Square Enix Reveals New Chocobo Racing Game Called Chocobo GP

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Decades after the last Chocobo Racing game, Square Enix announced Chocobo GP during the September 23 Nintendo Direct, a new kart racer drawing on characters and locations from across the Final Fantasy universe.

Chocobo GP will release in 2022 for Nintendo Switch, and Square Enix hasn't announced whether the new Chocobo Racing game will launch on other platforms.


Here's how Square Enix describes it:

  • Various game modes – Play various modes including Story and Custom Races. Also enjoy exciting survival races in a bracket-style tournament, which can support up to 64 players. Select modes support online and/or local multiplayer.
  • Thrilling courses – Race through various courses taking inspiration from the Chocobo and FINAL FANTASY series, including Cid’s Test Track, the streets of Alexandria and Zozo and the Gold Saucer.
  • Roster of Beloved Characters – Players can choose from a wide selection of Chocobo series characters.
  • Magical magicite – By collecting magicite, found within Magic Eggs scattered around the various tracks, racers will be imbued with magic, such as Fire or Aero, which can be used against their fellow racers to give them a competitive edge and speed to the finish.

Check out the Chocobo GP trailer below: