Best PSVR 2 Games 2022: What To Play On PlayStation VR2

While Playstation VR2, or PSVR2 for short, is still awaiting a release date we're already thinking about what games are heading our way, and which ones will be best!

Of course, it is early days for the VR headset, and as of yet, Sony has confirmed just one specific game, Horizon Call Of The Mountain, which has to be seen to be believed.

But following Sony's recent launch of the official PSVR 2 website and the reveal of the headset's design, we're hoping to hear more official announcements and maybe even a release date soon, given that you can sign up for alerts for when pre-orders go live.

So let's take a look at the best confirmed and rumoured games for PSVR 2 so far.

Best PSVR 2 Games

Confirmed PSVR 2 Games

As mentioned, confirmed games are a little light on the ground, but from what we've seen, there's a lot to look forward to.

Horizon Call Of The Mountain

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Credit: Guerrilla Games

As things stand, Horizon Call Of The Mountain is the only fully confirmed title for PSVR 2.

It's being developed by Guerrilla Games and will offer up a brand new experience within the long-running Horizon series, which will follow a new protagonist, but characters such as Aloy will be making appearances.

Horizon Call Of The Mountain, if the recent trailer is to be believed, looks absolutely stunning and given it will be designed specifically for PSVR 2, will be able to take full advantage of its 4K HDR OLED displays and the PS5's sheer power as a console.

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Rumoured PSVR 2 Games

Whilst Horizon Call Of The Mountain is the only confirmed PSVR 2 game at the moment, there are still a good few titles that could make their way onto Sony's newest headset.

In a more general sense, besides the select below titles, we may also see the PSVR 2 library grow to include some of the best VR puzzle games, the best VR multiplayer games for instance and maybe even some of the best free VR games too, in a bid to appeal to as wide of an audience as possible.

Half-Life: Alyx

best psvr2 games half life alyx
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Credit: Valve

The latest rumours around Half-Life: Alyx point towards a potential release on PS5, however, these are far from confirmed just yet.

The system would be able to handle the game based on the minimum requirements for PC and would make for the ultimate launch release if it did go ahead, especially if it can also take advantage of the power of the headset and PSVR 2 controller's haptic powers, for instance.

The game currently sits at 93% on Metacritic and is widely known as one of, if not the, best VR games of all time.

Fingers crossed we don't get another Half-Life 3 let down!

Gran Turismo 7

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Image Credit: Polyphony

The latest iteration of the PlayStation exclusive, Polyphony Digital-developed racing game, Gran Turismo 7 is now available to purchase, and it would make sense for it to feature on the PSVR 2.

This is simply because the previous iteration, GT Sport, was featured on the original PSVR, and adding Gran Turismo 7 for the PSVR 2 would allow it to take advantage of the headset's exciting features such as haptic feedback for extra immersion.

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In addition, an interview with the series creator Kazunori Yamauchi in September 2021 noted he couldn't talk about VR support 'yet', suggesting it may well be coming with a future announcement once Gran Turismo 7 was released and as it now has been, that announcement may not be too far away.

Hitman III

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Image Credit: IO Interactive

Hitman III can arguably be considered a convenient title to port over to PSVR 2, given it featured as an exclusive for the original PSVR in 2020, and is also available on PC VR.

However, the game's VR mode currently only works on the PS4 version, so if there was to be a VR port added for PSVR 2, it would make sense for it to be on the PS5 iteration.

This is so it could take advantage of the console's extra power, as well as the headset's, and also so you could enjoy the game's new Year 2 content, including clever pieces such as Freelancer Mode and the Elusive Target Arcade mode.

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Resident Evil Village

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Image Credit: Capcom

Resident Evil Village is the latest Resident Evil title and given this, it could make sense for it to make its way onto PSVR 2 with VR support attached, just as Resident Evil 7 did for the original PSVR.

Some of the best VR horror games are those within the Resi franchise, so adding Resident Evil Village would continue this trend. It's already taken advantage of the PS5's power with the DualSense's haptic feedback, so it could be argued VR is a small step further.

No Man's Sky VR

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Image Credit: Hello Games

Given how No Man's Sky's VR updated added a greater degree of immersion to allow players to explore a massive, procedurally generated world, adding it to PSVR 2 would allow it to bring even more to the party.

It has the potential to look even better with the headset's extra power, alongside increasing immersion even further with the controller and headset's haptic feedback so it really does make you feel like you're piloting a ship to a faraway galaxy.

In addition, as No Man's Sky VR has marked itself out as one of the best multiplayer VR games to date, adding it to the PSVR 2 lineup definitely makes sense.

Beat Saber

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Image Credit: Beat Games

With Beat Saber being one of the best VR games out there full stop, it would make sense to port it over to PSVR 2 so players can continue to play it on the latest hardware.

It looks to make for a fun experience as you try to hit the right coloured blocks with your sword, all whilst having to do it to the time of music, and it may be possible for the headset's haptics to be utilised too, to add some handily placed vibration.

Beat Saber is also one of the best VR indie games available and also one of the most popular, so adding it into the PSVR 2 suite makes perfect sense.

Samurai Slaughter House

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Image Credit: Tab Games

Whilst Sony has only confirmed the one game for PSVR 2, some developers have announced their intention to release games for the device, and Samurai Slaughter House is one of those titles.

It's a combat game that offers up an intriguing black and white art style with plenty of gore that may look to take advantage of the controller and headset haptics so you truly feel like you're in the heat of battle.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution

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Image Credit: Skydance Interactive

Another game that could be making its way to PSVR 2 is the recently announced The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution.

This is a follow-up to the original Saints and Sinners title which marked itself out as one of the best VR horror titles out there, and it makes second time around, too.

We don't have much information other than the fact the game exists and it should be coming in 2022, but as and when we get more information, we'll be sure to let you know.

In addition to the above titles, there is also a rumour that famed game designer Hideo Kojima is working on a PSVR 2 title, as he has reportedly had a dev kit for the headset since November 2021. As and when hear more on this, we'll be sure to let you know.

So, there you have it, that's our list of the best PSVR 2 games, be it ones that are confirmed to be arriving, or ones we'd definitely love to see.

Be sure to check back with us for more VR news, guides and info, especially as 2022 looks to be a bumper year for it, especially with some new hardware making its way to us like the Meta Quest Pro and Apple's AR Headset and games like Wands Alliances, Among US VR and Peaky Blinders VR, too.

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