How to get the modern axe in Sons of the Forest

The Modern Axe in Sons of the Forest.
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Is that survival axe not quite cutting it for you? Then it's time to learn how to get the Modern Axe in Sons of the Forest. An axe is one of the most important items in Sons of the Forest. Used chop trees, dismember enemies, and smash your way into caves, there's an ever better version of the tool you start with. And you'll want it sooner rather than later.

This axe is one of the most effective tools in the entire game. Unlike most of the other high-profile items in the game, it's surprisingly easy to find once you know where to look. In this guide, we will explain to you how to find the abandoned camp that hides this all-important tool upgrade.

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How to get the Modern Axe in Sons of the Forest

The Modern Axe is a handy instrument. If you want to get your hands on it, you'll need to find a certain abandoned camp. Check the red circle location of the camp on the game below. Cross-reference it with your in-game GPS to find the spot.

The modern axe location on the map in Sons of the Forest.
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You'll know you've found the location when you come across a few tents and some signs of the battle.

Likely the result of an ambush by cannibals or mutants, the camp is fully deserted, with the previous occupants having left lots of helpful tools and materials for you to use.

Search for a corpse that lies near one of the tents and you should spot the Modern Axe protruding from the body. Use your action button to pick up. The Modern Axe can then be found in the right part of your inventory.

Is the Modern Axe good in Sons of the Forest?

Basically, the Modern Axe is an improved version of the standard axe and it has better stats. Not only will it deal more damage per swing, but it'll take fewer chops to fell a tree.

Chopping wood will be notably easier, and lopping off limbs won't take so much time, either. It's just an all-round improvement of the axe you start with. It won't do anything new, but it'll do it all better than before.

The Modern Axe will be helpful if you want to build lots of wooden structures, as it allows you to get lumber faster, reducing the time it takes, saving time and

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