Oculus Quest 3 Resolution: What Improvements Could We See Next?

So what exactly could the Oculus Quest 3's resolution turn out to be?

Well, even with the appearent leaks depicting some tutorial style videos (which are yet to be confirmed as for a new Oculus we remind you) very little is know about the specs of the potential device itself.

In fact, the name is even up in the air, with it some referring to it as the Meta Quest 3 (due to Facebook's rebranding), some have called it the Quest Pro and others the Oculus Quest 3.

So the question is, what do we know? Or rather, what could we expect based on what we've seen before?

Oculus Quest 3 Resolution

As mentioned, the potential Oculus Quest 3's resolution is still a mystery, but there have been some informed predictions made across the tech world.

The Oculus Quest 2 boasts 1832 x 1920 Resolution Per Eye, a substantial improvement on the Oculus Quest, so we can assume that the Quest 3 will provide another leap in resolution if it goes ahead.

More resolution means more clarity when gaming, and just like using some of the best gaming monitors, it can really bring titles to life (especially so in VR).

It would only make sense to increase it, but immersion and gameplay isn't all about resolution...

Oculus Quest 3 Refresh Rate

Refresh rates, measured in hz, are an important indicator of how many frames per second a display can show you.

It's crucial to creating a smooth gameplay experience, and once you experience titles in 120hz and switch back to 60, it can be surprisingly jarring at first.

While the best gaming monitors can be anywhere between 144hz - 240hz, the Oculus Quest 2 can go up to 90hz, and with its April 2021 update, also supports 120Hz output.

120hz is all the rage nowadays, especially with both PS5 and Xbox Series X being able to output in it, but whether the new version of Oculus will support higher framerates is yet to be seen.

It would make sense for the Quest 3 to start at 120Hz with the potential for further upgrades as time passes in a similar vein to the Quest 2, but this of course a loose prediction and nothing has been announced nor confirmed.

That being said, we'd certainly like to see it!

When Can We Hear More?

The Facebook Connect event a few weeks ago didn't get our hopes up when it came to Oculus Quest 3 info, but the event did announce the all-new Project Cambria headset, which is touted to be the Meta Quest Pro and the most powerful variant of the 'Quest' line.

Official details on this are, at the moment, pretty scant, but when we hear more, we'll be sure to let you know.

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