Sony Won't Confirm Yet if PSVR2's Backwards Compatibility

Sony gave us a much closer look at their next virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR2, earlier this week. Offering 4K HDR, foveated rendering, and an expanded field of view, we don't currently know when exactly it'll launch, or whether its backwards compatible with the original PSVR library.

Speaking in a tweet, Axios journalist Stephen Totilo confirmed he's asked Sony about both of these points, getting a non-committal answer. Specifically, Totilo stated:

I asked Sony if PSVR2 would be out in 2022 and if it'll be backwards compatible with PSVR titles (something many people asked me to ask them yesterday). Neither was addressed yesterday. Sony PR says they have nothing further to announce at the moment. So stay tuned...

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Sony Won't Confirm Yet if PSVR2's Backwards Compatibility

So far, we've not been given even a vague window for PSVR2's release, while backwards compatibility has been a looming question. We'd speculate that Sony's not included it, given the differences in motion tracking between both headsets, but we'll have to wait for formal confirmation of this.

For now, we'll have to wait for Sony's next big announcement, event or State of Play stream to know about PSVR 2. We'll keep you informed if and when that happens.

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