Is Sons of the Forest crossplay?

The Sons of the Forest shotgun
September 13, 2023: Wondering if Sons of the Forest is crossplay? Find everything there is to know in our guide!

If you're about to play it and wondering, is Sons of the Forest crossplay? here's what you need to know.

Sons of the Forest is a new survival horror game big on spooky scares. For this reason, you may want to bring a buddy (or seven) along for emotional support. And backup, more likely.

Sons of the Forest can be especially deadly at night, so it's worth getting some friends and standing watch over your little fort as you prepare for the day ahead. If you can communicate right, you can make the game much easier.

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For specifics, here's what we know about Sons of the Forest cross-platform play, how to get bones in Sons of the Forest, our Sons of the Forest enemies list, and the full Sons of the Forest system requirements.

Sons of the Forest - crossplay

At the time of writing, Sons of the Forest does not feature crossplay. This is because it is only launching on Steam right now - though a console version has been mooted.

That said, we can go off things we know about the previous game to come to some conclusions. Though The Forest launched on PC (early access) in 2014, we didn't see a PlayStation 4 launch until four years later, when it was considered feature complete and ready for its 1.0 push.

Unfortunately, the full release did not include crossplay functionality. That said, the games industry was in a very different place then, and we've since seen an explosion of multiplayer games like Fortnite, Rocket League, Destiny, Overwatch, and Apex Legends, that support crossplay.

If Sons of the Forest eventually comes to consoles, we could imagine some crossplay included, and as it doesn't have a competitive scene, the issue of balancing to accommodate both keyboard/mouse and controllers should be a non-issue. If we receive more information on this, we'll update you here.

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