Mario Party Superstars: Release Date, Mini Games & Everything We Know

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Nintendo announced Mario Party Superstars during its E3 2021 presentation. Offering a remade collection of classic Mario Party boards and mini-games from the N64 era, it’s set for release later this year.

Here’s everything we know about Mario Party Superstars so far.

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What is Mario Party Superstars?

Mario Party Superstars collects boards and 100 mini-games from past Mario Party games and updates them with modern graphics and online enhancements. We’ll update when we know more specifics.

Mario Party Superstars supports online multiplayer with friends. However, it also includes matchmaking, so you can party up with others online even if you’re playing solo. That also includes a save state you can use mid-game when you’re playing with friends as well.

September's Nintendo Direct presentation confirmed three further boards - Woody Woods, Yoshi's Tropical Island and Horror Land - alongside a minigame mode called 'Mt. Minigames'.

Mario Party Superstars - Release Date

Mario Party Super Superstars is scheduled to launch on October 29, 2021.

Mario Party Superstars - Platform

Mario Party Superstars will release on Nintendo Switch, offering support for docked play and handheld mode.

Mario Party Superstars - E3 Trailer

Check out the Mario Party Superstars E3 2021 trailer

Mario Party Superstars - Nintendo Direct Trailer

Here's what Nintendo revealed at their latest Direct presentation:

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