The Forest Rebreather location - Where to get the Rebreather?

The Forest can be a bit daunting when first starting out. Along the way, you'll collect plenty of tools to help you progress in the storyline. One of these tools happens to be the rebreather. What is it and where can you find it? Keep reading below to find out all the answers you need!

What Is The Rebreather?

The rebreather is a tool a player can use to dive into the water for prolonged periods of time. It uses air canisters to make this possible. So far, there is only one location it can be found on the peninsula.

When you equip it, their HUD will change and vision is impaired. The air canisters can be found near dive spots on the yacht. As well as that you can find two canisters nearby the rebreather when you first find it. You can equip the air canisters by right-clicking them.

Rebreather Map Location

So far the rebreather can only be found in cave 5 near the southern entrance in the submerged area. You'll find it to the right just before a water hole. When you reach the water hole, it is to the left.

The rebreather will be found on a skeleton with the previously mentioned air canisters near it.

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