How to get the shotgun rail in Sons of the Forest

The shotgun in Sons of the Forest on a background of the game's inventory screen.

The shotgun in Sons of the Forest on a background of the game's inventory screen.

Not having much luck with your weapons? Need to know how to find the shotgun rail in Sons of the Forest? Here's where to go to find it. It's not an essential pickup, but the shotgun can taking on cannibals much, much easier, and the rail allows you to stick key attachments like a flashlight to the powerful boomstick.

In Sons of the Forest, your chances of survival are very much dependent on both your skills and your equipment. Knowing how to build up a good defense is great for getting work done in the area, but you'll need weapons to fight through others. And the shotgun makes light work of the danger out there in the woods.

For more tips and how-to's, check out our comprehensive Sons of the Forest guides list. It acts as an index for our helpful hints, so you can keep it open on your phone as a reference while you play. Just getting started? Check out how to get the rebreather and how to get the maintenance keycard.

How to get the shotgun rail in Sons of the Forest - Shotgun rail location

The Shotgun rail is something you'll only be able to scout out once you've made fairly significant progress in Sons of the Forest. It's locked away in an area that requires the maintenance keycard, so you'll need to follow along with that guide first.

Of course, getting the maintenance keycard means knowing how to get the rebreather and the rope gun needed to reach the shovel. That's because you need the shovel to uncover the bunker that houses the maintenance keycard. That's how this game works.

The cave leading to the shotgun rail in Sons of the Forest.
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Once you have the maintenance keycard, just take it along to the area shown above. Enter the cave and scan the card at the door on the right side of the room you enter. Keep making your way through the large area.

Once you get through a few hydroponics rooms, you should spot a door on your left as you begin to make your way down a lengthy corridor. In here, you'll find the shotgun rail on a shelf at the very back-right of the room.

While you're here, you'll also want to grab the VIP keycard to save yourself another trip. Have a rummage around for it yourself if you want, or just click that link for a step-by-step guide like this one.

What does the Shotgun Rail do in Sons of the Forest?

When attatched to the shotgun, the shotgun rail can be used to fix more tools to the weapon. Think a flashlight to free your hand, or a laser sight to make aiming that little bit easier.

For more Sons of the Forest guides, we suggest learning how to get the warm suit. We're even working on a blueprints list we'll keep updating as new crafting ideas are discovered.

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