Walmart PS5 Stock Update: Drop Could Happen In Just DAYS...Here's Why

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Walmart has been on point with their stock drops in the past with a number of success stories popping up online from happy PS5 owners. 

And in a week of rumoured massive PS5 drops, it appears they've joined the party...or at least will very, very soon...


Let's take a look at what we know so far and remember, for all the latest stock drops as we get them, be sure to follow @GfinityDealsUSA to be first in line!

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Walmart PS5 Stock Update

UPDATE 20 April: There are a number of big retailers tipped to drop this week, and we've already seen what could be the beginnings of multiple restocks with Cosco earlier today, but what about Walmart?

Well, the retailer did have PS5 stock last week, but only two waves, which could be a result of lower than usual stock (a theme currently trending in the UK).

If they are to restock, we'd likely be looking at 22 April at 3 pm EDT, if we base it on their familiar Thursday restocks patterns.

But while we're hopeful, we'd advise you to manage expectations accordingly.


Recently, a Gamestop rumor which many were sure would materialise today, didn't, leaving a number of PS5 hopefuls disappointed (including us!)

Watch this space, and we'll be back with you with all the latest as it comes in.

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UPDATE 12 April: After a week of relative silence from Walmart, people on the hunt for PS5's maybe in luck sooner than they thought.

The retailer in the past has released consoles every other Thursday, which has been seen to be followed by roughly a month of silence.

The most recent stock drop for Walmart was on 18 March, which could potentially place the next drop at 15 April.

Walmart PS5 Stock
GOTTA GO FAST - The stock drop came out of nowhere!

Of course, these are just predictions, and without anything official, we'd suggest that you take them with a pinch of salt.

Nonetheless, we'd highly recommend staying on high alert this week, and keeping your eyes firmly fixed on Walmart this Thursday.

We certainly will be @GfinityDealsUSA!

UPDATE 7 April 2021:While Walmart has yet to release any official information regarding their next PS5 stock drop, if it follows its regular restocking schedule, we could see a restock this upcoming Friday!

UPDATE 2 April 2021: Sadly, no information regarding any PS5 stock at Walmart, but GameStop recently released a PS5 Bundle that comes with a $20 GameStop Giftcard. 

UPDATE 30 March 2021: Walmart has yet to drop any more information regarding its PS5 or PS5 Digital stock, but the lack of information has many on the edge of their seat. 


Week Commencing 22nd March: Walmart has yet to release any new information regarding their current stock of PS5 or when more PS5 will come in and be available for purchase, with it being later in the week many will assume that the next stock drop won't be until next week. 

We'll keep our ear to the ground and update you when we hear more.

When will the next Walmart Drop be?

Well, that is anyone's guess at the moment, however, the more stock drops we get, the more we can start making informed predictions. 

Watch this space!

PS5 Amazon

ON THE HORIZON: More PS5's ahoy!


Where else to look for PS5 Stock?

Some of the key retailers you'll want to keep an eye out for include Target, Gamestop and Amazon. For all the updates you'll need on retailers in your region, be sure to follow @GfinityDealsUSA!

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