The best Sons of the Forest base locations - Where to build your base

A camp in Sons of the Forest

A camp in Sons of the Forest

Looking for the best Sons of the Forest base locations? Here's what to do. Sons of the Forest can be a pretty tough game if you don't plan ahead. Picking out the right place to store all your resources can be pretty tough when you aren't sure you'll be alive much longer.

Generally speaking, the goal should be to learn how systems work and the best way to build your base, rather than designating specific spots on the map. This information should help you scout out a location right as your start.

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The best Sons of the Forest base locations - Where to build your base

There are a handful of things you really want to consider when building your Sons of the Forest base. First, you should consider space. Generally, you need something that works well initially but also gives you room to grow and expand it. If you happen to be playing the game multiplayer, you will definitely need a clear open plane to start building from.

Secondly, make sure you are near natural resources like trees and water. This will give you access to cannibals which you can use to farm resources like bone and standard animals that will give you meat and more.

Thirdly, if you can place yourself up a little higher than everything else, it makes defending the base that much easier. As the nights get on and scarier creatures come out, you will be grateful to have something easy to defend. You will want to secure the perimeter of your base, then surround the entire area in spikes and defensive structures.

When choosing where your base will be, make sure you have a good escape plan. Though it can be a little harder to defend, making your base in an open area gives you plenty of escape paths. This also gives you a few more options when going for a supply run.

Finally, don't be afraid to create a temporary base. If you decide somewhere else is a little better for your end-game plans, don't worry about leaving it behind. You could always find it in future supply runs and use it for just the night.

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