World of Stands codes (October 2023) - Free arrows and goodies

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Two Stands battling.
October 5, 2023: We scoured for new World of Stands codes.

Developer Spicy Water's JoJo-inspired Roblox game has exploded in popularity after years in development, and you better believe there are World of Stands codes to get you free shiny arrows and studs. So if you're just starting out, read on. You'll find plenty of freebies down below.

World of Stands is an open-world adventure game with a strong PvP element. Along your journey, you'll unlock your own Stand ability to use in battle. In order to gain the requisite power to compete, however, you'll have to complete quests and gradually level up both your abilities and your character.

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New World of Stands codes (October 2023)

  • 195K - Redeem for rewards (must be level 20+) 
  • 100M - Redeem for rewards (must be level 10+) 

Expired codes

  • 190K
  • TWIT20K - 2 Shiny Arrows, 2 Legendary Arrows, 1 Locaca Fruit
  • HAVEPITY - Arrows and Roka
  • EASTER2023 - Free rewards
  • TIKTOK30
  • 100KDISC
World of Stands code redeem steps.
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How do I redeem World of Stands codes?

  • Start up World of Stands via its official Roblox page.
  • Click the menu button in the bottom right (three lines in a square).
  • Click the Settings/Stats button in the bottom right of the resulting menu.
  • Enter a World of Stands code in the 'Codes' section beneath the 'Settings' toggles.
  • Hit 'Redeem'.

Using World of Stands codes is pretty easy. Just launch the game through the link above, tap the menu button, then go into the Settings/Stats menu, and enter your codes in the section with the redeem button beneath. Hit the button to claim your goods.

What are World of Stands codes?

While World of Stands codes don't yet exist, we can fill you in on what they're likely to be. Roblox developers often hand out game codes whenever a new player milestone is reached, like a specific number of likes.

We can't say for sure what World of Stands codes will offer, or how often they'll come along, but we'd hope it'll be a helpful mix of in-game currencies that will expedite your progression.

How to get Locacaca Fruits in World of Stands

Though they're relatively rare as of the launch of the game, the World of Stands developers did react to feedback on day one, suggesting more will be added soon. Here's the quote:

Also we hear you about the lack of Locacaca Fruits so we will add them as drops to overworld bosses (bruford, tarkus, etc...).

How do I get more World of Stands codes?

Roblox game developers typically hand out freebie codes via their social channels. That's why we'd suggest following Spicy Water over on Twitter and joining World of Stands' official Discord channel to stay up to date.

If you'd rather not sift through tweets and channels, you could always just bookmark this page and check back at a later date, as we'll add any new World of Stands codes as soon as they arrive.

World of Stands patch notes

World of Stands patch notes (April 28, 2023)


  • Echoes Buff: Dealing damage to an enemy with orbital strike on a marked enemy will reset the abilities cooldown. If the ability is blocked the cooldown will not reset
  • Vampire Buff: Vamp final hit on the triple strike attack no longer ragdolls but can still be perfect blocked
  • Improved hitboxes and movement on vamp triple strike attack
  • Vamp dash now gives iframes like Star Platinum's dash
  • SP and Vamp dashes no longer have 2 charges but they are on lower cooldowns
  • SP M1 damage slightly nerfed
  • TW M1 damage slightly nerfed
  • Hamon Bottle Blast range reduced


  • Fixed silver chariot dying after blinking 3 times with afterimage
  • Fixed: Improved Server Fidelity. Servers should no longer crash as often and older servers should lag a little less (we had a memory leak oops).
  • Fixed: Infninte m1 with hamon and other abilities
    Vamp can no longer m1 during laser eyes windup and break/cancel it
  • Fixed: spamming most wanted message after player who was most wanted leaves the server and there
  • Fixed: Infninte m1 with hamon and other abilities
    Vamp can no longer m1 during laser eyes windup and break/cancel it
  • Fixed: spamming most wanted message after player who was most wanted leaves the server and there

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