Sons of the Forest enemies list - Loot, drops, and how to kill

An enemy in Sons of the Forest

An enemy in Sons of the Forest
April 13, 2023: Here are all the possible enemies in Sons of the Forest.

Need some help out there in the woods? Here's what we know about the Sons of the Forest enemies list now the game has released. Sons of the Forest is bound to be a pretty tough game. Filled with deadly sights and a harsh environment, you'll have to learn a lot to stay alive. And if you're looking for the best loot, you're going to need to learn how to face the danger.

Being where the game's biggest scares come from, the cannibals aren't the only thing you want to watch out for. This will go over enemies, how to spot them and how loot works.

If you want to learn a little bit more about the game, here's the Sons of the Forest release date, Sons of the Forest system requirements, and whether or we think Sons of the Forest is coming to PlayStation.

All enemies in Sons of the Forest - Full SotF enemy list

Coming in a standard, cave, propeller, and masked form, cannibals are the central enemy you will find in Sons of the Forest
These are like cannibals but don't have a head and have a huge gaping mouth on their torso
These are two creatures combined together. They run quickly on all fours (or 8 in this case)
John 2.0
This is a mutant made up of bodies that looks quite like a tree
A blob of body parts that sticks to the floor
Sharks can be found in the water and are extremely dangerous
A mutant that has multiple limbs. She can be both friendly or aggressive depending on how you play
Also found in the water, these are big animals that will attack you if you come too close

As the game has only just launched, we have a list of enemies confirmed to be in the game via trailers or good guesses based on what we know about the series. These are just the ones we imagine will make a comeback from the previous game. We'll update when we know more.

Do Sons of the Forest enemies drop loot?

All enemies in Sons of the Forest will not drop loot. This being said, some of them will drop whatever they are carrying. In The Forest, Cannibals could drop their own arm, which you could use to attack enemies. They can also drop clubs, teeth, and more, which were generally used in crafting recipes.

If you see an enemy holding something you want, attack them to grab it for yourself. This being said, Sons of the Forest is a different kind of survival game. Your best bet is almost never to kill the enemies. You should aim to hit those in your way and build up your defences until the rest go away.

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