Pokémon Unite Maps: Everything You Need To Know

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Pokémon Unite has been the sole focus of Pokémon fans for a few weeks now, and players are starting to get to grips with the new game. If you didn’t manage to get a game in the beta, don’t worry, we’re here to cover you with everything you need to know about The Pokémon Company’s first foray into MOBA territory, including running down the Pokémon Unite maps.

At present, there are four Pokémon Unite maps in the game, but more could well be on the way if TiMi decides to add them as DLC, similar to the likes of Gardevoir and Blissey. The maps are all pretty similar, but each has its own intricacies and twists that you need to master in order to become the very best like no-one ever was. It doesn't matter if you've picked the best Pokémon from our Pokémon Unite tier list; without knowing the playing field, you won't have a chance at winning.

Once you’ve picked your favourite Pokémon, dressed them up in the cutest outfit, and found some teammates to do battle with, you need to ensure your course knowledge is up to scratch so you can pull off the wildest moves and biggest plays. Whether your aim is outmanoeuvring your opponents, racking up the Pokémon Unite currency to unlock new characters with Unite Licenses, or just impressing your pals, knowing the playing area is key to grabbing a win.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pokémon Unite maps:

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A large stadium with a beach area at the bottom.
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Pokémon Unite Maps: Remoat Stadium

In all likelihood, Remoat Stadium will be the map you’ve seen on all the trailers and much of the gameplay from the beta. It’s a pretty standard map that will be good for beginners or anyone practicing with a new Pokémon.

Aside from the terrible pun, the Remoat Stadium map has the standard spawn bases and goal zone that you can score points in. There are two main paths, with multiple routes connecting them.

The key points of Remoat Stadium are the Beach Area in the south, where you can challenge Drednaw to earn experience and shields, and the central Legendary Pit, where you can battle Zapdos. Battling Zapdos will be a difficult fight that could leave you weak, but the benefits of defeating the legendary bird would score your team a bunch of points and decimate your opponents’ shields.

In Remoat Stadium, we recommend two Pokémon each taking the top and bottom lane. Use whatever combo you like, but we like pairing an Attacker or All-Rounder with a Defender or Support on each lane. Your Speedster can roam the middle lane (known as the jungle) and keep their eyes on the mini-map to help out on whichever lane needs them most.

A large stadium surrounded by water.
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Pokémon Unite Maps: Mer Stadium

Mer Stadium is very similar to Remoat Stadium, even including the same legendary Pokémon, Zapdos, as its boss battle. However, the major difference is that Mer Stadium is used for 4v4 battles, as opposed to Remoat’s 5v5 offering.

Mer Stadium's very existence shows the possibilities for Pokémon Unite maps. Will we see 3v3 matches in the future? A 1v1 LTM? It seems more likely that we will see bigger matches than smaller - this is a team game, after all - but what's the limit? Can you imagine a sprawling 10v10 map representing the entirety of the volcanic Cinnabar Island? We know that these maps are set in a new Pokémon region, but an homage with an almighty Moltres in the centre would be pretty cool, right?

A stadium encompassing an inner-city area at nighttime.
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Pokémon Unite Maps: Shivre City

Shivre City is a dark, nighttime map in – you guessed it – a city centre. Unlike Remoat Stadium, it only has two Goal Zones, one next to each Base. Running on the paths gives your Pokémon a speed boost, and Sitrus Berries can be found to heal your team.

The aim of Shivre City is to hit the opposing team, whereas in other maps just taking out NPCs can be enough to take the win. KOs and assists increase your goal-scoring speed, so taking on your opponents head-on could be a good strategy. It's very fast-paced, so you'll need to keep your wits about you in order to grab the win.

Defeat the Avalugg in the Central Area to put a barrier on your team’s Goal Zone – something that will definitely be handy in such a high-intensity map.

Shivre City is only available to play in Quick Matches at the moment, but we could potentially see the two-lane map in other modes before too long.

A stadium with a large, open, meadow-like field.
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Pokémon Unite Maps: Auroma Park

Okay, we get it, you like making the map names into puns. Auroma Park is a large, spacious map that has one key aspect: treadmills. The conveyor belts can be used for all manner of strategies, including getting a speed boost or trapping opponents. 

Both teams share a Goal Zone on this map, which could cause carnage when you’re trying to score points. Look out for elusive Abra to earn more points, or defeat Regigigas in the Legendary Pit to claim even more.

Like Shivre City, this very open map is only playable in Quick Matches at the moment.

Will we see 3v3 or even 1v1 maps in Pokémon Unite? A volcano or desert-themed map with appropriately typed Pokémon would be cool, too. At this stage, who knows what’s in store? But these four diverse Pokémon Unite maps are providing plenty of fun so far.

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