Everything Announced at the September Nintendo Direct

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The September 23 Nintendo Direct was packed with announcements, from long-awaited release dates to big surprises, revived franchises, and so much more. If you missed it all and don't feel like looking, then you're in luck. We've rounded up all the major announcements for your reading pleasure.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

A brand-new Kirby game is flying onto Nintendo Switch next spring. Our lovely poyo-puff finds himself in lands unknown, and Kirby and the Forgotten Land is looking like a rather different adventure this time around.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Nintendo 64 Games Coming to Switch

Rumors started swirling after an N64 controller patent showed up, and it turns out they were right. Nintendo Switch Online is getting a new membership tier and a bevy of N64 games along with it, but that's not all. Check out the full Switch Online announcement.

Bayonetta 3 Lives

Bayonetta 3 is alive and ready to kick some demons back into the netherworld. Platinum and Nintendo released the first full Bayonetta 3 trailer, and it's not one to miss.

Splatoon 3 Story Mode

Much of Splatoon 3 remains a mystery, but we got a first look at Splatoon 3 Return of the Mammalians during the Direct. It's... threateningly fuzzy.

Super Mario Movie Release Date and Cast Announced

Shigeru Miyamoto popped by for a brief interruption where he announced tiered release dates for the Mario movie and some of the core cast.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise is getting its first paid expansion in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, and Capcom promises it's a major update.

Yoko Taro's New RPG is Voice of Cards

The NieR creator has a new RPG out next month, and it's a big twist on tabletop RPGs with a very NieR-y soundtrack.

Castlevania Advance Collection

After ratings popped up around the world, Konami finally unveiled the Castlevania Advance Collection, out now on Switch, PC, and other consoles.

Chocobo GP

Chocobo Racing is back after decades of silence. Chocobo GP brings the feathery kart racer to Nintendo Switch in all its nostalgic Final Fantasy glory.

Splatoon 3 single player

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity DLC

Age of Calamity's second wave of DLC releases next month, and there's quite a bit in store for the saviors of Hyrule.

Triangle Strategy Release Date

After its demo debut earlier this year, Triangle Strategy dropped the "Project" and got a March 2022 release date, along with a snazzy new trailer outlining some of the improvements made since February.

Dying Light 2: Cloud Version And Dying Light: Platinum Version

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is coming to Switch via cloud streaming, launching alongside other consoles. Meanwhile, Dying Light: Platinum Edition releases natively. on October 19th.

Mario Golf: Super Rush Update

An update on Mario Golf: Super Rush was announced, titled Version 3.0.0. This latest patch adds two new playable characters - Koopa Troopa and Ninji - two courses, CPU skilled matches, among other bug fixes.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct

Many hoped for news last night and thankfully, we got a brief tease. Alongside the return of our favourite pigeon barista, Brewster, we're also getting an exclusive Animal Crossing Direct soon, with a new update scheduled for November.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Final DLC Character Presentation

While many hoped last night's Nintendo Direct would reveal who this final character is, fans were advised they'd have to wait a little longer. However, a special presentation was announced for October.

Mario Party Superstars - New Boards

Nintendo outlined further additions to Mario Party Superstars, which launches next month on October 29th. Bringing back classics from the N64 era, you can read more about it here.