PSVR vs PSVR 2: How Do They Compare?

PSVR vs PSVR 2 is going to be the talk of the town for many months to come, and with good reason, the PSVR 2 looks to be a big step up in many ways from its previous iteration.

That being said, there is still some mystery surrounding the new VR headset that Sony are remaining tight-lipped about, specifically its price, and when the release date will be.

Let's take a look at what we know so far and how PSVR 2 stacks up against PSVR.

PSVR vs PSVR 2 Specs

The recent announcement gave us a first real look at what's under the hood with the upcoming PSVR 2, and spoiler alert, it's a bit of a beast.

Eye Tracking
Face Tracking
1920 x 1080
Display Type
Refresh Rate
Field of View
Approx 100 degrees
"Around 110 degrees"
Headset Haptics
Wired/ Wireless
Headphone Jack
Headphone Jack
Tracking Type
Positional tracking with 9 LEDs via PlayStation Camera
4 Cameras inside-out

On the surface, they don't look too different, however, it's the small details that should provide the most impact.

PSVR vs PSVR 2 Resolution

As expected, we're getting higher resolution this time around, which is a significant step up from the PSVR.

The displays are still OLED, but there's the inclusion of HDR now, which should provide not a wider array of colours, but far more contrast too.

In fact, OLED is the best choice for this since the technology contains self-illuminating pixels allowing for deep blacks and that coveted 'infinite contrast', something you'll find in many of the best TVs for PS5.

PSVR vs PSVR 2 Haptics

PSVR 2 goes above and beyond this time with advanced haptics for both controllers and headsets.

The controllers will now feature adaptive triggers much like the DualSense, and we're all for it.

The headset now has haptic feedback too, which is said to simulate objects grazing past your head or the pull of vehicle as you drive.

It's a massive leap for immersion and we hope it's more impactful than a simple 'rumble' from time to time.

expand image
Credit: Sony
LEVEL UP: Haptics are back, and it's not just the controllers this time.

PSVR vs PSVR 2 Set Up

PSVR is a bit of a mission to set up, thanks to multiple wires, connectors, boxes, and more. Thankfully PSVR 2 will connect with just a single USB-C cable and there won't be a need for a separate camera either since that's covered by the headset itself.

The ease of connection via USB-C is a game-changer, and it's a pattern we're seeing reflected across the industry with various tech like chargers, monitors, and more.

PSVR vs PSVR 2 Price Predictions

The PSVR retails for around $299.99, and we're predicting that the PSVR 2 will likely come in at more.

We'll have to wait and see as to how much more it will be, but we wouldn't rule out $350 if we had to predict.

PSVR vs PSVR 2 Design

The new look of the PSVR 2 is officially here! And, as expected it does improve upon the original design, and then some.

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Credit: Sony
SLIM LINE: The headset looks far leaner than the orginal

The main differences here are mostly found in the more minimal design. The area which houses the lens themselves looks far slimmer, no doubt due to an upgrade, more slimline lens setup.

There's also more unison in terms of colour. Instead of the almost 50/50 split of black and white with the PSVR, this headset is predominantly one colour - making it far more clean and aesthetic to look at.

In addition, expect to find an intriguing fan inside the PSVR 2 for cooling purposes, and there's also a mechanism inside to ensure the lenses don't steam up. Speaking of lenses, the PSVR 2's are also adjustable whereas the original PSVR's aren't.

When Will See More?

We think it could be some time until we get a price reveal based on Sony's approach with PS5.

We have seen the first game that'll be playable on PSVR 2, Horizon Call Of The Mountain, which looks incredible.

Perhaps we'll see more games revealed in the coming months, so stay tuned.

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