PS5 US Stock Tracker: Major Retailer Is Tipped To Drop THIS WEEK!

The PS5 has been challenging to pin down for many, and with new stock updates and rumors flying around for US retailers, carving through the noise can be tricky.

If you're based in the US, then we've got everything you need to know right here, alongside our dedicated US deals Twitter account - @GfinityDealsUSA for instant updates and more.

Let's take a look at the latest stock updates for PS5 in the US.


PS5 US Stock Tracker

UPDATE 1 December: For those of us still on the hunt for the elusive PS5, where can we look for the next release?

According to PS5 Stock Alerts on Twitter, Target is due to drop on on either Thursday or Friday morning this week.

While we have no official word on this, it could be worth staying on high alert during this time in case a drop does go ahead.

Good luck, we'll be back soon with all the latest.

UPDATE 25 November: On Twitter, PS5 Stock Alerts has claimed that bundles will be available at selected GameStop stores between 5-9 pm local time.

For those looking to get a PS5, it could be worth checking out your local GameStop around this time.


Otherwise, we don't have any updates on where could be dropping next, although we recommend staying on high alert tomorrow as we could see some surprise Black Friday drops.

We'll be back soon with all the latest, in the meantime be sure to follow @GfinityDeals on Twitter.

UPDATE 24 November: Yesterday Amazon and Dell both released PS5's, many were successful in obtaining a console from Amazon, however, both retailers sold out quickly.

If you missed out on this, for your next chance Meijer is still due to drop tomorrow morning at 6 am EST, it is worth noting, you will need an mPerks account to access this.

For your best chances, we'd say it could be worth signing up and ensuring you're awake at this time to finally secure a PS5.

Good luck, we'll be back shortly with all the latest.

UPDATE 23 November: Both PlayStation Direct and Walmart+ releases took place yesterday, and as always sold out extremely quickly.


If you're still searching for the console, PS5 Stock Alerts on Twitter has claimed that Meijer will be going live with stock on 25 November at 3 AM PST/ 6 AM EST.

Meijer themselves tweeted this same information and states that you will need a mPerks account prior to placing your order.

And so it could definitely be worth signing up and being awake at that time to improve your chances of finally securing a PS5.

Good luck, we'll be back soon with all the latest.

UPDATE 22 November: According to PS5 Stock Alerts on Twitter, PlayStation Direct is due to drop stock later today as an invite-only release, for those that have previously registered interest.

They have also suggested that a Walmart restock will take place at some point today for Walmart+ members, although we have no official news on this, it could be worth joining Walmart+ and staying on high alert today.

Otherwise, PS5 Stock Alerts have also claimed that both Meijer and GameStop could release stock later this week.


Be sure to keep your eyes peeled in case any drops do go ahead, we'll be back soon with all the latest!

UPDATE 17 November: Yesterday PlayStation Direct released stock which was an invite-only event for those that had previously registered interest.

If you missed out on this, according to PS5 Stock Alerts on Twitter, there are a few other retailers that are rumoured to release more stock this week.

They have suggested that GameStop, Walmart and Antonline could all be dropping this week, while we do not have any official word on this, it could be worth staying on high alert just in case a drop does go ahead.

Best of luck, we'll be back soon with all the latest.

UPDATE 11 November: Best Buy released stock earlier today, which as expected, sold out in mere minutes.

If you missed out on the drop from Best Buy, on Twitter PS5 Stock Alerts has claimed that Target could be releasing stock either today or tomorrow.


While we don't have any official word on this, be sure to keep your eyes peeled in case a drop does go ahead.

We'll be back soon with all the latest.

UPDATE 10 November: This week so far we have seen drops from Best Buy, Walmart and PlayStation Direct.

Releasing both Disc and Digital Editions of the console and as always selling out in mere minutes.

If you're still on the hunt for the next-gen console, following on from these drops we currently have no information about who could be releasing stock next.

This time last month was a similar situation and many retailers used this time to replenish stock behind the scenes.

We're hoping to see some announcements soon for upcoming releases, be sure to stay glued to @GfinityDeals on Twitter for all the latest.


UPDATE 4 November: So far today, we haven't seen any PS5 stock releases take place.

We're still hoping to see drops from BestBuy, GameStop, Antonline and PlayStation Direct by the end of the week, though there is no official word that any of these will take place.

If you haven't already, be sure to register your interest with PlayStation Direct here, to ensure you have a chance of being sent a code if a drop does go ahead.

We'll be back soon with all the latest.

UPDATE 3 November: Yesterday Walmart went live with stock, releasing both Disc and Digital editions of the console.

Costco also had consoles available yesterday, both of these drops sold out in mere minutes as always.

In terms of where to look next, according to PS5 Stock Alerts on Twitter, Playstation Direct, Antonline, BestBuy and GameStop are all rumoured for potential drops this week.


While we don't yet have any official word on this, it could be worth keeping your eyes peeled just in case any drops do go ahead.

We'll be back shortly with all the latest.

UPDATE 29 October: Best Buy went live with stock earlier today, realising both Disc and Digital editions of the console, of course, this sold out in minutes.

If you missed this, on Twitter PS5 Stock Alerts has claimed that there may be some console bundles available in-store at some GameStop branches.

While we can't say for sure whether or not you'll find one, it could be worth checking out your local GameStop to see if they have any in stock.

Otherwise, we don't have any official word on when the next online restock will be, but keep your eyes peeled as it could happen at any moment.

We'll be back soon with all the latest.


UPDATE 28 October: It seems PS5 stock has kept up the momentum as two more retailers dropped earlier today.

Walmart released stock earlier today giving priority to Walmart Plus members, it could be worth joining Walmart plus if you missed this drop, to increase your chances in the future.

Antonline also released stock earlier today, which as expected sold out in mere minutes.

While we don't have any official word of upcoming stock releases just yet, we'll be back soon with all the latest.

UPDATE 27 October: GameStop dropped and after a long wait, Amazon finally broke their silence and released stock yesterday.

This morning, we also saw stock available online at Target, as always, both of these drops sold out in only a few minutes.

For those of us still searching, we haven't received any official word on any upcoming releases, but we'll be sure to update you as soon as we know anything.


In the meantime, be sure to follow @GfinityDeals on Twitter for all the latest.

UPDATE 22 October: Yesterday we saw a surprise PS5 stock drop from Best Buy, who released both Editions of the console and as always, sold out in mere minutes.

There were also various bundles up for grabs from Antonline.

For those of us that missed both of these drops, GameStop is rumoured to have bundles available in-store today, though there is no official word on this, it could be worth heading to your local store to be sure.

Otherwise, there hasn't been much action in the world of PS5 stock, Amazon has been quiet for some time, so we hope to hear from them soon.

We'll be back shortly with all the latest, in the meantime be sure to follow @GfinityDeals on Twitter.

UPDATE 21 October: Congratulations to those that managed to purchase a PS5 through PlayStation Direct yesterday, for the rest of us still searching, where can we look next?


It seems there hasn't been any official word from any retailers, however on Twitter PS5 Stock Alerts has claimed there Walmart could be going ahead with in-store PS5 stock soon.

While, at the moment, this is only a rumour, it could be worth checking out your local Walmart to see if stock is available, though there is no guarantee.

We'll be back soon with all the latest, in the meantime, be sure to follow @GfinityDeals on Twitter.

UPDATE 20 October: Following on from GameStop's drop yesterday, many of us are still on the hunt for the elusive PS5.

It seems the next chance to get your hands on the PS5 is from Sony themselves as they host an invite-only PlayStation Direct restock.

In order to receive an invite, players have to register an account with PlayStation direct and then if you're lucky enough to be chosen, you'll be sent an email with a time slot to purchase a PS5.

This will take place between 14:00 - 19:00 EST and you can register with PlayStation Direct here.


Good luck, we'll be back with the latest updates soon.

UPDATE 19 October: GameStop finally dropped after what seems like an age, leaving some GameStop Pro members very happy indeed.

For those who didn't grab one, as usual thoughts turn to exactly when and where the next drop will happen.

While over in the UK there has been a small flurry of restocks, in the US it has been unusually quiet as of late.

Some reports put this down to supply chain issues, however, we've got our fingers crossed that we'll see something before the month is up.

Where is another issue though, as even rumors are thin on the ground as of late. Around this time last month, we actually saw an Amazon drop, so we're not completely ruling it out.

UPDATE 18 October: The PS5 still continues to evade people's efforts, but we're still doing our best to try and get you the console you've been after (for coming up to a year for some!)


But what could we expect this week? Well, things have been a little on the quiet side as of late, so there isn't a ton to go on.

This time last month, we saw a Best Buy in-store restock, but whether history will repeat itself is yet to be seen.

We'll keep you posted as usual.

UPDATE 15 October: While there haven't been any PS5 stock drops today, it seems now you are able to register your interest with PlayStation Direct.

Once you have registered with Sony, there is a chance that you will receive an email when the stock goes live for you to order, and be able to purchase then.

Stock is due to be released this holiday season, so for a chance to get one in time for Christmas, this could be the way to go for many.

We'll be back soon with all the latest!


UPDATE 14 October: So far today there has been few movements from PS5 stock, with no drops going live so far.

We're still waiting on some major retailers such as Amazon to release this month, however, so far we haven't received any official word from them.

After October's exciting start for PS5 stock, it appears to have lost momentum, although we hope to hear more updates soon.

We'll be back shortly with all the latest, in the meantime, good luck!

UPDATE 13 October: Target released stock earlier today available for collection, as always, the PS5 sold out in mere minutes leaving many of us still on the search.

If you didn't manage to secure one from Target, according to PS5 Stock Alerts on Twitter, GameStop are due to release a shipment soon, however, this will require Power Up Pro membership in order to get access.

With Power Up Pro memberships starting from just $14.99 a year, it could be a worthy investment to increase your chances.


We'll be back soon with all the latest.

UPDATE 12 October: Today hasn't seen that much movement on the PS5 front, and according to numerous trackers, the Best Buy PS5 restock wasn't exactly the drop they were looking for, as it required purchasing an additional $199 for the Totaltech membership.

While it has its obvious benefits, adding almost $200 to an already expensive piece of gear may have proved too much for most.

We'll be back with you tomorrow with the latest update!

UPDATE 11 October: It seems after the weekend, we were left empty-handed as we're still waiting on retailers such as Walmart and Gamestop to break their silence and release stock.

While the very start of October was eventful, there hasn't been much action since then, we're hoping retailers have been using this time to restock and hope to hear updates soon.

As we know from past experience, retailers don't always inform us of upcoming drops and so they could potentially go ahead with stock at any moment.


Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, we'll be back soon with the latest updates.

UPDATE 8 October: So far October has proven to be an exciting month for drops, having already seen stock releases from Best Buy, Playstation Direct, Target and Sam's Club. However, we're still waiting on some of the biggest retailers to release stock such as Walmart and Gamestop.

PS5 Stock Alert on Twitter have suggested that there is a chance of a stock drop from both of these companies before 10 October, however, there has been no official word on this.

Stay on high alert in case a drop does go ahead and we'll be back soon with all the latest!

UPDATE 22 September: Best Buy confirmed to IGN that select stores will begin restocking. Up to 300 stores will receive stock, with at least one location in each U.S. state - which is still vague, but at least it's official confirmation. That's about all the major PS5 news that trickled out on Wednesday, but expect more once Best Buy's restocks finally begin.

UPDATE 21 September: We're still waiting on details about when and where Best Buy will start stocking PS5s in stores, but meanwhile, Amazon and Sony Direct surprised us with two drops. Folks had trouble accessing Amazon's pages as usual, but some found success with both physical and digital consoles. The Sony Direct queue didn't work as intended (invite only) so the queue ended up open to everyone - and sold out almost immediately.

It seems like we're entering restock busy season, so stick with Gfinity Deals for more info as it breaks!


UPDATE 20 September: We finally know why Best Buy remained quiet for so long. It turns out the retailer was literally stocking up - but not for online purchases. The tech giant will have limited numbers of PS5s in store potentially as soon as this month. Elsewhere, all remains quiet to start the week off, but stick around for more info as soon as it breaks.

UPDATE 17 September: Sony sent out a hefty batch of invitations to an exclusive PS Direct restock event today. If you weren't among the lucky chosen, it looks you'll have to wait until next week for more opportunities. Still keep an eye on Best Buy and Target, since neither retailer has had much to say recently, and have a good weekend!

UPDATE 16 September: The early busyness this week was not a harbinger of things to come, it seems. Antonline was back with yet another bundle, but that was about it on the restock front. Not much has changed with who we're watching. At this point, it's just a waiting game to see who will drop first, and hopefully, we won't have to wait much longer to find out.

UPDATE 15 September: Wednesday was disappointingly quiet after the rush that was yesterday's dual restock. There's no change so far on where the next drops will be. Amazon is still billed for a potentially larger restock of disc and disc-less PS5s, while Best Buy and Target are also good bets for the rest of the week.

UPDATE 14 September: Today's headline events were the invite-only PS Direct queue and GameStop's surprise drop. The latter sold out fast, and the former didn't open a public queue this time. If you missed out on these - at the risk of sounding like a broken record - we're still banking on a Best Buy or Amazon restock soon. Keep an eye on Target as well. They've popped up unexpectedly a few times the past month with restocks, and it's been a little while since the last one.

UPDATE 13 September: The dawn of a new week rose with no sign of a restock until late in the afternoon, when Sony started sending out invitations to another closed PS Direct restock. This follows last week's surprise public queue, but if you don't get an invite, don't fret just yet. Last week proved the restock machine is slowly grinding back into motion, and the retailer at the top of the list is Best Buy. Of all the chains so far, Best Buy hasn't restocked in roughly two months. We'll keep you updated whatever happens, so stick with Gfinity Deals for more info!

UPDATE 10 September: Just one day after the PlayStation Showcase, we got two surprise drops. Target had a very small selection of digital PS5s, while PlayStation Direct opened a queue after weeks of silence. If you missed out on either, we're still expecting Best Buy to show some movement in the near future. Meanwhile, have a good weekend!


UPDATE 9 September: All eyes were on Sony during the PlayStation Showcase, and unsurprisingly, stock wasn't part of the presentation. We saw plenty of PS5 games, from God of War Ragnarok to Spider-Man 2 and even a new Wolverine game. Most of these are set for 2022 and beyond, so hopefully Sony can pull through with more supply by then. Stick with Gfinity Deals for more news as it breaks!

UPDATE 8 September: One day is much like the next in this season of restock droughts. There's been no movement on the restock front with any retailer, though hopefully with the PlayStation Showcase tomorrow, that might start to change soon.

UPDATE 7 September: This week is off to a quiet start, but that's not entirely unexpected with the Labor Day holiday. So our expectations for the coming days haven't changed much since then. We're still eyeing Best Buy for signs of life after over a month of silence, and Amazon's tiny restock doesn't quite match up with the retailer's behind-the-scenes changes from before. Whatever the case, stick with Gfinity Deals for the latest news!

UPDATE 3 September: The week ended on a quiet note as expected, and so far, the signs still point to Amazon and Best Buy for next week. And we sure hope it pans out. The past few weeks have been remarkably dry for restocks.

Stick with Gfinity deals for more info as it breaks, and have a good weekend!

UPDATE 2 September: The long-awaited Amazon drop finally happened! Sort of. Despite multiple rumors of a much bigger restock, Amazon only had links for the PS5 digital edition. Many were unable to even reach the product page thanks to overwhelming demand exacerbated by the week-long drought of restock news.

Whether we'll see the disc drive PS5 go up is anyone's guess at this point, though Best Buy is still a good bet as well. Like Amazon, the tech retailer hasn't had a restock in nearly a month.


UPDATE 1 September: The month started off in silence, with nary a hint about what to expect from the rest of the week. We're still waiting on Amazon and Best Buy, both of whom have gone roughly two months without restocks. That's bound to change soon, so stick with Gfinity Deals for more news as it happens!

UPDATE 31 August: We've seen drops from AntOnline earlier today, plus Target on 27 August, but we're still waiting patiently for a few other big restocks to roll in.

As per our last update, Amazon hasn't restocked in weeks, which makes us wonder if they're teeing up to something massive...

The same goes with Best Buy, who have been unusually quiet as of late. We'd certainly say it's worth keeping an eye on them, especially as we near Thursday.

We'll keep you posted throughout the week as usual!

UPDATE 30 August: Monday got the week off to a quiet start, as it usually does. A new month starts in just a few days, and it's been suspiciously long since Amazon last restocked. We're still waiting for the stock link change of last week to bear fruit and expect that will happen soon, but meanwhile, keeping an eye on Best Buy is still a good idea. The tech giant hasn't restocked in several weeks either and could start on its Thursday pattern once again.

UPDATE 27 August: As expected, Target started the day with a small drop, but we're still waiting on the big one from Amazon. The end of August is approaching, and that makes it close to two months since the retailer dropped. We're still hoping for signs of life from Best Buy as well, another one that's been far too quiet of late.


We'll keep you updated on all things PS5, so stick with Gfinity Deals and have a good weekend!

UPDATE 26 August: As of late, the attention appears to have been squarely focused on the new Halo Infinite Xbox Series X and its many Halo-themed accessories, but we're still on high alert for everything PS5.

Thursday is here, and with it comes some sneaky suspicions of a restock from an old favorite...

Best Buy at one stage used to drop frequently towards the end of the week, so there is a small chance we could see something happen today or even tomorrow.

Target also makes the list of potentials as they haven't had a drop since last month - we'll certainly be locked on to them in the coming days.

We'll be back with you soon with all the latest.

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UPDATE 25 August: Walmart had a surprise drop in the afternoon, but all was quiet elsewhere on the PS5 front. We're still banking on a big Amazon restock this week following stock link changes and a dearth of restocks in the past month.

Target and Best Buy remain good bets to watch as well. As ever, stick with Gfinity Deals for more information!

UPDATE 24 August: Sony Direct opened public queues out of nowhere today, but if you weren't one of the lucky ones - or got bamboozled by the captcha verification - never fear. A bigger drop is likely on the way.

We're still on high alert for a drop from Amazon, especially as they have gone over a month without a restock and recently changed their stock links.

We're predicting big things for the retailer as early as this week so it's worth staying on high alert.

The same goes for the UK, which is expecting a drop from Amazon soon as well.

We saw a drop from the frequent and familiar favorite AntOnline for Xbox Series X earlier today, meaning we could expect something from them for the PS5 too.


The retailer tends to drop every 2-3 weeks, but you have to be very quick to have success!

We'll keep you posted and updated with all the latest to give you the edge in your search.

UPDATE 23 August: The week started off at a crawl, with no signs of any restocks on the horizon - not just yet, anyway. We're still keeping a close eye on Amazon in particular, but also Best Buy and Target. None of the three have restocked in a while, but if we had to pick, we'd say Amazon is the most likely. It's been a month since the retail giant's last drop.

UPDATE 20 August: As is typical for a Friday, today was a quiet day. Amazon is a safe bet for next week. The retail giant hasn't restocked on PS5 systems in weeks, though it's worth keeping an eye on Best Buy and Target as well. Stick with Gfinity Deals for the latest PS5 stock updates, and have a good weekend!

UPDATE 19 August: PlayStation Direct might not have had a public queue the other day, but the retailer opened lines once more for everyone late Thursday afternoon.

If you didn't manage to snag a PS5 of your own this time, never fear. We're still expecting Best Buy, Target, and Amazon to restock sometime before the end of the month. Neither of the three has dropped so far in August, so they're certainly overdue for a restock.

UPDATE 18 August: Asides from the GameStop drop yesterday, all has returned to a quiet hush in the land of PS5 restocks.


However, the big three, Target, Amazon, and Best Buy are all well overdue for a drop, so we're expecting something just around the corner.

Take Amazon for instance which dropped last on 21 July making it almost a month without giving us a chance to bag a PS5.

Will they drop this week? We'd say no, but as usual, anything is possible.

We'll keep you posted at Gfinity Deals.

UPDATE 17 August: GameStop's pro-members-only restock came and went with the usual rapidity ahead of PlayStation Direct's invitation-only restock. But what about drops for everyone else?

We're still expecting Target, Amazon, and Best Buy to restock for the first time this month. It's been several weeks since any of the three last dropped, so they're all well overdue for another. As always, stick with Gfinity Deals for more info!

UPDATE 16 August: Wario64 confirmed PlayStation Direct will have another invitation-only restock event tomorrow at 12 p.m. Pacific time/3 p.m. Eastern time. Open queues sometimes follow these invitation events, so it's worth keeping an eye on PS Direct to see what happens.


If we had to throw our hat in the ring for elsewhere, we'd say we could see something happen towards the end of the week with other retailers, but as mentioned in our previous updates, the clock has been very much reset lately with the sudden flurry of stock drops from major retailers.

We'll keeo you posted with anything that could give you the edge in your PS5 hunt as soon as we hear more!

UPDATE 13 August: Friday was as quiet as we expected, but next week could still see drops at Amazon, Best Buy, or Target. The three retailers haven't restocked in a while, so it's a good bet to keep an eye on all three. That's what we'll be doing as always, so make sure to follow Gfinity Deals for more updates!

UPDATE 12 August: The Walmart PS5 and Xbox Series X restock came and went just as fast as Walmart's drops usually do.

In what has been a relatively quiet period for stock drops, asides from the lightning-fast AntOnline drop earlier today, this was a drop welcomed by those unable to grab a console this month.

If you weren't able to get one this time, the month is still young. We've yet to see Amazon and Best Buy restock so far, so those are both good ones to keep an eye on as we move closer to the weekend.

UPDATE 11 August: Another quiet day in the world of restocks, but today, there may be a reason for it...


Samsung has announced their new phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is now available to pre-order ahead its release.

Amazon has a listing up right now, which you can check using the link below.

The phone itself boasts impressive specs, but the real draw has got to be its folding screen, which has to be seen to be believed.

We'll be back with you tomorrow, when hopefully we'll see some more rumblings of restock come in.

UPDATE 10 August: The day ended on a quiet note once again, which means our predictions remain largely the same. Amazon and Walmart are the key players to keep an eye on, though we'd be surprised if Antonline didn't throw a restock or two in the mix.

UPDATE 9 August: With very little in the way of rumors, tip-offs, or announcements, we're left to throw our hat in the ring and make a few informed predictions of our own today.


Both Best Buy and Target dropped only recently, so we're not expecting to see any massive restock from the retailers this week.

When it comes to Amazon, in particular, we've been waiting patiently since 21 July, which marks quite some time since they last dropped, making them more likely than ever to restock and worth keeping on high alert for.

AntOnline is always one to watch, especially since they're one of the more frequent restockers out there.

Of course, we should always expect the unexpected and if history has taught us anything it's that restocks can come out of the blue!

We'll be back with you soon with any more intel we can find to give you the edge in your PS5 hunt.

UPDATE 6 August: Following yesterday's excitement, the week ended on a quiet note. It seems retailers are slipping back into their familiar patterns, though, which means we'll be keeping a close eye on Target, Best Buy, and Amazon still.

Antonline is, as usual, the wild card here. They tend to drop at random, though they also go out of stock quickly. Make sure your details are all in order if you try landing one there.


UPDATE 5 August: Walmart dropped as expected after a surprise tweet from Taylor Lyles tipped us off. As ever, supply was gone fast, but it's something after what's otherwise been a quiet week.

Moving forward, we expect the usual suspects to start restocking again soon. Keep an eye on Target, Amazon, and Best Buy in the coming days.

UPDATE 4 August: With any of the major retailers restocking recently, and thus ruling themselves out for an immenant drop, we beg the question as to which store could be next...

As mentioned before, AntOnline does appear to be the most frequent place to restock, typically doing so every two weeks.

Antonline is said to be quite fast when it comes to shipping the PS5, however, as with most sites, stock tends to dry up after around 3 minutes, so you'll have to jump on it quickly.

Since they last dropped on 16 June, we'd advise watching very carefully this week and staying glued to your notifications to be on the safe side.

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UPDATE 3 August: GameStop dropped earlier today for GameStop Pro members marking one of the first major restocks for the month.

As per our last update, while many of the big retailers have dropped recently, we are still waiting on Amazon who last dropped on the 21st July.

There could be a slim chance we see something this week, but we think it's more likely that it'll come in early next.

We'll keep you posted as usual.

UPDATE 2 August: A new month is here and we're on hand to share all the latest rumors, tips, and tricks we can to ensure you get the advantage in your PS5 search.

Many of the PS5 drops from major retailers have been and gone only a short while ago, which means this week 'may' be a little on the quiet side.

Typically we see stores restock anywhere between 2 week and month intervals, with some places being slightly more frequent.


As we've said, AntOnline tends to be one of the more regular stores to restock from our experience, so they're one to watch even as early as this week.

Another place to watch is Amazon, which may surprise us this week if we're lucky.

We'll be back with you soon with all the latest.

UPDATE 30 July: Target finally dropped after almost a week of waiting. If you didn't manage to get your hands on a PS5 today, take heart. No drops are likely this weekend, but we're headed into a new month next week.

That means a higher likelihood of more restocks as retailers hopefully continue their drop patterns. Stick with us for more updates.

UPDATE 29 July: It seems that those wishing for a drop from one major retailer were again left wanting.

Taget, which has been tipped to restock from Tuesday, was a 'no show' today, but all may not be lost as there is still a chance the retailer could surprise us this week.


Jake_Randall_YT tweeted earlier today stating that Target last dropped on a Friday, which could mean we'll see a stock drop soon...or more disappointment.

We'll keep you updated as to when we hear more.

UPDATE 28 July: This week has been exciting so far, with both GameStop and Best Buy restocking the elusive PS5 console.

We are still waiting for the Amazon drop to happen, especially after the UK had a huge drop earlier this morning.

There is one retailer that has been tipped to restock soon, and it's predicted to be a massive one.

Target is well overdue for a restock and as we mentioned in our previous update, last dropped way back on 9th July.

Stock tracker Jake_Randall_YT tweeted that there was 'the likelihood that the restock is tomorrow 7/29 just went way up' after the retailer didn't live today.


We recommend keeping a close eye out, as it looks like Target may be teeing up for something big.

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UPDATE 27 July: GameStop dropped earlier today after around 2 weeks since they last restocked.

Before then they restocked right at the beginning of the month, so we may be starting to see a release pattern emerge.

But the big question is, where's next? Now with two major retailers resetting the clocks, all eyes are on the likes of Amazon, Target and Antonline.

Target last dropped on 9th July, so we think they're overdue for one. Be sure to keep a close eye out as if history tells us anything, these retailers love to surprise us!

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UPDATE 26 July: With Best Buy returning to a familiar restock pattern last week, we're all wondering where to watch for the final few days of July.

With the rumor mill relatively quiet, there hasn't been a huge amount of tip-offs just yet, but we are willing to throw our two cents in and say that we could expect a Digital PS5 restock from Amazon.

If they do, you'll want to ensure that you add to the wishlist, then purchase from there, as that seems to be the best technique to secure one.

Antonline is also an option as they appear to drop every 2 weeks or so, and last dropped on 16 July. Be sure to dive on that the second it goes live as speed is everything there.

We'll keep you updated when we hear more, and be back with you soon with our roundup of the latest news, rumors, and more from the world of PS5 restocks.

UPDATE 23 July: We were right once again. Best Buy is back to its usual Friday restock pattern, at least for now. Unlike other recent restocks, the tech giant actually had discless PS5 systems in stock.

We've seen most major retailers drop PS5s this month. As we move into July's closing week, it's a bit more difficult to predict where might restock next. Target has remained rather quiet of late, and it's always possible we'll see Amazon or Walmart pull another surprise restock.


Antonline is another one to watch. They've consistently defied patterns and put up stock when least expected.

UPDATE 22 July: As we've been predicting, Walmart finally restocked late in the day. Like Amazon, the global chain only restocked disc versions of the system, however, and they sold out as fast as you'd expect.

For the next drop, we're eyeing Best Buy since it's been several weeks since they last dropped.

The retailer was very much a sure thing on Fridays earlier in the year, however, as of late they have been slightly more random.

There's also the chance that Amazon may restock with a Digital Edition PS5, especially since rumors are pointing towards a change in design to make the console lighter with production and manufacturing speed in mind.

We'll be back with you with all the latest rumors, tips, and more soon.

UPDATE 21 July: Amazon finally restocked PS5 Disc versions today quite some time of radio silence, however, there was a slight catch.


It appears that the Digital Edition was nowhere to be seen, as has been the case lately in the UK.

Why though? Well, the latest rumours point towards hardware changes being made to the PS5 Digital Edition.

According to PS5instant, we could be getting a slightly lighter version of the PS5 Digital, which is said to make production easier...

Will this mean we'll get a massive shipment of the disc-less console soon? With rumblings of a massive shipment heading to the UK in August, we've got our fingers crossed.

UPDATE 20 July: A PS Direct drop will be incoming today for those lucky enough to have received an invite.

Stock tracker Jack_Randall_YT tweeted earlier that 'there is a 50/50 chance that there will be a PS5 queue open to ANYONE at around 5pm ET', and it turned out they were right. There's no telling how long the queue will remain up, but if you don't manage to get through this time, there's still plenty to keep an eye out for.

Other retailers still yet to drop and worth keeping an eye on are, as we've mentioned, Walmart, Amazon, Target and Best Buy.


Walmart especially has gone a solid month with no restock, leading many to believe that they will have one in only a short amount of time.

UPDATE 19 July: Sony is holding another invitation-exclusive PS5 restock tomorrow, July 20 (thanks Wario64). We hoped for a public queue after the last exclusive drop, but nothing of the sort developed. It's worth keeping an eye on PlayStation Direct tomorrow anyway, just in case.

Outside the invite-only drop, all eyes are on one major retailer this week as they have gone a significantly long time without a drop.

Walmart is well overdue for another restock and the general consensus seems to point towards it happening this week.

Whether it will play out as predicted is another entirely, however, we've got our fingers crossed regardless.

We're also still waiting on a restock from Target, Best Buy, and Amazon - all of which had pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch Oled model go live last week.

We'll be back with you soon with all the latest.


UPDATE 16 July: Antonline dropped early in the day, and some lucky folks got an exclusive invitation to PlayStation Direct's limited restock. While we hoped there might be a public queue opening at PlayStation Direct as well, that doesn't seem like it'll happen.

For the coming week, we still recommend watching Best Buy, Target, and Amazon, all of which are long overdue for a drop.

UPDATE 15 July: GameStop restocked at 11am ET with PS5 bundles, but there was a slight catch.

For early access you needed to be a GameStop Pro member, however this shouldn't rule out still being able to get a PS5.

Best of luck out there, and remember, Sony Direct drop is incoming tomorrow.

UPDATE 14 July: Earlier today Antonline finally dropped and as predicted it went very fast indeed.

According to comments on social media, PS5s were out of stock in just 2 minutes, which may have spelt disappointment for many.


However, Antonline does seem to drop fairly frequently, their last restock being on the 25th June.

But where’s next?

Well, PlayStation Direct as a matter of fact - but not for everyone. It seems Sony is sending out invitations to select customers again, so keep an eye on your inboxes in case that means you.

We’re also still pinning our hopes on Best Buy surprising us this week as per our last update.

The retailer last restocked on 29 June, so arguably they’re overdue.

We’ll be back with you soon with the latest PS5 stock news, right here.

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UPDATE 13 July: As we move deeper into the week we start edging towards the most common restock days, leaving us on even higher alert for any announcements.

Recently, aside from the Target drop, it has been fairly quiet in the world of PS5 restocks, however, there could be one retailer who may be teeing up to something. Here’s why.

Typically, you’ll want to start paying close attention to retailers which haven’t dropped for at least 2 weeks, as they are prime candidates for another restock.

Best Buy last had PS5s on 29th June, so we’d say they’re worth keeping an eye on if you’re still looking.

As for the day of the week, well, Best Buy used to have a predictable pattern of dropping on Thursdays and Fridays, however that went out the window in recent months, so expect anything.

UPDATE 12 July: We’re back with another week of scouting for the latest rumors and tips to give you the edge in your hunt for your PS5.

After last Friday’s Target drop, we’ll likely not see the retailer release stock this week, but there are a number of stores worth looking out for.

If we had to throw our two cents in, we’d say that Best Buy would be most likely to drop, based on the fact that they restocked late last month.

It's also worth noting that there is still no news surrounding when Amazon is likely to drop this month.

The retailer last released PS5’s on 23rd June, so they are certainly one to watch.

We’ll be back with you soon with all the latest.


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UPDATE 9 July: Target finally dropped today, as we predicted - sort of. The retailer broke habit with its unexpected Friday drop, but if you didn't manage to grab a PS5 this time, the month is still young.

We're still keeping our eyes on Walmart, which is long overdue for a restock, and we'll be watching to see if Best Buy continues its tradition of mid-month restocks as well.

UPDATE 8 July: Much of the restock attention has been pointed towards major US retailer Target this week, with some rumours suggesting an imminent restock.

But how likely is this to be the case? Let's look at what's out there at the moment.

Reliable stock tracker Jake Randall tweeted earlier today about the Target restock, explaining 'The only thing that is confirmed is the inventory they are holding'.

Holding inventory is indeed a promising sign, however, it does not guarantee that a restock is just around the corner.


He went on to write that 'every restock of 2021 has happened on a Wednesday or Thursday online', which is a more promising sign and can give us an idea of when to expect the drop either this week or in the coming.

The question is, how likely will Target drop today? Well, if all we can say on our end is that they are well overdue a stock drop, as the most recent restock was back mid-way through June.

Fingers crossed we're on the money!

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UPDATE 7 July: Even though we've reverted back to a fairly quiet time following the Nintendo Switch OLED model announcement, there are some rumblings of a potential drop that could come in this week.

Target is the major retailer we're watching closely at the moment, and since they haven't dropped since the 16th June, we could be in for something soon.

If they do drop, expect it to happen in the morning as usual.


We'll keep you posted with all the latest when we hear more.

UPDATE 6 July: It looks like our hunch was correct as Antonline dropped earlier today marking just under 2 weeks since they last restocked.

If you were lucky enough to grab one, then congrats, but for those of you still on the hunt, we're expecting more opportunities soon.

We'd say that while Gamestop, Best Buy and Amazon are unlikely as they all dropped fairly recently, Target could surprise us next as the last time they dropped was way back on the 16th June.

We'll be on high alert this week just in case.

UPDATE 5 July: The new week is here and we're on high alert for any stock drop rumors that come our way, however, it has been fairly quiet as of late.

In our last update, we explored some of the retailers who we think may be in the running for a restock, based on previous release patterns.


We'd still say that Antonline would be the one to watch, as they tend to drop fairly frequently, and conversely we'd say that places like Amazon, Gamestop and Bets Buy are unlikely to drop this week, based on their recent restocks.

We'll be back with you with all the latest as we get it!

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UPDATE 2 July: Following the successful GameStop drop, we're left wondering which retailer will follow suit.

Currently, unlike in the UK, there is very little information about any upcoming drops for US major retailers, but at the risk of repeating ourselves, we can look to previous patterns to predict what will come.

Target last dropped on 16th June, and before that we saw them drop late in May. The only pattern that can be applied here is that Target may be dropping with half month breaks between, however, it's a stretch.

Antonline looks to be one of the most frequent retailers to restock, as of late they do so at around 2 week intervals, however, chances of getting one from the online retailer depend on pure speed, which can make things tricky.


We're not expecting any stock drops over the weekend, so we'll be back with you next week!

UPDATE 1 July: Gamestop finally dropped today and it looked like many were quite successful this time around.

For those who weren't so lucky, the big question is, where will be next?

As usual, there has been little in the way of predictions and rumours from even the most active stock trackers online, but that being said, we're still watching a few retailers closely.

Target, Walmart, and Antonline are likely to see drops this month, with Antonline typically restocking quite frequently.

The last time the online retailer dropped PS5's was on 25 June, so we may have to wait a while, but we wouldn't rule anything out just yet.

We'll keep you posted with all the latest.

Which US Retailers Stock PS5?

There are plenty of retailers which stock PS5 in the US including but not limited to the below stores. Use the links below to check for stock if you'd like, but remember that your best bet is heading over to Twitter.


Gfinity Deals USA Top Tips To Get A PS5

When it comes to securing a PS5, through countless attempts we've found some tips and tricks to help increase your chances.

Take a look below for Gifnity Deals USA top tips to bagging a PS5!

The Wishlist Technique

Amazon users have seen some good success by adding a PS5 to their wishlist first, then purchasing.

This wishlist technique is well worth giving a go on the site by the looks of things!


Pre-filling Account Details

Speed is everything in this game, so don't get bogged down with filling in your name, address and email - create an account or have your details set to fill automatically to save yourself valuable seconds.

Go for the bundles!

Bundles are, arguably, less popular than standalone consoles. This can be down to something as simple as pricing, in the way that bundles are typically the more expensive option.

We'd say give them a try to avoid the main stream of traffic on the site. You may get an extra controller or a game that you weren't after, but that's not a bad price to pay to finally own a PS5!

Best of luck out there, and be sure to check back in with us soon for all the latest.

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