The Forest Chainsaw Location: Where To Get The Chainsaw?

A large aspect of The Forest involves creating a safe base.

To do so you'll need to chop down plenty of trees.

When doing this solo it can become really tedious and is often one of the things that will put players off of the game.

This is where the chainsaw will solve the issue!

Below you can find out everything you need to know about the chainsaw and where to find it.

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What Is The Chainsaw?

The chainsaw is a vital tool which you should try to get as soon as possible.

Whereas cutting down trees with an axe can become pretty boring and it drains your stamina, this isn't the case with the chainsaw.

You'll need to power it using fuel which can be found in plenty of places on the peninsula.

When in single-player, any fuel collected will respawn when reentering a cave.

Right now the chainsaw is the best equipment for bringing down trees and getting rid of tree stumps.

You may not know but it's important to get rid of tree stumps, for some reason, it tends to attract cannibals and anger them.

Using a chainsaw will not increase your strength and athleticism as quickly as an axe.

Since update v0.71 players can now attach a flashlight which is brilliant for night time chopping.

The chainsaw can also be used as a weapon but it's not really worth it and you'll end up wasting a bunch of fuel.

Chainsaw Map Location

Originally you could find the chainsaw in cave 9 though this is no longer the case.

You can find it located in cave 3 on a table littered with corpses around it.

Check around you and you should also find some fuel.

You can also find the climbing axe whilst getting the chainsaw and it's recommended to do at the same time.

You'll need to break the wall in the cave to get to either of them.

Do so either will explosives or by leading the mutant babies to the wall and dodging their attacks infront of it.

They should smash into it and break the wall for you.

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