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PS5 US Stock Tracker: Target Could Have MORE Stock Than We Thought

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The PS5 has been challenging to pin down for many, and with new stock updates and rumours flying around for US retailers, carving through the noise can be tricky.


If you're based in the US, then we've got everything you need to know right here, alongside our dedicated US deals Twitter account - @GfinityDealsUSA for instant updates and more.

Let's take a look at the latest stock updates for PS5 in the US.

PS5 US Stock Tracker

UPDATE 19 April: Target is looking increasingly likely to restock PS5s, if the latest rumors are true.

Over the weekend, we saw insider Jake_Randall_YT tweet his followers on recent disappointments with PS5 stock drops, adding 'but I can confirm that Target has received stock in their distribution centers and they will start shipping out this weekend to the stores!'

This is all still unconfirmed, so take with a pinch of salt, but we'd say it's certainly worth staying on high alert throughout the week.

There could also be a chance that due to the lack of restocks at Target, that a hefty amount of stock has built up.

In the UK, rumors of a double shipment effect are circulating, with major UK retailers tipped for massive drops next month.

Here's hoping there will be enough to go round!


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UPDATE 17 April: The wonderful Matt Swider of TechRadar is the bearer of some bad news - it sounds as though Best Buy's latest restock may mean the retailer won't have any stock for the next month.

That said, he's also suggested that "next week will be big". Time will tell, but we'll be doing our very best to keep you informed!

UPDATE 16 April: It looks like the rumors were true, as Walmart went ahead with its stock drop yesterday.

For those that missed out, there could be another opportunity today from Best Buy.

The retailer, that doesn't tend to announce their stock drops, went through a period of dropping PS5's every Friday, so naturally, we're thinking after a week of radio silence, something big is on the way.

@ps5stocknews tweeted a prediction earlier in the week which confirms our thoughts, but will we see this prediction play out like Walmart? Or will we be left waiting until May as is likely the case in the UK?

The drop is predicted for this afternoon - keep on guard people!

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UPDATE 15 April: April has been unusually quiet for stock drops, so the last couple of days sure did catch everyone off guard!

Gamestop, a second Sony Direct drop, an AntOnline drop and now a rumor which may see PS5's restocked at one of the biggest retailers out there.

In a tweet earlier this week @Ps5stocknews rounded up a number of rumors, including 'Walmart: Thursday, April 15 at 3pm EDT'.

Now, as we always say, take every rumor with a big pinch of salt, as nothing has been announced from Walmart themselves as of yet.

This prediction is no doubt based on previous release patterns, which include releasing every other Thursday, followed by a month or so 'break'.

The most recent stock drop for Walmart was on 18 March, which could potentially place the next drop at 15 April.

Stay on high alert and watch @GfinityDealsUSA closely today!

UPDATE 14 April: Gamestop is now live!

In other news, for those who missed out on the Sony Direct drop yesterday, it looks like there will be a second chance this week.

Twitter account @Wario64 shared a screenshot of what looks like an official confirmation from Sony Direct.

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This was accompanied by a tweet stating that 'Sony is doing another PS Direct PS5 invite sale on Thursday 12 PM PT. Which means they'll likely do another PS Direct queue in the afternoon (usually around 2 PM PT)'


So it looks likely that Thursday is on, which is great news for those still on the hunt.

Make sure to set your alarms and best of luck!

UPDATE 13 April: The latest reports and tweets surrounding PS5 stock appear to align on a Sony Direct drop today at 12pm PDT.

After a long time with relatively few PS5 drops, this will be music to some people's ears, however, this exclusive event appears to be only for PlayStation Network members, who received an email invite.

Best of luck if you got it, but what if you didn't?

Well, both Antonline and Walmart are gathering some attention for a drop this week, however, as usual, only time will tell if the rumors come to fruition.

We'll keep you posted!

UPDATE 10 April: It's been fairly quiet lately with PS5 drops in the US this week and those banking on Best Buy having stock on Friday were unfortunately out of luck.

@PS5stockdrop conceded in a tweet that 'Most likely we won’t see a Best Buy drop today. Very unexpected slow week. Hopefully, we see something unexpected later today."


Since then, we still haven't seen any stock drops from Best Buy, so the chance of a restock may be fading...

For all the latest, be sure to follow us at GfinityDealsUSA.

UPDATE 9 April 2021: Thanks to Newegg adding the PS5 to its Newegg Shuffle, PS5 has been landing in the hand of gamers easier. 

However, we're now looking towards Walmart, which recently restocked Xbox Series X as of 8 April. 

Could this mean that we'll see a PS5 stock drop soon?

At this point, it's hard to say, but we'll keep on high alert and let you know as soon as we hear something. 

UPDATE 7 April 2021: Newegg's lottery called the Newegg Shuffle, recently added a PS5 bundle to get the console into more gamers’ hands. Many retailers are looking to have some PS5s available for purchase sometime this week.

UPDATE 6 April 2021: The ANTonline recently restocked its PS5 bundles, meaning anyone willing to pay a lot more for the console was more likely to be able to purchase it. It did come with an extra controller, the Playstation 5 HD camera, 12-months of a Playstation Plus membership, and two games! 

UPDATE 2 April 2021: Many retailers still have yet to refresh their PS5 stocks, but if you're looking for a PS5 and don't mind buying a bundle, Gamestop had a PS5 bundle with a $20 GameStop Gift card.


UPDATE 1 April 2021: Amazon according to various sources still has 50,000 PS5 which they could potentially drop at any moment. Dell recently dropped their PS5 stock, while Best Buy has been continuously releasing PS5 stock seemingly every Friday without fail. 

UPDATE 31 March 2021: It appears that Dell is currently showing PS5 stock, however, it is being reported that the stick is going 'in and out' and only for seconds at a time.

UPDATE 30 March 2021: Very little information regarding the next PS5 stock drop is currently available, but all eyes are still on Amazon and other online retailers for the next stock drop. AntOnline did have a drop for PS5 in a bundle that features an extra DualSense Controller and many other additions. 

UPDATE 25 March 2021: Target dropped some PS5 stock, however now it's back to out of stock again. Now, all eyes are turning to other retailers like Amazon, for the next stock drop.

Week commencing 22nd March 2021: Sony Direct has been releasing more stock periodically thanks to their Queue system, seemingly more gamers are able to get their hands on the PS5.

Amazon and Walmart have yet to release any information on their next stock drop, but Amazon is reported to have a large number of PS5 ready and waiting to be sold, so you'll want to keep an eye out for Amazon!

But of course, our thoughts are now turning to which retailer will be next to restock? Walmart, Target, Amazon even? We'll keep our ear to the ground and update you when we hear more.

PS5 console and accessories
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WHAT ABOUT U.S? Many are still waiting for their taste of next-gen


Week commencing 15th March 2021: An exciting week saw PS5 drops at Sony Direct, Walmart and many more retailers. As in previous stock drops, retailers like Walmart released their consoles in 'waves' meaning that many were lucky enough to catch one, and ride it all the way to the checkout!

What does next week have in store? Time will tell...

Which US Retailers Stock PS5?

There are plenty of retailers which stock PS5 in the US including but not limited to the below stores. Use the links below to check for stock if you'd like, but remember that your best bet is heading over to Twitter.


Gfinity Deals USA Top Tips To Get A PS5

When it comes to securing a PS5, through countless attempts we've found some tips and tricks to help increase your chances.

Take a look below for Gifnity Deals USA top tips to bagging a PS5!

The Wishlist Technique

Amazon users have seen some good success by adding a PS5 to their wishlist first, then purchasing.

This wishlist technique is well worth giving a go on the site by the looks of things!

Pre-filling Account Details

Speed is everything in this game, so don't get bogged down with filling in your name, address and email - create an account or have your details set to fill automatically to save yourself valuable seconds.

Go for the bundles!


Bundles are, arguably, less popular than standalone consoles. This can be down to something as simple as pricing, in the way that bundles are typically the more expensive option.

We'd say give them a try to avoid the main stream of traffic on the site. You may get an extra controller or a game that you weren't after, but that's not a bad price to pay to finally own a PS5!

Best of luck out there, and be sure to check back in with us soon for all the latest.

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