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PS5 US Stock Tracker: Sony Direct Waiting Rooms Are Closed

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The PS5 has been challenging to pin down for many, and with new stock updates and rumours flying around for US retailers, carving through the noise can be tricky.


If you're based in the US, then we've got everything you need to know right here, alongside our dedicated US deals Twitter account - @GfinityDealsUSA for instant updates and more.

Let's take a look at the latest stock updates for PS5 in the US.

PS5 US Stock Tracker

UPDATE 17 June: The long-anticipated Sony Direct restock has come and gone, as has the Best Buy restock. While Fridays are usually quiet on the PS5 stock front, it's still worth keeping an eye on Walmart and Amazon, as these two often have random restocks that defy patterns.

UPDATE 16 June: Earlier today Target dropped, once again without much warning, however, if you missed out it would appear that you weren't alone.

PS5 stock sold out noticiably fast with the retailer, but all hope is not lost.

Sony Direct is looking likely to happen tomorrow, with Best Buy as usual potentially surprising us with an overdue restock.

We'll keep you updated with all the latest right here, but as usual, stay on high alert for any and all notifcations!

UPDATE 15 June: While the usual wave of rumors and predictions are fairly light on the ground, there is one place we're still keeping a close eye on, and with good reason.


Best Buy, as per our previous updates, recently added its Rachet and Clank bundle to the site, meaning that we could be in store for a drop at any moment.

How likely will it go ahead today? Well, Best Buy has been known to surprise us in the past, so we wouldn't rule it out.

In other news, Amazon Prime Day is going ahead next week and we're counting down the days to one of the best chances of the year o get deals on everything tech.

We've got you covered with the best gaming monitor deals, headset deals, and SSD/ HDD deals right here.

UPDATE 14 June: After some time, AntOnline finally dropped today, but if you missed your chance, don't fret as we think there will likely be more following suit.

As of late, information on restocks has been fairly light on the ground, however, there are some retailers worth keeping an eye on who could surprise us.

As we mentioned in the previous update, Best Buy recently uploaded their Ratchet and Clank bundle to their site, which could well mean that a drop is on its way.

It has been a while since Amazon has dropped too, so we're on high alert this week just in case.

Target is also one to watch, especially so as the massive retailers has been very quiet this month.


We'll keep you posted with all the latest to help you with your search right here, so stay tuned.

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UPDATE 11 June: There has been a little movement from Best Buy recently, who now have the Rachet and Clank bundle on their site.

Usually this means that a drop is imminent, but we can't be for sure at this point.

We'd recommend staying on high alert today, just in case!

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UPDATE 10 June: The relative silience continues with a lack of official announcements and rumours on social media, but how does this compare to last month, and are there any patterns we can identify?


Since May, we have been seeing more and more surprise drops from major retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Gamestop.

Leading up to May we would typically hear something ahead of the time, but lately, the drops appear to be almost coming at random, with no particular release pattern locked down.

Best Buy was a classic example, whereby they released like clockwork every Friday, but then completely broke the pattern by dropping at less predictable times.

Whether we'll see a drop today or tomorrow is very much up in the air at the moment, but we certainly wouldn't rule out any of the major retailers surprising us.

Stay on high alert, and we'll be back with you with all the latest.

UPDATE 9 June: Another surprise drop hit us yesterday as Antonline finally restocked PS5 consoles.

However, now as we head ever closer to the end of the week, we're left questioning where will be next to drop...and whether we're in for any more surprises.

As of right now, we're still waiting on a number of retailers to restock, specifically Amazon, Walmart and Target, who have all gone some time without a drop.

We'd say keep a close eye on these retailers as most of the restocks tend to occur towards the end of the week, with Best Buy occasionally surprising us on a Wednesday!


We'll keep you posted as usual...

UPDATE 8 June: AntOnline dropped today after a long time of radio silence, leaving a number of retailers still to follow suit.

It appears that some retailers are certainly leaving more of a gap between drops than others if we look at last month's restock patterns.

Amazon, Walmart and Target are all approaching two weeks without a drop, so we are anticipating that we'll see some movement soon from these retailers.

Sony Direct and Antonline have been even quieter, which may or may not mean that we should expect something soon too.

At this point, we'd say stay alert and keep an eye on GfinityDealsUSA as we're hoping all of this is just the quiet ahead of the next-gen storm.

UPDATE 7 June: A new week and (hopefully) another chance to get your hands on the elusive PS5.

Today has been fairly quiet in terms of rumors, continuing the theme of late last week, but that being said we can always look to the past to make some informed predictions of our own.

This time last month, we saw Best Buy and Walmart drop seemingly out of the blue, which came as a surprise to us all.


How likely will history repeat itself? We'd say anything could happen, but typically speaking - early week drops are not quite as common as you'd think.

More often than not, PS5 drops tend to occur from Tuesday - Thursday, so we'd recommend staying on high alert around then.

We'll be back with you with all the latest as we hear it!

UPDATE 4 June: Friday was a quiet day, with nary a rumbling of restocks anywhere.

Several retailers missed their usual restocks, so we've got quite a few to look forward to next week, including GameStop and Walmart.

Amazon is much less predictable, though there's always a chance of a random PS5 drop there. We'll be watching closely, just in case.

UPDATE 3 June: Best Buy recently dropped giving gamers another chance at getting their hands on the next-gen console, but as always we're here for those who weren't so lucky this time around.

Retailers who are still overdue a drop include, as we mentioned, good old Gamestop, who we thought may have dropped yesterday judging by previous release patterns.

We'd recommend keeping a close eye on them, especially so as we have seen a bit of an end of week flurry of restocks as of late.


There's Target too who are in line for a drop after a being fairly quiet in recently. The last time they dropped was on May 27 however, so perhaps we need to be a little more patient...

Easier said than done! Check back in with us soon for all the latest.

Update 2 June: While Amazon kicked into gear this morning in the UK, it has been relatively quiet once more on the PS5 front for the US.

However, there is one retailer who has dropped PS5's seemingly without fail every Wednesday for the last few weeks, and that's Gamestop.

Gamestop has proved fairly consistent as of late, and many have managed to grab a PS5 from the retailer to date.

We'd say if we had to make an informed prediction, we'd go with keeping a close eye on today.

We'll be on hand should anything drop, so be sure to follow Gfinity Deals USA for all the latest.

UPDATE 1 June: The start of the month has been relatively quiet so far with no big predictions or rumors flying in...

That being said, we can throw our hat into the ring with a few informed predictions based on what's come before.


Two retailers we were expecting to drop last week are still yet to show signs of a restock. Sony Direct and Walmart are still on our list of where to watch closely, as they are both seemingly overdue.

We'll no doubt see more information coming in this week in relation to other major retailers, so be sure to check back in with us soon for all the latest.

UPDATE 31 May: Unsurprisingly, no restocks or restock rumors surfaced on the Memorial Day holiday.

However, this week marks the start of a new month, which means all options are open on where we could expect a restock next.

Walmart and Best Buy are worth watching given their recent track record, and we'll be keeping an eye on PlayStation Direct in case there's a drop ahead of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart's June 11 release.

UPDATE 28 May: Yesterday saw a bit of confusion around what appeared to be an Amazon PS5 drop, however, unfortunately, this appeared to be a false alarm.

As we head towards the end of the month, we'd say that chances of another big drop may be slim, as we don't usually tend to see them happen at the weekend.

However, if we were going to throw in our two cents, we'd say that Sam's Club and Antonline are still our picks to drop before the month is up, but of course, take our predictions with a pinch of salt.

This month has been an interesting one for stock drops, with retailers like Gamestop, Walmart and Amazon delivering the goods.


What will June bring? Time will tell...

We'll be back with you with all the latest soon.

UPDATE 27 May: Another day of excitement with both Gamestop and Target restocking PS5s.

Thoughts now turn to where could be next, but as usual, it's slim pickings when it comes to any official confirmation or announcement.

We can try and make some predictions though, and today, we'd say Antonline and Sam's Club are worth keeping an eye out for.

Antonline is well overdue for a drop, while Sam's Club dropped last Thursday...so fingers crossed they stick to the same schedule.

We'll be back with you with all the latest soon.

UPDATE 26 May: Amazon US finally dropped in what very well could be the last of the month for the retailer, but if you didn't have any luck, there are still some places worth keeping an eye on.

This Amazon drop, much like Best Buy's on Monday came as a bit of a surprise, so we really could be in for anything this week.


Target was rumored to drop today, however, this didn't pan out, leaving it as still an option for tomorrow.

GameStop restocked the PS5 as well, but like always, they went out of stock again far too quickly.

We're also still waiting on Antonline, who has also been unusually quiet.

Typically we see a higher volume of drops towards the middle of the week, so be on high alert!

UPDATE 25 May: Yesterday saw a surprise...and a welcome one for many!

Best Buy decided to drop PS5 stock drop on a Monday, which is certainly at odds with previous release patterns.

Typically, Best Buy would drop on a Thursday or Friday, so predicting the next drop may prove challenging.

That said, there are a number of retailers worth keeping an eye out for this week, especially from today.

Walmart, Gamestop and Sony Direct as we mentioned in our last update could see a drop, and it could very well be out of the blue.


Antonline is also overdue for a restock and Target could also be one to watch as they didn't drop last week.

We'll keep you posted as per usual!

UPDATE 24 May: Last week saw a fair bit of action when it came to PS5 drops, with a number of different retailers releasing next-gen stock.

Best Buy randomly dropped only a short while ago, but where elsewhere should you be watching?

Well, we've got our eye on Gamestop, Sony Direct and Walmart and think we may see something happen more towards the middle of the week.

Typically, Monday's are quiet for drops, as are the weekends, with most of the movement seemingly happening from Tuesday - Friday. But Best Buy proves to be the exception!

We'll be on hand with any updates as we get them, but until then, stay on high alert and best of luck!

UPDATE 21 May: It's all kicking off as we head to the end of the week, with Sony Direct and Walmart releasing PS5 stock.

But it does leave us wondering what's happened to one retailer in particular, and if they'll surprise us today at all.


Yes, you guessed it, Best Buy is overdue a drop and we're still on high alert should they try to surpise us!

We'd think it's fairly likely that they will, but as always, you can never be certain without official confirmation.

We'll be on hand at GfinityDealsUSA with all the latest.

UPDATE 20 May: GameStop had a massive drop yesterday that proved very fruitful for those on the hunt for a PS5.

Meanwhile, today's Walmart restock was gone before anyone realized it happened, Best Buy broke it's long-standing pattern of Thursday restocks, and Sony Direct... well, we're not sure what happened there.

This was followed by a drop from Sam's Club earlier today, but even with this flurry of restocks, many are still waiting for their luck to improve.

A PS5 queue also started up, then stranded everyone in a digital wasteland with no PS5s. At the time of writing, it hasn't started again but it's worth keeping an eye on.

We'll keep you posted as always!

UPDATE 19 May: Wow...it's been quiet out there this week, well at least for PS5 drops.


If you've been after a Xbox Series X Target has proved somewhat fruitful, but for those on the hunt for Sony's next gen console, it's not been the best week.

However, there is still some hope that we'll see somewhere surprise us tomorrow, and that is, you guessed it, Best Buy.

The retailer that used to drop almost like clockwork on Fridays has recently been releasing on Thursday, leading us to consider tomorrow as another potential chance to grab a console.

You'll have to go quick, so make sure Twitter notifications are on, and who know maybe we'll all get lucky this time around!

Check back in with us tomorrow for all the latest and keep an eye out on Gfinity Deals USA.

UPDATE 18 May: Earlier today we saw Target have an Xbox Series X stock drop, which of course has us thinking that PS5's will be next on the list, we think as early as this week.

In exciting news for Xbox Series X fans, new information appears to have come forward via Twitter account @Wario64 that suggests a change in the way the retailer will be dropping next-gen consoles moving forward.

The tweet reads that 'Target employees have been notified that starting tomorrow (May 18th), Xbox Series S/X consoles can be purchased online for store pickup as inventory arrives (still not available to buy in-store). PS5 will continue to be sold online only on specific dates.'

If this is true, then we may see more frequent Xbox Series X / S drops, however it would mean that PS5 will still be sold on designated dates.


So, unfortunately, we may not see a flurry of PS5 stock drops from Target anytime soon, so as usual, we'll have to stay on high alert until we hear more.

Keep up to date with everything PS5 stock at GfinityDealsUSA, and get front row seats to some awesome deals while you're there!

UPDATE 17 May: Last week saw a number of stock drops and we're expecting this week to deliver the goods too.

As usual, there's not too much in the way of announcements when it comes to when we're going to see a drop, but we have our predictions...

Sony Direct, Gamestop, Best Buy, and Target may make an appearance this week, but there's one retailer who we're watching very closely indeed.

Amazon is arguably well overdue for a drop and could surprise us. We've got our fingers crossed as for many Amazon has proved to be a good place to grab the next-gen console - especially so with the wishlist technique.

We'll keep you posted throughout the week with all the latest!

UPDATE 14 May: Best Buy dropped yesterday and for many it proved fruitful, however, if you're here then you're just like us...still trying to grab a PS5!

With Best Buy dropping yesterday it appears that a new pattern is emerging for the retailer...so be on high alert for next Thursday.


As we mentioned in our last update, Sony Direct is well overdue for a drop, but we're VERY interested in one retailer in particular.

We've heard VERY little from Amazon as of late, and we think they could be teeing up to something big, but with such a long time of radio silence, should we still hold out hope for this month?

We'd say yes, especially as other major retailers are dropping fairly frequently as of late, but we'd say that they likely won't drop this week or over the weekend.

For those still banking on a Sony Direct drop, be sure to keep an eye on GfinityDealsUSA for all the latest!

UPDATE 13 May: Asides from the huge news today that Sony is releasing two brand new controllers, all has been quiet once more on the PS5 front today.

Gamestop dropped yesterday and as we mentioned, it sold out fast, but there is one place we think are in for something big...

Many have been fairly successful with Sony Direct as of late, and since their last drop was some time ago, we think they could be in store for something anytime soon.

Of course, we're still watching Target and Best Buy like a hawk, so be sure to check back in with us for all the latest as we hear it!

UPDATE 12 May: Gamestop was next in line to release PS5 stock, and as always, their bundles sold out fast.


If you weren't lucky enough to grab one, there's a chance Target could be next, however. It's been a while since Target last restocked, and while we wouldn't count Best Buy and Walmart out just yet, we'll be keeping a close eye on Target too.

UPDATE 11 May: After an eventful last week, this week seems a little lacklustre on the stock drop front, however, we're hopeful that these retailers will see some action soon.

Now while when Amazon drops is a relative mystery, there have been some patterns in the past as to when to expect other retailers to release PS5 stock.

One retailer could be in line for a stock drop on Wednesday - Walmart.

Even though last time they dropped a day later, with Best Buy seemingly dropping a day earlier than they were expected, we'd predict that we could see a return to form this week.

Now, take this with a pinch of salt as anything could happen (as last week proved), but we'd certainly say it's worth staying on high alert!

We will be for sure! Make sure to give us a follow at GfinityDealsUSA for live updates, deals and more!

UPDATE 10 May: This week could bring with it another wave of stock drops from major retailers, and we're keeping a close lookout for some in particular.

While we're used to the occasional surprise drop, last week took us a little too much by surprise!


Previous release patterns seemingly went out of the window when both Walmart and Best Buy dropped on Thursday, which begs the question, just what should we expect this week?

We're looking very closely at Amazon on our side, which has been well overdue for a PS5 restock for quite some time.

Amazon still proves to be one of the best bets for bagging the next-gen console, especially so with the 'wishlist' technique.

We'd advise anyone shopping on Amazon to add the item to your wishlist and checkout from there, as it does seem to be effective.

Gamestop and Target are also both overdue drops and are well worth keeping an eye on.

We'll be on hand with the latest right here, and of course, be sure to follow us at GfinityDealsUSA for live alerts!

UPDATE 7 May: Well...that was slightly out of the blue wasn't it? Both Walmart and the long-awaited Best Buy surprised us all with a drop last night, and for many, it looks like they were in luck!

While Walmart may not have been a surprise as they were indeed overdue for a drop, Best Buy, which has long been consistent with Friday restocks in the past went ahead a day earlier than expected.

This begs the question though as to who could be next?


Well, Target, Sony Direct and Amazon have been particularly quiet as of late, so we're expecting big things incoming.

Amazon, over in the UK, recently restocked Xbox Series X consoles, which usually are released on different days to the PS5 itself. How closely linked the two regions are in terms of schedule is unknown, but we'd like to think that Amazon collectively is teeing up to a PS5 release soon.

All eyes are on next week but don't rule out anything today...if experience has told us anything, it's to expect the unexpected.

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UPDATE 6 May: If you managed to get PS5 today, congratulations! But for the many, many people who weren't lighting fast with today's surprise ANTOnline drop, don't fret - more could be on the way soon.

We're still looking forward to Friday for the Best Buy drop (as we have every Friday for a few weeks now).

If it does go ahead, it would be worth staying on high alert from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET - which appears to be the typical release time.

With Best Buy speed is, again, everything when it comes to getting a PS5.

We'll be on hand at Gfinity Deals USA to let you know the second we hear anything!


UPDATE 5 May: It looks like the surprise drops have begun as Cosco released PS5 stock yesterday, but what else could be in store for us this week?

Well, asides from the Cosco drop it has been a relatively quiet start to the month and it appears that both Gamestop and Target are overdue also.

All eyes will be focussed on Walmart next, as the retailer is usually tipped to drop on Thursdays.

We'll be here with all the latest @GfinityDealsUSA!

UPDATE 4 May: Those expecting May was going to start off with a bang may have been left a little disappointed by the somewhat quiet start to the 'biggest month yet' for stock drops, however, this week could still bring in the goods.

We know you've heard it a million times by now, but Best Buy is always a 'Best Bet' to watch on Fridays, even if the retailers haven't dropped for some time.

Don't rule out Walmart either, who could release stock earlier in the week.

UPDATE 3 May: Today was a quiet one, with no rumblings of imminent PS5 drops. However, an entire month has now passed since the last Best Buy PS5 drop. If there's going to be another PS5 restock in early May, it very well could happen there.

Walmart is another possibility, with it being several weeks since the last restock there. We'll keep you up to date once we know more.


UPDATE 30 April: Those expecting a Walmart drop yesterday were left disappointed as the major retailer did not restock.

The expectation was based largely on the release-on-Thursdays pattern that had started to show itself over previous stock drops.

That being said there is one last hope for this month, and that is...you guessed it - Best Buy.

The retailer, as we're sure you know by now, tends to drop PS5's on Friday, and they are long overdue for one.

In fact, we've been expecting a drop every Friday for some time, so we've got our fingers crossed that they'll finish on a high.

Be sure to follow GfinityDealsUSA for notifications if they go live and we'll be back to update you when we hear more!

UPDATE 29 April: Good old Gamestop went ahead with a PS5 drop yesterday and as usual the PS5s were quick to fly out of the virtual door.

Even though in the UK it's been fairly quiet, in fact one of the quietest months of the year so far, the US has been leading the way with restocks.

We know May is going to be a big one for PS5 restocks, but will there be any last chances this month?


Well, we know we've banged on about it for a while now, but Best Buy is certainly the one to watch.

We'd like to think that they'd stay true to their release-on-Friday schedule and finish the month on a high after a few weeks of disappointment, but we'll just have to wait and see.

But there's another retailer who you'll want to look out for today - Walmart.

Walmart typically drops on a Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled and your notifications on!

We'll be here to share all the latest at Gfinity Deals USA.

UPDATE 28 April: According to recent stock trackers on Twitter, Gamestop was meant to be getting a stock drop today.

That panned out, but unfortunately, it also went out of stock lightning fast.

Earlier today the Target drop went ahead for both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The rumors yesterday came to fruition, but what could this mean for the remaining week?


Well, Best Buy is certainly a favorite to drop, as it has been for while thanks to its Friday PS5 drop pattern.

That being said, we haven't seen Best Buy drop for a while now, so either they're teeing up to something big or are running low on stock.

We'd like to put our hopes on the former, but time will tell. We'll update you with all the latest right here.

UPDATE 27 April: After a slow start to the week, buzz is starting to pick up as to which retailers could restock in the coming days.

As of yet, as usual, there are no official announcements, but according to @Jake_Randal_YT, we could expect a Target drop as early as 28 April.

Some other accounts appear to agree, but we'd say to take with a pinch of salt as always.

Other retailers who may be dropping stock include Best Buy or Amazon US. Best Buy is known for dropping PS5 stock on Fridays, so we have some time to wait until we're potentially in with a chance.

For all the latest, be sure to check back in with us, or follow Gfinity Deals USA for live stock announcements as they come in.

UPDATE 26 April: With Amazon's PS5 drop been and gone, it would be understandable to think that chances of another drop were slim...however, there's one factor you may not have considered.


When purchasing a PS5, it's not always guaranteed that the order goes through, and as with every store, orders can be cancelled for a number of reasons.

We've seen in the past (in the UK) smaller stock drops occur following a major one, with the general consensus seeming to believe that these are cancelled orders (and therefore now available inventory) from the previous drop.

It may be the case that Amazon US has another smaller release this week, which could include some of the potential cancelled inventory, but as with all predictions, we can't be for certain...

We'd advise staying on high alert regardless, and we'll be on hand to share the links on GfinityDealsUSA as soon as we can.

UPDATE 25 April: The PS5 is still available at Amazon US. After a major restock over the weekend now may be your chance to grab the next-gen console. They'll be going quickly so make sure you get yours ASAP.

We know some buyers have been struggling to purchase the console on Amazon. There may be a few settings you need to change before your purchase is confirmed.

Unfortunately, it's only the Digital version that's for sale on Amazon. So you'll have to wait for another major retailer to restock the Disc version if that's the one you're looking for.

It's likely retailers will share more knowledge on their PS5 stock near the start of the week, so stay tuned for more info soon.

UPDATE 24 April: Today, Amazon have seen a massive restock of Sony's PS5 console. If you're still looking to get your hands on the PS5, now may be the time!


Although this restock took everyone by surprise, most PS5 trackers noticed Amazon US was overdue for a restock.

Walmart have also restocked on the Xbox next gen console (Series X/S). This news comes from @PS5Stock on twitter. This means we may see the major retailer selling the PS5 console very shortly.

As mentioned below, AntOnline stated yesterday that multiple major retailers will have restocks this week. We assume Walmart will be a part of this list with the recent news on next-gen consoles.

If you're still hunting for a PS5, make sure to have post notifications on at GfinityDealsUSA for all the latest!

UPDATE 23 April: AntOnline dropped earlier today adding to the multiple retailers who have seen restocks this week.

However, there is one store that many hopefuls will be watching very closely indeed.

Best Buy has gone three weeks without a stock drop and always seem to drop stock on Fridays.

UPDATE 22 April: Those on the hunt for a PS5 from Target were left disappointed yesterday when their rumored restock didn't come to fruition.

Most of the action seems to have taken place earlier in the week, however, there could be hope yet, following a Costco drop earlier today.


Both Walmart and Best Buy could be on the cards. Best Buy in particular has gone 3 weeks without a stock drop, but do have a pattern of dropping on Fridays - so stay on high alert.

Walmart has been tipped to drop for some time, but the last drop, which only had 2 waves, may be indicative of low supply...

We'll keep you posted as always.

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UPDATE 21 April: There was another Sony Direct drop that happened yesterday, and even a very recent Xbox Series X drop which went down at Gamestop today.

As it stands, a number of retailers are tipped for a restock this week, but one place, in particular, is drawing most of the attention.

Target has been rumored for some time now with stock reportedly confirmed.

Whether it will go ahead as predicted is still up for debate, however, one Twitter account suggests that you should keep an eye on it at a specific time just in case.

@Jake_Randall_YT tweeted , 'That said I think PROBABLY no drop tomorrow but I always watch between 7am-9am ET just in case.'


He's been on point in the past with some predictions, so it could well be worth your time staying on high alert.

We'll keep you posted with all the latest as it comes in.

UPDATE 20 April: Despite multiple reports coming in stating that Gamestop was set for a PS5 stock drop today, it's looking increasingly unlikely that it will happen today.

Cosco however did a members-only restock today, and we were on hand the second it happened!

But if you missed out, you'll be happy to know it looks like it won't be your last opportunity this week...

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This week could be a big one for those on the hunt for a PS5, as multiple retailers are tipped to be getting in on the action.


Target is claimed to have received inventory, and if so, should be one to watch out for this week, while Walmart and Best Buy may be dropping towards the end of the week too.

Sony Direct recently sent out an email offering 10% off to select members, which could also mean that we should expect some activity from them. They also had two stock drops last week, so prepare for more than one chance if it all goes to plan.

Gamestop recently announced that they'll be getting a big wave of Xbox Series X consoles on 21 April, so it seems likely that we'll see PS5's follow shortly after, either towards the end of the week, or next week.

AntOnline is also another contender for the next stock drop, so be sure to keep an eye out on Gfinity Deals USA over the week!

UPDATE 19 April: Target is looking increasingly likely to restock PS5s, if the latest rumors are true.

Over the weekend, we saw insider Jake_Randall_YT tweet his followers on recent disappointments with PS5 stock drops, adding 'but I can confirm that Target has received stock in their distribution centers and they will start shipping out this weekend to the stores!'

This is all still unconfirmed, so take with a pinch of salt, but we'd say it's certainly worth staying on high alert throughout the week.

There could also be a chance that due to the lack of restocks at Target, that a hefty amount of stock has built up.

In the UK, rumors of a double shipment effect are circulating, with major UK retailers tipped for massive drops next month.


Here's hoping there will be enough to go round!

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UPDATE 16 April: It looks like the rumors were true, as Walmart went ahead with its stock drop yesterday.

For those that missed out, there could be another opportunity today from Best Buy.

The retailer, that doesn't tend to announce their stock drops, went through a period of dropping PS5's every Friday, so naturally, we're thinking after a week of radio silence, something big is on the way.

@ps5stocknews tweeted a prediction earlier in the week which confirms our thoughts, but will we see this prediction play out like Walmart? Or will we be left waiting until May as is likely the case in the UK?

The drop is predicted for this afternoon - keep on guard people!

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UPDATE 15 April: April has been unusually quiet for stock drops, so the last couple of days sure did catch everyone off guard!


Gamestop, a second Sony Direct drop, an AntOnline drop and now a rumor which may see PS5's restocked at one of the biggest retailers out there.

In a tweet earlier this week @Ps5stocknews rounded up a number of rumors, including 'Walmart: Thursday, April 15 at 3pm EDT'.

Now, as we always say, take every rumor with a big pinch of salt, as nothing has been announced from Walmart themselves as of yet.

This prediction is no doubt based on previous release patterns, which include releasing every other Thursday, followed by a month or so 'break'.

The most recent stock drop for Walmart was on 18 March, which could potentially place the next drop at 15 April.

Stay on high alert and watch @GfinityDealsUSA closely today!

UPDATE 14 April: Gamestop is now live!

In other news, for those who missed out on the Sony Direct drop yesterday, it looks like there will be a second chance this week.

Twitter account @Wario64 shared a screenshot of what looks like an official confirmation from Sony Direct.

click to enlarge
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This was accompanied by a tweet stating that 'Sony is doing another PS Direct PS5 invite sale on Thursday 12 PM PT. Which means they'll likely do another PS Direct queue in the afternoon (usually around 2 PM PT)'


So it looks likely that Thursday is on, which is great news for those still on the hunt.

Make sure to set your alarms and best of luck!

UPDATE 13 April: The latest reports and tweets surrounding PS5 stock appear to align on a Sony Direct drop today at 12pm PDT.

After a long time with relatively few PS5 drops, this will be music to some people's ears, however, this exclusive event appears to be only for PlayStation Network members, who received an email invite.

Best of luck if you got it, but what if you didn't?

Well, both Antonline and Walmart are gathering some attention for a drop this week, however, as usual, only time will tell if the rumors come to fruition.

We'll keep you posted!

UPDATE 10 April: It's been fairly quiet lately with PS5 drops in the US this week and those banking on Best Buy having stock on Friday were unfortunately out of luck.

@PS5stockdrop conceded in a tweet that 'Most likely we won’t see a Best Buy drop today. Very unexpected slow week. Hopefully, we see something unexpected later today."


Since then, we still haven't seen any stock drops from Best Buy, so the chance of a restock may be fading...

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UPDATE 9 April 2021: Thanks to Newegg adding the PS5 to its Newegg Shuffle, PS5 has been landing in the hand of gamers easier. 

However, we're now looking towards Walmart, which recently restocked Xbox Series X as of 8 April. 

Could this mean that we'll see a PS5 stock drop soon?

At this point, it's hard to say, but we'll keep on high alert and let you know as soon as we hear something. 

UPDATE 7 April 2021: Newegg's lottery called the Newegg Shuffle, recently added a PS5 bundle to get the console into more gamers’ hands. Many retailers are looking to have some PS5s available for purchase sometime this week.

UPDATE 6 April 2021: The ANTonline recently restocked its PS5 bundles, meaning anyone willing to pay a lot more for the console was more likely to be able to purchase it. It did come with an extra controller, the Playstation 5 HD camera, 12-months of a Playstation Plus membership, and two games! 

UPDATE 2 April 2021: Many retailers still have yet to refresh their PS5 stocks, but if you're looking for a PS5 and don't mind buying a bundle, Gamestop had a PS5 bundle with a $20 GameStop Gift card.


UPDATE 1 April 2021: Amazon according to various sources still has 50,000 PS5 which they could potentially drop at any moment. Dell recently dropped their PS5 stock, while Best Buy has been continuously releasing PS5 stock seemingly every Friday without fail. 

UPDATE 31 March 2021: It appears that Dell is currently showing PS5 stock, however, it is being reported that the stick is going 'in and out' and only for seconds at a time.

UPDATE 30 March 2021: Very little information regarding the next PS5 stock drop is currently available, but all eyes are still on Amazon and other online retailers for the next stock drop. AntOnline did have a drop for PS5 in a bundle that features an extra DualSense Controller and many other additions. 

UPDATE 25 March 2021: Target dropped some PS5 stock, however now it's back to out of stock again. Now, all eyes are turning to other retailers like Amazon, for the next stock drop.

Week commencing 22nd March 2021: Sony Direct has been releasing more stock periodically thanks to their Queue system, seemingly more gamers are able to get their hands on the PS5.

Amazon and Walmart have yet to release any information on their next stock drop, but Amazon is reported to have a large number of PS5 ready and waiting to be sold, so you'll want to keep an eye out for Amazon!

But of course, our thoughts are now turning to which retailer will be next to restock? Walmart, Target, Amazon even? We'll keep our ear to the ground and update you when we hear more.

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WHAT ABOUT U.S? Many are still waiting for their taste of next-gen


Week commencing 15th March 2021: An exciting week saw PS5 drops at Sony Direct, Walmart and many more retailers. As in previous stock drops, retailers like Walmart released their consoles in 'waves' meaning that many were lucky enough to catch one, and ride it all the way to the checkout!

What does next week have in store? Time will tell...

Which US Retailers Stock PS5?

There are plenty of retailers which stock PS5 in the US including but not limited to the below stores. Use the links below to check for stock if you'd like, but remember that your best bet is heading over to Twitter.


Gfinity Deals USA Top Tips To Get A PS5

When it comes to securing a PS5, through countless attempts we've found some tips and tricks to help increase your chances.

Take a look below for Gifnity Deals USA top tips to bagging a PS5!

The Wishlist Technique

Amazon users have seen some good success by adding a PS5 to their wishlist first, then purchasing.

This wishlist technique is well worth giving a go on the site by the looks of things!

Pre-filling Account Details

Speed is everything in this game, so don't get bogged down with filling in your name, address and email - create an account or have your details set to fill automatically to save yourself valuable seconds.


Go for the bundles!

Bundles are, arguably, less popular than standalone consoles. This can be down to something as simple as pricing, in the way that bundles are typically the more expensive option.

We'd say give them a try to avoid the main stream of traffic on the site. You may get an extra controller or a game that you weren't after, but that's not a bad price to pay to finally own a PS5!

Best of luck out there, and be sure to check back in with us soon for all the latest.

READ MORE: Walmart PS5 Stock Tracker - Everything you need to know.

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