Sons of the Forest release date countdown - Release timezones for UK, EU, and NA

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The player character holding a disembodied head towards mutants in Sons of the Forest.
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March 3, 2023: We've checked our information.

Though it is still very popular, The Forest had its official launch almost five years ago. After working on the beloved horror game for a long time, the team are finally moving forward with the series. Here's everything we know about the Sons of the Forest release date so far.


If you're looking to fully understand what happens in the game, you'll want to get in nice and early, to discover it all for yourself. The original Forest game was tough, filled with harsh weather and scary creatures. Luckily, its sequel, Sons of the Forest, is just around the corner. Therefore, we'll explain just how long left there is to wait!

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Sons of the Forest release date countdown - What time does Sons of the Forest release in UK, EU, and NA?

Sons of the Forest release time countdown

As expected, Sons of the Forest released at 6pm GMT, February 23, 2023.

Though no Sons of the Forest release time has been confirmed just yet, we at least know it'll be releasing on February 23, 2023.


Because Steam tends to unlock games at 10am PT (or 6pm GMT), we're using that as a guide for the release time countdown above. The clock will automatically adjust to your device, too, so there's no need to worry about converting timezones.

A mutant with a peeling skeleton in Sons of the Forest.

How much is Sons of the Forest?

Not sure how much Sons of the Forest will set you back? Because Steam is only showing the wishlist button right now, it's hard to say for certain how much it'll cost, but rumblings put it at around £25/$30.


That's almost twice the asking price of The Forest a number of years ago, but at least you get an eight-player experience out of it.

Will the Sons of the Forest price go up?

Thankfully, the developers have already confirmed that Sons of the Forest won't go up in price once it leaves early access toward the end of the year.


Can you preload Sons of the Forest?

It's looking unlikely that a Sons of the Forest preload period will go up before the game launches. That means you might have to factor in your download speeds when it comes to playing Sons of the Forest at launch.

When is the Sons of the Forest release date?

Sons of the Forest will finally launch on February 23, mere weeks from now. Unlike many survival games on Steam, it is not launching on early access. From the start, you can play the entire game from start to finish.

Although this will be the full game, the story is not linear. You aren't following NPCs and listening to orders. You simply have to get into the world and figure everything out for yourself. You may need some help.

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