get a closer look at the controllers, plus the charging pad, both of which look like a step forward from previous iterations.

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Credit: @Basti564

While the leak doesn't tell us much about Project Cambria specs, we think it's one of the best looks we've got of the device yet.

The same, however can't be said for the rumoured Oculus Quest 3, which is still very much a mystery!

Check back in with us soon for all the latest on Project Cambria.

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