Is Oculus Rift Discontinued?

If you'd like to know if the Oculus Rift is discontinued, we've got you covered.

Here's everything you need to know, including why it might be worth waiting for Meta's next generation.

Is Oculus Rift Discontinued?

In short, yes. The Rift line of headsets hasn't been the main product focus for Oculus (and their parent company Facebook) for a good few months, given the announcement that Rift S stock was no longer going to be replenished back in April.

This is thanks to the Quest 2 becoming the current flagship headset for Oculus, that is at least until either the Meta Quest 3 or Meta Quest Pro release.

Why Has The Rift S Been Discontinued?

The official reason cited for the Rift S being discontinued concerns the fact that Meta wished to focus on headsets that don't need to be tethered to a PC to work.

It's at this point where the successes of the Quest 2 come in, with it having shipped approximately 10 million units since its launch last year, according to Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon.

After all, the Quest 2 doesn't need a PC to work and already features a brilliant games library with titles like Superhot VR and Beat Saber already available, with plenty more exciting titles on the way such as Cities VR, GTA San Andreas VR and Among Us VR.

Should I Wait For The Meta Quest Pro?

If you are planning on upgrading your setup within the next few years to feature one of the best VR headsets out there, then waiting for the Meta Quest Pro (otherwise assumed to be Project Cambria) may be a good idea.

We have an idea of its specs thanks to some early indications of Project Cambria's spec sheet suggesting it'll have pancake lenses. These will be thinner which can make the headset lighter, and more comfortable to wear.

In addition, Project Cambria is also touted to feature some high-end displays alongside support for AR, which pits it against Apple's AR Headset as a rather powerful all-in-one device.

However, the big question of whether to wait concerns its release date. it's reasonable to assume that we won't see the Quest Pro hitting shelves for a couple of years as a conservative estimate.

If you're happy to wait, then go ahead. However, if you're looking for a brilliant all-round VR gaming experience for right now, opting for an Oculus Quest 2 will tide you over, especially given you can tether it to a PC and play Steam games, like with the Rift S, and also do a lot more.

We'll be back with you soon with more VR news, guides and info, so be sure to check back in with us soon, and don't forget that PSVR 2 looks to be on the way soon, too.

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