Sons of the Forest blueprints list - All blueprints and where to find them

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Crafting materials in Sons of the Forest.
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Though it's looking a little sparse right now, this Sons of the Forest blueprints list will eventually include every available crafting recipe you'll come across in the game. As a multiplayer sandbox survivor horror experience, you'll need to learn to craft structures, items, and supplies to make it through.

Down below, we'll make an effort to list out the blueprints you'll find in your time with the game. You can see a lot in-game from the start, but with plenty of the best crafts being hidden throughout the world, we'll list out where to find the crafting recipes you don't start with, too.


For more, check out our Sons of the Forest guides hub. We've already included things like how to get the rebreather and how to farm bones. They're speculative right now, but if the first game is anything to go by, you'll need both.

Sons of the Forest blueprints list - Crafting recipes and where to find them

Basic blueprints

Craft First material Second material Third material Notes
Basic FireLighterStick (Broken)
Standing FireStick (placed)TarpLighterWedge the stick into the ground, attach cloth, add sticks to the top, light.
Reinforced FireStickRockLighterArrange sticks, add rocks around, light.
Skull LampStickTarpSkullWedge the stick into the ground, attach cloth and skull.
SpikeStickAxeSkull (optional)Wedge the stick into the ground and either add a skull or use the axe to sharpen the top.
Reinforced spikeStickAxeSkull (optional)Wedge the stick into the ground and either add a skull or use the axe to sharpen the top. Add stones around.
FloorLogsAxePlace logs, split more logs with axe and fill in the space with the split logs.
FenceStickStickStickArrange wedged sticks intot he ground. Add horizonal sticks.
WallLogsAxeMake a floor and add logs to build up.
DoorLogsAxeMake a wall at least 7 logs high. Cut out the door shape with the axe.
WindowLogsAxeMake a wall at least 7 logs high. Cut out the window shape with the axe.
Single StepLogsAxeAdd a split log to the edge of a floor.
Basic BeamsLogsLogsLogsBalance logs against a standing log. Used for supporting structures.
RoofLogsLogsLogsAdd chopped logs to the top of a beam-supported wall like you're building a floor on it.
StrutsLogsAxeSplit logs in half and add to the corners of beams and supports.
StairsLogsAxeSplit logs and add to either side of a wall. Add more split logs horizontally between them.
RampLogsLogsLogsFollow the stairs method but add more horizontal logs angled to stay smooth.
Defensive WallLogsAxePack vertical logs together, use the axe to sharpen the tops, and add another log horizontally on the back for support.
RopeN/AN/AN/AIs found. Can be attached to log structures for additional effects.
Rope BridgeLogsRopeAxeAttach between the tops of two walls. Add split logs between the ropes.
FirewoodStickAxeSplit logs and stack.

Sons of the Forest drops you straight into the action with a stacked Blueprint list already, so we've gone ahead and included most of those in the list above as a reference. If you're just trying to commit them to memory outside of the game, the list is good for that.



Once we start to discover new blueprints in Sons of the Forest, we'll begin adding them to the list. Check back often for new crafts.

For more survival tips, check out the best base locations to set up camp, as well as how to get bones in Sons of the Forest. We'll have plenty more guides soon.