Mario Golf: Super Rush Update Adds New Characters And Maps

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Nintendo Direct had an impressive showcase last night, as it revealed new gameplay for Bayonetta 3, alongside Splatoon 3 updates, and even announced a 3D Kirby game. But among the slew of content, fans also received an update on Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Titled Version 3.0.0., the latest patch adds two new playable characters, two courses, CPU skilled matches, among other bug fixes. This marks the second biggest free expansion, alongside the first's inclusion of Todeatte and additional game modes.


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New Mario Golf: Super Rush Update Adds New Characters And Courses

For this new update, Koopa Troopa and Ninji are now playable golfers. Each of the characters has unique abilities during special dash and special shot segments. While two expansive maps in the snow-covered Blustery Basin and desert-like Spiky Palms have also been added.

The update also adds CPU skill matches, so players can now play against CPUs of varied difficulties. In addition to bug fixes, ranked matches have also been adjusted, with holes changing every 30 minutes instead of 60 minutes.

Nintendo Everything has detailed the full patch notes for Version 3.0.0:

“Koopa Troopa” added to Playable Characters

  • Koopa Troopa has been added as a playable character to choose from in Matches. He has very high Spin and Speed stats.
  • His Special Dash has functions not seen in those of other characters.
  • During the Special Dash, you can use the L stick to freely change the direction of movement. You can also use the A button to jump.
  • During the Special Dash, you can also move across the surface of the water, but your Stamina consumption will increase.
  • As long as Stamina remains, you can enter your shell, and continue Special Dashing
  • Pressing the L button during a Special Dash will let you interrupt your Special Dash at any time.
  • If your Special Dash hits other players, you will accelerate even more.
  • This Special Shot has a new ability to bounce on the ground, and the number of times it bounces depends on the distance. While bouncing, it has the ability to blow other balls away.

“Ninji” added to Playable Characters

  • Ninji has been added as a playable character to choose from in Matches. He has the highest Speed stat of all characters.
  • During his Special Dash, you can glide with your cloak. The first time you land from a glide, you can bounce ahead, even on the surface of the water.
  • His Special Shot, like Koopa Troopa’s, has a new ability to bounce on the ground, with the number of bounces depending on the distance traveled. While bouncing, it has the ability to blow away other balls.

“Blustery Basin” added to Playable Courses

  • Blustery Basin, a snow-themed course, has been added as a playable golf course.
  • In addition to Ty-foos and Snow Pokeys, a new stage obstacle, “Cooligans”, have also been added.
  • When the climate shift “Blizzards” occur, the wind will be stronger than usual and the ball won’t travel as easily. Take not of the placement of bunkers and icy ponds.

“Spiky Palms” added to Playable Courses

  • Spiky Palms, a desert-themed course at dusk, has been added as a playable golf course.
  • In addition to Pokeys, and tornadoes, a new stage obstacle, “Spike”, has also been added.
  • When the climate shift “rain” occurs, shot travel can decrease, and the run may suffer as well. The trick is to hit the ball a little harder than usual.

Addition of “CPU Skill”

  • The CPU Skill can now be selected from “Amateur”, “Pro”, and “Champ”.


Adjustments to Ranked Matches

  • Starting with the October 2021 Ranked Match, the rules for “Standard Golf” have been changed from “Special Shots On” to “Special Shots Off”.
  • Courses will now change every 30 minutes, as opposed to every 60 minutes.
  • If you forfeit all three holes, the points you earn, including the participation bonus, will be zero.

General Changes

  • In Online Play, for the options “Standard Golf” and “All at Once”, if a player fails to hole-in within one minute after all other players have holed-in, they are treated as if they’ve given up—as is the case in Speed Golf.
  • Fixed a bug in Golf Adventure’s XC Standard Round that appeared to allow players to take a route other than crossing to the other side with a tornado when “Restart from First Hole” was selected.
  • Fixed a bug in New Donk City’s Amateur placement on Hole 13, where if a player had gotten a hole-in-one after hitting the parasol, one stroke would be added to their score.
  • Adjusted some collision detection for buildings and other objects placed in New Donk City.
  • Adjusted CPU behavior for New Donk City.
  • Fixed a bug where animation and voice weren’t matching-up during the ranking display for Ranked Matches.
  • Fixed a bug where Daisy’s voice and animations weren’t matching up when she hit a bogey.
  • Made several other fixes, and adjustments to game balance to improve enjoyment and playability.